Sunday, August 31, 2008

my brother's birthday-movie night

Okay so true enough as I said I brought my brother to watch a movie. Before that I went and played basketball till 7 something. After that came back straight took my bath and get ready to go without taking my dinner. I don’t feel like eating because I wasn’t that hungry. Around 8 me and my brother went to jj. I drove him there. Just him and me spending time together. Well I called Eunice to join me and she said when I reached at the cinema call her again.. and guess what on the way to jj(it’s jaya jusco by the way) there were traffic jam. A long one. And then have to wait quite long to find a parking.jj was full with people. Anyway then we heade to the cinema to check out what movie to watch. After much consideration, my brother wanted to watch Babylon A.D. the movie will be starting at 10.40 so I called Eunice again to tell her but I just can’t get through the line. After much trying I bought two tickets only for me and my brother.

After I bought the tickets we went to capcom, an arcade. My brother has three tokens and he asked my permission to play. I jokingly said no but I allowed him anyway. I don’t have tokens for myself so I went and get some. To my surprise, I found out that tha price for one token was one ringgit compared to just fifty cents last time. Gosh…even arcades have increases their token prices. My real income is getting lower and lower as the prices go up. Lol something from economy. I bought four though. I played the basketball game. As I was playing, suddenly a boy came and wanted to play or in a way to challenge me. We played almost five rounds. I won the first two rounds and he gained his momentum on the next few rounds and I lost to him. So malu. But that’s fine with me anyway. After both of us had finished our tokens we went to mph to read some books. And when I was in moh Eunice called me. She said she was on the phone when I called her so that was why I couldn’t reach her. And I told her I’m sorry that I bought the tickets but not for her. Maybe next time I can hang out with her. She is studying in cheras. So maybe we can still hang out together.

After spent some time in mph I started to get bored. So I called upon my brother and as we walked out of the mph front doors, secret recipe was just in front of us. My brother jokingly suggested why don’t we eat at secret recipe? Then suddenly the answer “why not?’ ran through my mind. I mean when I was in kbu we bought secret recipes cake for the birthday person so why don’t I do it the same on my brother’s birthday? So I grabbed him and sit on a table. Asked him to choose a cake that he likes. He chose new york cheese cake while I ordered chocolate cheese cake. We spent the time not only eating but chatting together. And I sang him a birthday song before we started eating the cake haha he was already blushing when I sang

Later, we went to the toys section. He wanted to look at his favourite toys. The bionicles. Next we just walked sround jj before it was already ten thirty. We went up to the cinema and waited to get into the cinema on time. My brother urges me to buy popcorn but I said no. I told him I just spent him a slice of cake and I don’t plan to waste any more money. Anyway then we wached the movie.

The movie was nice. I would rate it 6 out of 10. after the movie it was already 12.20 and I drove home. Now I’m here blogging late at night.

Hmmm I don’t know why the words that I use to blog is so repetitive and my grammar sucks I know. It’s boring too. No bombastic and strong words like what some of my friends use. Haihz what is the level of my English? Bad I know. Sadly that’s the case. But I know why I am like that. Because I don’t read a lot. That’s why my vocab are poor. It’s my fault in a way.

Oh ya I forgot to mention that I had a haircut on Friday. The price was RM18. expensive right?but I chose to cut at
Tesco because I don’t know. The barbers were more modernized maybe? I just don’t want to cut at the shop I used to go to although it is cheaper, RM 6.

I can’t upload pictures right now because the line is too slow. Maybe after I get back I will post some up.

Till here then. By the way happy merdeka everyone and happy birthday little bro although I know you will never see this

Saturday, August 30, 2008

a long post afterall...

I’m back in Ipoh now. When I came back I don’t know why I get tired most of the time. When I wanted to study my eyes would just feel sleepy. Maybe I don’t know how to do the maths questions. Well you see, I’m revising my maths cause there will be an exam next week but I’m stuck at the sketching graph part. Argh!! I just don’t know how to do. Other chapters I still can manage but this one I just can’t. next week got speaking test and I’m the first to go. Hope I can speak well and may ideas just flow out from my brain that very instant.

