Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a trip to hot spring and back to ipoh

i have exams next week. malaysian studies, islamic studies and not forgetting my major exam this year, IELTS. just hope i can do well. oh forgot to mention i will be having economic exam today. just want to update about what i did last weekend.

i went to sungkai sungai klah hot spring last saturday with some connexxion friends and it was fun. i've never put my legs into a hot and i mean HOT spring before. that's the spring for boililng eggs and i dipped my legs in for what??????lol but it was fun. after that around 4 , my parents picked me up and i went back ipoh for the weekend. i didn't get the chance to go ut and meet my friends. maybe during december holidays i will.i came back yesterday by bus.

my class had the opportunity to eat domino's pizza yesterday. it's because my eglish lecturer, mrs lee said that whenever we cannot get full marks for the exercises we have to pay 10 cents. and hence we have collected lots of money and we bought ourselves pizzas haha. we ate in class.

oh ya i wanted to work during my three weeks holidays in sushi king so i called up the manager , however i can't work because i work for only a short period of time. if i work for a month or two then only she will recruit me. so sad. but then never mind, looks like i have to enjoy my holidays to the max then.

i guess that's all. nothing much. i have to refrain myself from going anywhere due to exams T.T
till here then.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

alien prank gone bad!

here is one nice video i found in youtube, please please watch it. and just a reminder you need to on your speakers very very loud to get the full effect :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


last saturday OUR club organized a very big event : GALA NIGHT! its a night for the seniors and juniors altogether. the juniors worked the whole day from morning to night. thanks a lot for each and everyone of you who made this event possible.

at first i was supposed to perform in a band but in got canceled. sad. anyway after seeing some of my friends that performed that night, i know where i stand. im the earth and they are the sky. however, i did not let my passionate ambition to perform go down the drain just like that, during the break in afternoon where everyone were out for lunch, i had the stage for my own self haha. i sang and shouted wholeheartedly. sorry to those who had to bear with my terrible voice and guitar singing :P
well one thing for sure i would like to sing on stage again, but i need to improve first.

well here are the pictures i took and some i grabbed from my friends :)

me and chang win

me and franky

me and mathilda

me and wei xin

me and nicholas

me and shun jing

mud, me and pali

me and hanis

me and chia venn

liyana, nadia, and nadira
(all end with a)

a dark picture with me posing in front kl tower :P

woei song and his new bought hat

so i decided to steal it and wear for my self haha..i like it a lot gonna get one myself

the hall, nice mood huh? lots of money have been poured out you know?

me , yat seng and the always lovable mong chai

the bowl on the table as decoration

ginger, me and ah beng

woei song, ah beng and hazman

the vip table

the hall from front view

ah beng and his be****d chia venn

the food

and then i borrowed zhaf shirt and wear..kinda small >.<

me and wei xin again lol

me and mathilda again
ime and li vern, my senior

anyway overall i think the event was a success. i think that's all for now

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

life is empty

i took this picture of an empty cup and i edited it using photoshop to these:

click on the image for a bigger picture:)

when life is empty, it's up to you to make it full

Sunday, November 9, 2008

live high cover by jason mraz

here's a song by jason mraz entitled live high. i dedicate this song to anyone who is having difficulties in life. just a simple song to remind all of you to stay strong and walk straight ahead.

last but not least, LIVE HIGH!

my exam time table

i have chemistry on tuesday,
physics on wednesday,
applicable maths on thursday and,
english on friday

wish me luck !

specially to sue ean:

happy birthday sue!!!!
i'm sorry i didn't called, my phone ran out of credit.
i searched for a public phone but found none was working. hence i have to wish you through blog. i'm really sorry.

maybe you will see this later but i just want you to know i tried.
well then, happy birthday sue!!!!

hope that everything is fine and shall always be in the years to come.
stay cheerful and do remember that i'm always here for you although we don't chat quite often already.

it's sad right? but hope we can still keep in touch with one another and maybe hang around when i'm back in ipoh.

what's your wish for your birthday?

lol whatever you wished for i'm sure you will get it, as long as you persevere and patience pays.
i hope you will not think that i have forgotten bout you ya :)
cause i'm not.

live life to the fullest ya!
take care :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

crazy little thing called love and random shots!

last thursday i was fortunate enough to watch a beautiful play in KL PAC. " crazy little thing called love" talks about marriage, love and courtship. they touched on differen
t terms of love such as love for parents, husband and wife, lovers, father and son and etc.
it was worth the money and also the journey I took just to watch the play.
there were 27 of us who went. we departed from college and reached to kelana jaya lrt station by the shuttle van. then, we proceeded to KL sentral to board the KTM. had KFC there. then we took the KTM and reached sentul. fom there we had to walk for 20 minutes before we reached KL PAC. we were late for around 15 minutes and thank goodness they delayed the play just for us.

the play was awesome. loked it a lot. and new experience for me since i haven't been to KL PAC before. along the journey i took pictures, enjoy!

at lrt station

queuing for tickets

taken from the ticket machine

me :)

mus and zaf

in the lrt

when we were waiting for KTM

in the KTM, btw what were they looking at?

this picture expresses the loneliness of a passenger in an almost empty train.

franky, he showed the boring-ness of boarding a train

i took a picture of the window and captured the reflections. do you think i was taking pictures outside the window ? well look carefully. i like this picture

once we reached to Sentul KTM station

zaf posing for me..

there is a long road ahead...prepare now.

what a scene

me in a blur image..i like this one too..can you get the feelings of this picture?



i took this picture myself , hoding the camera on one hand. this picture is one of my favourite

everyone gathered before we started walking to KL PAC

as we walked, i took pictures too..this is the best shot i got from the road

this is also nice...

and lastly afer the show, indera was emo-ing at the corner


and currently i'm so into photography. i took pictures in class and wherever i go. i love using close up mode to take my pictures. and sepia tone add a great effect too. below are some of the pictures i took and i hope you guys like it. give a commnet or two on how can i improve my photograpy. i try to utilize my phone camera fully since i have no digital camera. although the functions are less but i won't give up.

time wont stop, it will just keep going.

imagine what water bottles can do to your image

reading an essay posted on the wall

how's this? i like this one

what are you looking at ruby?

this is perfect

my hostel

in woei song;s room, that's his legs btw



franky in concentrated look

during maths class

i use negative mode for this one

my watch

college corridor

the bright sky

was the class too boring?

atiqah and jaevon, nice picture

ah beng so concentrated asking questions

me in formal wear

say NO to ah beng!!!

dark corridor

what you need in a class composed of pencil, pen, eraser , ruler and paper

it's raining raining ooh baby it's raining raining

what's up with that look franky? was it because my noodles were more delicious?

focus on the pencilbox

there's an umbrella in the corner of the class


exams next week. haihz. SPM gonna starts next week too. so GOOD LUCK ya to anyone who will be having exams. till here then!