Monday, June 28, 2010


Today has been a productive day as well I suppose. Woke up quite early today since I slept at p.m. yesterday night. Haha. Anyway today I met up with Ming Chai and brought him to buy his own first guitar. YEAH FIRST OWN GUITAR! He wanted to learn for a very long time already and today his dream came true :D He bought one which cost A$250 together with the bag. I bought a bag too for A$15 as I don't want to wait till next week.Then we went back to his house where I taught him some basic stuff. Went back home today and guess what happened after that? I managed to accomplish my other desires for the holidays apart from getting a guitar.


Yes you heard me right, I went to the gym today with my roommate, Ah Beng. I paid A$70 for the one month pass. Just for this holiday and if things go well I might continue it. Gosh I am so tired now, I didn't do much but seriously I am so freaking tired. After writing this I will probably off to sleep . I have to go to the gym tomorrow morning at 11 for an appointment with the gym staff to create a suitable work out program for me.

Some of my friends from Sydney will be coming down tomorrow. Guess more outings and trips to the city starting tomorrow :D Cant wait to spend more money!! LOL that was sarcasm.

Oh and I bought vitamin C and B complex as well. I think I do need them since I always feel weak and my coughing still doesn't heal yet.

Anyway till here then folks!!
Mata ne!

As you can see I am updating on events ( stuff I did today rather than pouring my heart out). Well I'm tired now so maybe next time.


Song said...

Wow!!! MIANG Chai learning guitar too!! Woo hoo!!
Remmebr to upload some pics about the gathering wey!

Daniel Hazmy said...

Haha ok ok I will la :D