How’s life you ask me? Apart from struggling with my studies? Well nothing much actually. My social life? Not that good now. I mean I haven’t drop by to the connexxion for almost two or three weeks already because I was busy and also the fact that I was trying to study. Uncle Rodney said I was hibernating which means I was this guy who socialize a lot the first month and when I started to realize that I was getting far behind and that’s when I started to hibernate. I socialize less and try spent more time on my academics. He said what I was doing will leave a bad impression on others, because the first month I was so jovial and outgoing and then afterwards I changed to someone who appears to be moody. People wouldn’t know the reason and they might talk about it. So he concluded that it is better to balance between my social life and academics. That supposed to be the way.

I think it is me. It always been me that I screwed up in friendship. Not to say I screwed up anything yet but then…I don’t know why if I started not to talk to someone it is because that someone doesn’t want to talk to me. I just don’t know how I can feel it but it happened few times before back in my school days. Many thought I’m very sociable, had lots of friends, know lots of people and active but they were wrong. Leong, my classmate who keep thinking himself he has no friends just because his physical appearance and he himself made a conclusion that nobody will befriended him. He always somehow I don’t know seems to be jealous of me. He said I know lots of people and everything. But if it’s you who doesn’t open up your heart and start thinking positively then that’s when you are doomed. I’m sorry if what I said might hurt you but you should start to get rid of that mindset that nobody will accept you as a friend. And don’t keep saying you’re not good at drawing. When you have something you’re good at and people complimented just say thank you. You don’t have to boast neither you have to deny it. Take it ( the gift of drawing) to boost your self confidence. It also indicates that you are special just like any one of us who has their own specialties so don’t keep thinking you’re an alien or something. Oh my gosh, I’m supposed to talk about myself but ended up talking about leong. I’m sorry. Well maybe you could listen to my advice :P

I realized that without laptops and televisions you can actually focus better. I mean I didn’t use my laptop for the last two weeks because I sent it for repair. Now my laptop is fine. I’m using it right now. Everyone has their own problems in studying I know. Not only me. Just hope I do my best on the progress test that are coming, that’s all. Al these while, I have been posting all about my outing with friends but I haven’t actually blog about myself more. About my thoughts and what I feel. Should I hibernate? Should I hibernate for the sake of getting good results? I would want to…maybe I should. And I just socialize when the time allow it. Maybe I should go that way but… will it affect my social skills then? When my social skills sucks at this very moment and I know it. Just see how as the times goes then.

I’m supposed to meet my schoolmates and friends but I just can’t. you know why because I didn’t study yet. Maybe I just wait till raya where I just call everyone over to my house and that’s when we can have a long chat and everything. Honestly, it’s hard to catch up with old friends right now. To get along with new friends proves to be not an easy job though.

I did not spent much time playing my guitar. Nicholas is the one who keep using it most of the time now. I just tried to create a new song. It took my a lot of effort to do one and it doesn’t sound nice actually. Most of the people who heard my songs told me that all of them sounds familiar which means I copied from some songs. Haihz maybe they are similar but don’t know la i’m not even good at it so I just create songs that I enjoyed myself. Maybe I should spent more time on my guitar and post some videos. I haven’t post one since I entered college. Wait for one ya guys haha. And I will post up the chords for my friends friends song so you can learn okay although I think I posted it up before.

Oh ya I heard Benjamin was practicing my ‘friends friends’ song and persuading puventhan to learn it also. I felt so honoured. Oh ya remember the GAP club that I told you in my previous posts. We have changed the name to OUR club now. OUR doesn’t have a meaning for each letter it’s just our club as a whole. I thought I want to play my friends friends song for the performance but as a class. This means that I must teach my class my song and we sing on the stage for the seniors.

And guess what songs I hear will remind me of sushi king? KIRORO’S!! Haha. It’s because they often played KIRORO’S songs all the time and when I hear their songs now it will just remind me of sushi king. How nostalgic.

