Friday, February 22, 2008


last monday i went jj with my friend cassie and we went and watch kung fu dunk. the movie was ok. i enjoyed it but sometimes i feel some of the storyline are a bit far fetched lol... i thought wanna visit jiang may but she works at night. next time only visit her then :) then on wednesday i work at 6 so at 3.30 i went and watch movie again. it's cj7 this time. it was nice. haha enjoyed that movie too. hmmm then yesterday i work till 6. then my friend lim fetch me and we went and play basketball at gunung view. played till 7.45 like that then we went to gunung rapat wnd played until it was almost ten . lol..right now im a bit tired but i really enjoyed the game last night. it was awesome. hehe well till here then. i can't find a tune for my new song sad.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


im in imax now... haha currently it is 11.13 a.m. and my work start at 12. lol. well i just feel like blogging. hmmm let me tell about yesterday. i slept till noon lol. yesterday was my rest day. yesterday was supposed to watch kung fu dunk but my friend can't go. so i just stay at home lo....wanted to go and get a haircut wan but my mom said wait for one more week. now all the price gone up liao.. then evening i went and play basketball. great game i had. cuz everyone all came back for chinese new year and all the great great basketballers are back. it was fun. then one of my friend..well not my friend exactly but i know him. he said he going to play snooker that night. so i asked him whether i can join him. he said ok and he promised to fetch me at 8. so i went back home it was already 7.45. i quickly take a bath and skipped my dinner. i waited for him but by 8 he still havent came so i called him. he said he is still at home and he will come. so i wait again. by nine he still havent come so i sent him a message... it goes like this...when you coming?..and seconds later he i din go snooker..sorry.....i was like what the heck...!! he should tell me earlier. i wasted my time waiting for him. it's not the first time i experienced it. lots of times that i finally get used to it. people promised me something but in the end they never do what they promised. im not sad bout it but somehow i hate this kind of people. if i made a promise i will surely try my best to fulfill it and if i cant i will inform. sigh. well i guess ill stop here. till then.

Monday, February 11, 2008


well hello to you to whoever that reads my blog now. hope you had a marvelous chinese new year and received lot of angpaus. hmmm my chinese new year is just normal. i had to work during chinese new year. my rest day was on chinese new year eve. during chinese new year eve i bought yee sang from sushi king. i thought it would be nice to lou sang during reunion dinner. in fact i've never lou sang before, not even once. so i thought it would be something nice and special this year. i don't know why but always when our reunion dinner at my grandmother house every year will have the same dish. not to say exactly the same but same. haha i don't know how to describe it. i guess you must be calling me crazy. hmmm back to the story... so my family went to my grandmother's house at 5.30 p.m. to eat. so early right i know. but only my family and my grandmother eat. my uncles didn't come back. my aunt said she will come at night to hang out. looks like reunion dinner is unsuccessful. well after we eat then we watched tv. there was nothing else to do. we waited boringly. then around nine my aunt still haven come. my mother wanted to go back already so we lou sang first. my family and my grandmother. six of us and i still feel something is missing. there is no fun in it. sad TT.TT ... after we lou sang already then only my aunt and her family came. sad case right? then my cousin brother played firecrackers with my small brother. not firecrackers actually it's just the pop thingy that when you throw on the floor and pop sound will be heard. sounds boring. then around 12 only we went back home. the next day which on chinese new year i got work. today when i went to kah nyan's blog i somehow envy her. firstly because i introduced to her to start blogging but she say she got nothing to blog about and no time but now her blog is so active and is so famous among her friends. so good and so nice. my blog is so dead. i can't even upload pictures or movies. i feel like no friends suddenly. ya i don't even have time to hang out with friends. yesterday puventhan, weng sum, ming xian and vemal came to sushi king to visit me. ming xian just came back from national service and weng sum came back from singapore. i don't know how but they can come out and hang out together and watch kung fu dunk. am i supposed to be alone? from last time and now i don't have a group of friends that i can hang out and have fun with. i just don't know how. i mean i know a lot of people but that doesn't make them my friends. well back to the second reason why i envy kah nyan is because her chinese new year is so much fun than mine. she can go visit her cousins and aunts but my family is small only. no where to visit. so cham. the she can go friends house some more. you might say i must be crazy to envy her just for these reasons but i've never experienced that kind of moments before that's why. haha i so long didn't update then suddenly i write so long. i want to watch kung fu dunk and i want a haircut... my driving sucks. that's all i can say. haha oh ya if anyone of you would like to try sushi king's yee sang please do try cuz it's different than the other yee sang and i guarantee it is delicious. the promotion ends until 29th february. must try oh. working during chinese new year really tiring. people just keep coming in non stop. many people were lining up to eat at sushi king. oh my god can you imagine the situation? currently im trying to learn the song canon in d. kind of hard but i try to master it hehe... that song sound nice.till here then. thanks for reading till here. hope it's not boring :)

Friday, February 1, 2008


THIS BLOG IS SO DEAD!!!!! lol so long didn't update already. well its been one month i've been working and my pay has already come out. not yet plan to buy what yet. well chinese new year is coming and can't wait for the angpaus haha...$$... no doubt when you are working you will find a lot types of customers....fussy ones, playful ones and lots more. but in the end customers are always right. and my tummy is getting bigger and bigger...oh my.... what am i supposed to do? liposuction? haha and and i can't wait to watch KUNG FU DUNK..i have been waiting for so long.. kung fu in basketball??that is a must to see... and i've just created another new song despite my busy schedule... to date now i have a total eight songs of my own but my songs all slow slow type... but never mind it's a song i create...hehe..its not like i'm gonna let people hear also, furthermore my voice is like so ahem...not it's for my entertainment..haha. but i hope i can make a great song one day..a song that is addictive to hear..maybe next hundreds years i don't know.. well how come i never see any of my friends come and eat at my workplace? sob one come and find me...well i know it's expensive but ok ok...i also got no time to hang out. some are studying while others are working too. hard too keep in touch. and yea i just passed my car license. but the license haven't come out yet. have to wait. well i think it's time now but i enjoyed yesterday night a lot. after work at 11.45 p.. i went yum cha with my friend who works there too. yesterday was her last day and we chat till i.30 haha. hmmm song for guitarist..well i would recommend hot from avril lavigne. have fun :)