I think I’m not in shape. I always eat , sleep, eat sleep and rarely exercise. This just reminds me that I spending less and lesser time playing basketball in college compared to the first month. Tummy getting bigger, face getting chubbier and rounder. Yesterday I played basketball at gunung view where I always play. Although I still have no difficulties in playing but I get tired after that. That’s why I was so tired this morning.

Does the use of flash cards to study sounds appealing to you? I’ve read lots of books on how to study and memorize things and apart of using mnemonics they also introduce the use of flash cards. Uncle Rodney even suggested to me when we were chatting at subway the other day. It does sound appealing to me you know. Bring those flash cards wherever you go and study bit by bit. In the end you don’t have to actually study for hours or maybe don’t have to study at all. but the problem is to get the flash cards and to prepare the flash cards. What’s the use of reading all those books on how to study and everything but ended up doing nothing as the books suggested, better don’t read those books at all uncle Rodney quoted.

For my IELTS, my reading and listening are getting better than the first few weeks I was here. For reading I think I can score higher but sometimes I think my hearing got problems and I wrote down answers that have the same pronunciation but different spelling. If that wasn’t the case then I will be just be doing some careless mistakes that’s all. Reading not to say better but my score fluctuates from around 28 to 30 something. The highest i got will be 31 or 32 I think.

My brother’s birthday is on 31st August which is our National Day. I didn’t buy him anything but I promised to take him for a movie. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. I don’t know. Mom said I overspending which is true. Got to cut down my expenses now. I didn’t record down my expenses you know.

Hmmm looks like I started to brag already. Look at how long this post is. It is going to be very boring for those of you who has finally read up till now. I’m sorry I wasted your time.

Well till here then.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


last saturday i had an extra class for English from nine till 12.30. went back and I think I slept then woke up in the evening then I forgotten what I did actually. Haihz. It’s been few days already. Then I went to ah beng’s house to watch 8tv summer live concert with woei song and his friend from Cyberjaya. The concert was kind of boring. We only watched till the end because we want to watch jolin tsai and rainie yang only lol. then around 12 a.m. after the concert was over, jonathan, gabriel and his friend came over and we played dota till 5a.m. woah! haha i borrowed ginger's laptop. thanks ya ginger!! There were five of us, played three on two. No choice. Played a three or more games and I won one game with ah beng. Haha that game was fun .
then on sunday, woke up around eleven and it was raining heavily I think. Woei song went to ah beng’s house to study after he sent his friend to one utama to take a bus. I only went there after the rain stopped in the evening. It was around 4. Did my homework and I was hoping to go to the connexxion at 7. They had a bbq but no one was interested to go with me. Furthermore it was raining, so I ended up not going. Chia venn called later said that she wanted to have dinner with us. Ah beng was going to cook porridge. He cook porridge everyday @@ since he has a guest that night, so he cooked special porridge and prepared an egg salad. Everyone helped out to cook. Haha I had fun cooking and the food turned out not bad. Very filling too. I’m looking forward to another cookout after my test in September. After dinner, we watched the closing ceremony of Olympics. Around ten, we studied together. I studied economics since I haven’t touched it for a month already. Chia venn went back to her house around one. And we the boys continued studying. Woei song went to sleep at ah beng’s bed cause he was tired. Left me and ah beng only. Time ticking away to 4.30a.m. by then, I started to feel sleepy already so I slept at the sofa. Luckily the condition of the hall was not so dusty as it was the week before and I was able to get some sleep. Woke up around 8.30 the next morning and went back to hostel with woei song. Took my bath and started studying again but I can’t resist the sleepiness so I sleep again till one something before I headed to my class at 3.30 p.m.
and guess what..Monday was leong’s birthday. I wished him in the library. I think I was the first cause the others thought his birthday was the next day. I’m the class rep and I have everyone particulars so I know when was his birthday exactly. So the outcome was that everyone wished him after they knew and I told everyone we should celebrate today. I asked leong what he wanted to do and he replied he wanted to watch wall-e again. He said that movie was nice and meaningful. So we said okay. Went back for a shower, meet up with everyone and headed straight to one utama. We walked by the way. And once we reached there , at first they wanted to eat dinner at this Chinese restaurant which was not halal so Nicholas suggested that we head to carl’s junior but some of us don’t feel like eating burgers including me. Hence, since the birthday boy wants to try out some Japanese food, we searched for a Japanese restaurant that were halal, and that was when we came across hachiban ramen which transalates to 8 ramen. we ate our dinner there and truthfully the food did not reached my expectation. I and chan ate ramen but it’s a curry ramen. tasted just like a curry mee. Exactly the same. Ah beng ordered tom yam ramen. sarah and calvin ate ramen too but it’s the same as hakka mee. I don’t know whether you can imagine it or not but the conclusion is that I don’t feel the ‘Japanese’ in Japanese food. It’s Malaysian for heaven sake. But lucky I was full if not…..refund haha. My dinner costs RM20.
After that we headed to the cinema. Bought tickets for the 9.20 movie. Sarah and chan went to buy something before they joined us for the movie. WALL_E. what a great movie indeed. No wonder the birthday boy wanted to watch it for the second time. Although some of the elements in the movie are debatable and seemed irrelevant but who cares. The focus was on the moral of the story and the meaning that the movie was trying to tell. I greatly recommend to everyone who reads my blog to watch it. It’s a must. At first sarah, chan, Nicholas and ah beng wanted to go home and don’t want to watch the movie but I persuaded them and in the end sarah thanked me for persuading her to stay. Haha my pleasure. What a memorable movie. It’s very rare to watch a movie like that. After movie it was 11 something and one utama was closed already. We have to go to the parking lot at the basement to get out of one utama. We had fun searching for the exits. Then when we finally found our exit we were excited that we decided to take pictures for memories. Haha funny right but it was fun. Then we walked back , stopped by at a malay reataurant for a drink since everyone was thirsty. I was coughing badly and I need liquid in my throat. Then. Sent sarah back to her house and stayed at ah beng’s house because it started to rain heavily when we reached his house. Nicolas, franky and me walked back to hostel after the rain stopped at 1.30 a.m.

when I reached the hostel and opened my door, I saw wei xin studying. He just woke up. After I took my bath I studied with him too since I was not that sleepy. Slept at 2.30 and I don’t know why I woke up at 5 that morning. Wei xin also woke up at 5 but that’s his daily routine. He studied at the second floor. I just can’t sleep and the temperature was hot. So I decided to do my laundry. Washed my blanket, mattress and clothes and hanged them out. Swept and mopped the floor. Took my bath , breakfast and studied till nine. And then the tiredness took over me. So I slept but I keep waking up in a certain intervals to make sure it wasn’t eleven because I will be having lunch with uncle Rodney and Nicholas then. So by eleven I woke up washed my face and went down, headed to subway. Saw uncle Rodney and chatted with him for a while before Nicholas came after. Oh and uncle Rodney treated us for lunch. Thanked him so much. It’s my first time I ate at subway too. According to uncle Rodney, subway is the most healthy fast food around and it is his favourite. While we were eating it rained heavily. It’s been ages since i talked or meet uncle Rodney and we had a great time chatting. Learned a few things or two from him too J after our lunch it was almost one and I get ready to go to college. It was still raining heavily so I waited till it drizzled only I walked to college. Nothing much happened yesterday. After dinner I slept till almost twelve I was so tired. Wei xin was out at that time. After he came back I went out to the second floor to study. Studied economics again till two. Then I slept and woke up at nine this morning. and now I’m blogging in class in Microsoft word before I transfer them to blogger later haha. Now is 2 p.m by the way when I write this.

okay let me add something. it was raining heavily after class at 6. so i waited in college till 7 when it drizzled. actually i don't want to because i wore my new basketball shoes and i don't want to make it dirty but it's getting late and the college was about to close and not many people left so have to :( ate my dinner in franky's room mushroom soup and bread. bought tuna too but i guess i'll eat it tommorrow. tommorrow im going back Ipoh straight after class in the evening. have to rush for the bus. after dinner i slept till now, which is 9.23 p.m. now.

till here then

Thursday, August 21, 2008

test test.....

it's been a week i haven't update. two week if you count correctly. well i went back to my hometown last friday. glad to be home again lol. then i went for my school drama. it was boring. truthfully and honestly. i can't even hear their pronunciation properly. it was bad. i stopped watching after the break with my friends. but i just went to school to meet up with friends anyway. after the drama we one whole gang wanted to yum cha wan but i cannot go for two reasons. number one my mom ushering me to come back. number two was that my window for the back door cannot close. it broke actually. so have to go back lor no choice. then i spent the sunday buying my stuff and new basketball shoes :)
on monday my prents drove me to damansara. i've an test that day. malaysian studies. i got 14 out of 20 and the passing mark was 15. argh one more mark. and today i've islamic studies test. and i got 14.5 this time. still quite bad. but the test was just to test us on what we have learned before.
my laptop is not with me so i have difficulty going online. i'm using wei xin's one right now.but after i came back from my hometown i can actually study ! haha although not much but there is room for improvement right? hehe well sorry to keep you guys not updated but do say hi when you drop by.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

lazy to update....

sorry for updating so late.. i just don't have the mood and my laptop is giving me problems haihz..well let's start with last thursday night. last thursday night around ten something me, nicholas,edwin, chang win, woei song, franky and shun jing went to the fiels near the students house to celebrate sarah''s and khoo chia venn's birthday. well somehow they were celebrating mine too although mine was over the day we met jason at secret recipe where they bought a cake named INDULGENCE. the cake was quite pricey. after that, we walked to the field where some of the guys were already waiting there. then sarh and chia venn came. so does ming chai and their gang. there were quite a lot people, almost thirty and the environment was lively. then we took pictures, they sang birthday song for us three times cause there were three of us and it's hard to put three people name in the song and then we ate the cake. oh my.. the cake really tasted as good as the name..i ate two slices ^^ after that everyone do their own business..i mean some cycled, some shoot some hoops, some played the swings and the sea-saw and others just talked. well i did everything mentioned above haha. it's been ages since i played the swings. it was so fun to be able to swing again haha except the fact that i was afraid the swing might break cause i was so heavy @@ cycling..argh how i love cycling....then after that we went back. oh ya you wanna know what i gave to sarah??? i made her a card :) hope she likes it. i spent almost three hours making that card. i nvr gave anything to chia venn yet. later in few hours time i will wish her.

the cake

chan,calvin and me...i'm so short..

i took this myself haha

towards the sky part 1

towards the sky part 2

me and chia venn

thats nicholas and sarah...look at me lol

hmmm posing

look how happy they are

the three birthday people

again ....

random picture..omg jaevonn you are in the picture haha

laughing away

nicholas what are you doing?

nicholas again??

group picture before we went home..not all were in the picture

friday was boring..nothing much. spent my days slepping. then at night i watched the olympic's opening ceremony. quite nice in some way :) i did not go to the connexxion. i feel so lazy. oh and my class we are organizing something. it's like a treasure hunt but it's not treasure hunt(i sound so confusing)...but i just want to say that i'm very happy to organize it. i just hope it will run smoothly. it's the first time i organize something. i know i'm unexperienced but this is the platform where i gained expeerience and then i can organize something bigger and better haha!!!!!!!thaks to my class for their cooperation. if any of my classmates are reading this. be proud to be a part of it ya!!!

and today i woke up around 12 and wei xin just came back from his extra class. shun jing asked me whether i wanted to wash clothes together or not. after my clothes were washed, i hang them and that's when shikin, ina and mathilda invited wei xin to go to one utama for a movie. then i asked whether i could follow and yes i can.shun jing followed too.the warden send the girls to one utama while we the boys took a taxi. four bucks. the first taxi we catched requested for 5 bucks but i declined. i know what's the price already. and once we get to there, britney called me. she asked whether i would like to join them for bowling at four. i said i try. then we went to the cinema o cheeck out what movies they offer. shikin want to watch the x - files. so we went to gsc at the new wing and decided to watch x -files at 6.15. dark knight tickets were completely sold out. and imagine..there were so many people lining up to watch movie. so after we bought the ticket we have time to walked around. at four i met up with britney and the gang. wei xin, shikin and ina did not joined us for bowling. and shun jing went off with his friend.

i had a great time bowling. and i learned that toby and britney are flying back to the states tomorrow. so this is like the last outing for them. i will miss them. back to bowling, i wore slippers and so i had to buy the socks. oh what a waste. in the beggining, i was quite good in bowling but towards the end my performance sucks big time. haha we had great fun though. then we finished at 6. just in time for my movie. gave my last goodbye to britney and toby before me, wei xin, ina , shikin and mathlida watched the movie. and guess what before we wnet into the cinema we saw madam yong, an english teacher that teaches weixin's class but not mine. she was there with her daughter watching 21. and she gave us a coupon for big aple donuts where if you buy a box of 12 you get another 6 for free :) haha thanks a lot teacher.

some of the people
oh oh look at me i can do magic haha

me and tobi
me and britney

me bowling

the doughnuts..they were already melting when i got home :(

me still wearing the socks from bowling

and so we went and watched the movie. overall it' not that nice. i would give 5 out of ten. a friend of mine whom i met at one utama also told me that x-files was boring but how would we know. we bought the tickets already. who cares.i thought the movie would be filled with aliens and monsters but no, there weren't any.sad

after moie it was already 8.15 and we went to big apple and bought the donuts before we walked back to centrepoint. i had doughnuts for my dinner and i don't know how much i used today. quite a lot. haha wei xin offered me maggi cup but i said nah it's fine.

well that will be it. maybe later i will have a chat with nicholas, edwin, chang win till morning :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

presents from my friends

okay so after i blogged this afternoon, i have class again. english and economics straight four hours till six. during english those who haven't presented their presentation about themselves presented today. most of their presentation were nice. the most amazing presentation was where atiqah did not only cried but she also managed to get some of my friends cried( those who cried you know who you are) i didn't cry but i was kinda sad a bit. atiqah lost her eldest sister and her youngest sister is disabled. i'm so sorry for atiqah. just wanna let you know ya :) live life to the fullest. after english, here comes the most boring class ever, economics. well surprisingly today was not that boring. and what amazed me the most was when the lecturer went out for a while, our class were in discussion. haha it was so fun. i mean we contribute ideas and planned for something. we are going to continue our discussion soon. i guess we have to make a committee for my class comprising of the management team, design,marketing and maybe the funding team. haha i don't know i just want my class to be fun where everyone work together. won't it be fun??? what do you think?

after 6 i played frisbee. woei song came along today. actually i wasn't even playing frisbee that much, i played basketball. it's been few weeks since i've played basketball and that's why my tummy are growing bigger and bigger. haha after that i had my dinner at secret recipe. oh ya talking bout secret recipe, before i went and play frisbee, chan and calvin bought me a cake from secret recipe for my birthday. so nice of them. thanks a lot buddies! ok back to the topic, there was this promotion that last until today so i told myself why not just eat only la since it is my birthday. so basically i'm treating myself lol i ate a bbq chicken set. it's for RM10. normally it is RM13.50. sad right eat alone you wonder? but can't help it. most of my friends either cater and some of them were on budget so only me. haha it's ok though. i had fun eating alone lol

anyway i hope to learn photoshop from my classmates as well as photography from atiqa. i wanna pick up all these skills son. can't wait to do something great :P i'm going back on the 15th of august haha. and i want to drive. argh how i miss driving hehe

till here then but before that luthfi ,fadli, sabri and rahimi put a surprise in my bag haha. it was a tiger bicuits lol

here are some pictures..enjoy

biskut tiger......ROAR!!!

the cake from secret recipe that chan and calvin bought..thx guys!!!

the ice lemon tea that came along with my set

the set.... delicious gravy haha and for only ten bucks

these birds was given by sarah..look how beautiful it is not only the colours but the birds itself

i hang it near the toilet door :P

just beautiful ain't it?

passion concert and my birthday!!!!

last sunday i went to te passion concert.but before that, me and some of the connexxion people went to sunway pyramid. the concert was at sunway convention centre anyway. so we went and have our lunch at wendy's. i've never heard of it before but it is famous in the states. i bought a 3/4 beef burger that costs RM 17 something. but it is so huge and filling. haha i've used RM 21 at the wendy's. then i get to see people skating. i think i am going too this saturday. who want to go tell me haha. ok back to the passion thingy. there weerlots of people fom all over the world waiting and lining up before the doors were opened. it's more than 5000 people!! but the concert was enjoyable. the concert finished at somehwer around eleven. after that me, nicholas, sarah, calvin and few more of my friends went to MCD for supper. i'm still full after i ate the beef burger but don't know why i but another fillet fish burger. maybe because sarah got the MCD card and if you buy anyting above RM5 then you can get a free ice-cream or fries. haha i took the free ice-cream :) oh ya and the night me and calvin slept over at nicholas room. haha nicholas was fast dozzing cuz he was so tired but me and calvin ended up talking before we actually sleep.

this is the wendy's sign

the wendy's

the set i ordered
look at this it's huge!!!yummy!!! lol

people skating..wish i can skate too :0

me,toby and steven before the passion concert started.

the passion concert and look at the posters it is so beautiful

look at all these people..can you spot sarah??

so many's crowded!!!!

a grouph the photo with the KBU friends

this is after the passion concert..still so many people lingered around


monday was boring. woke up at 10 something, went for brunch came back around 12 and the surprisingly i slept back till two before i headed to my class at 3.30. then i slept at 8 at night. do't know why so tired.

yesterday after class at 6 i went to the connexxion to learn something bout songwriting but ended up playing my songs to beau bristow and he commented about my songs cause i'm the only one who are there to learn. he has to take a flight that very same day back to North Carolina. and if you can find some of his songs please do cause they are very nice :) and yesterday, me, nicholas, franky, woei song, chang win, wei xin and shun jing went to MCD at 11p.m. to celebrate my birthday at 12 a.m. lol i brought my guitar to MCD and we went upstairs and entered a room that were not supposed to enter so in the end we kena halau. haha then we decided to go to franky's room and chat. we played guitar and after that we wacthed the jumper before we called it a day.

and today is MY BIRTHDAY!thanks to those who have wished me yesterday and today too. nicholas gave me a nice card with a book,ark while sarah gave me few swans that she made herself. it was beautiful. thanks sarah!! now the problem is to find where to hang it. haha just joking..i will find a way to hang it at my room :) for those who haven't wished me don't feel bad. it's nothing. anyway i got a class later so till here then.

and my laptop broke down again but somehow i can still manage to use it. it's just a matter of time before the laptop goes down completely. till here then tata

Saturday, August 2, 2008

beau bristow live..

yesterday i went to the connexxion conference in taman jaya. first, nicholas, woei song and me went to the connexxion before david drove us to the LRT station at Kelana Jaya. my first time taking LRT since i was here. the conference was fine. it end at ten p.m.after that we took the LRT back to Kelana Jaya and then we went to the connexxion with taxi. after that Beau Bristow performed in connexxion live. who is Beau bristow? i haven't heard of him before too but he was a great singer and a song writer. he composed all his songs. i wish i can be like him. the perfomance lasted for few was fun. they even rent the sound system in the connexxion. lol i bought his CD for RM10. it was cheap. haha so i asked for his autograph and also took a picture with him :P maybe you should find out more bout this guy. he was fantastic. he made so many sunds with just on guitar. i can't exactly explain but if you were there, you will be rooted to the ground.

on tuesday he will be giving lessons on how to play guitar in the afternoon and then songwriting skils at 7.30 p.m., but the problem is i have class from 2 to 6. argh sad. guess i can only o for the songwriting skills which i am looking forward too :P it's been ages since i've composed a song. haihz

beau performing in connexxion. do you notice the sound sytem and everything?

beau and i :P

is is his album cover..standing still

and in the album he signed for me.....he wrote ..daniel thanks man! hehe

this is the first time i've seen someone playing live in front of me. gosh ..i thought of asking permission to leave early on tuesday so i can lean a thing or two. i mean how many times do you get someone who is a singer, produced his own album teach u guitar? it's so rare! one in a lifetime man. but how? haihz

anyway you can drop by at his's his old blog but now he got his own

till here then