Sunday, December 16, 2007


phew... few days i did not update my blog haha...been busy.. furthermore i just started working yesterday.. my work is quite interesting and i enjoyed it :) i must wash the cups, pour tea, make tea , take orders, bring food to the customers and stuff like that. lol. well i pass my undang too. 48 out of 50 questions and i finished it in ten minutes haha. looks like i'm going to be quite busy and perhaps got no time to blog. hmmm to anyone who feels there is nothing to do at home and you feel so bored, why don't you try working? yo will have lots to do that time :) oh ya another nice song for you all.... Hotel California by Eagles..very nice song even though it's kind of old. lol anyway till here then

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

job huntings done

well now only i have the time to blog. been busy these few days. yesterday i went to jusco to look for job again cause i know that i won't get the job in sushi king. so i went a few shops and asked. i applied at pizza hut, tgv cinema, sell clothes shop (i forgot the name), and one sport shop( haha i forget again). well i ask so many shop just to try my luck. it was tiring. i went to more than ten shops and asked but all also full or they do not want to hire anyone. i'm going to take my undang test tomorrow morning at nine. hehe. and then today i went to ipoh parade to celebrate song jia yee's birthday. she said to meet at one but i went there earlier. my father drop me as well as my cousin and my sister. they want to attend the career talk at syuen hotel. i don't know why they want to go there anyway. well since i'm early my first stop was to go to sushi king and ask bout part time job. the manager was a lady and she is quite nice and friendly. i told her i want to apply for part time job and she straight ask me to open a KWSP account. after i had open my KWSP account only i can come back to fill the form. i was stunned cause i don't know what to do. so i called my mom and told her. she ask me to ask again. so i went and ask again. i asked what is KWSP for. it's something to do with my pay. lol then i asked the manager. so is this means i got the job? she said YES! haha yeah. so i called my mom again then she picked me up and we went to open my new KWSP account. after that i had my lunch. i was darn hungry. after lunch went straight to sushi king. there i filled all the forms needed. the manager said that these forms need to be sent to kl so maybe by next tuesday only i can start working. hehe. i'm so happy. i'm sure i'll get this job. but i don;t want to put high hopes yet. i'm afraid that i'm being cheated again. the manager in sushi king in jusco said until so promising that i will get the job but see see i did not. well now i finally get to work in sushi king. although it's at different place but it's still sushi king. haha like the motto of my blog what man can dream is what man can achieve. i had dream of working in sushi king and thank god i had achieve it. but do remember i work hard for it. i went and look for jobs in jusco before i finally get this job. so to achieve your dream you must work for it too :) well till here then. sorry this post i can't put any nice songs for guitar. i'm in hurry need to read my undang. god bless :) and sorry ya jia yee can't celebrate your birthday together and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


today woke up early to get ready to go for undang. i reach at the shop where i register at 8 a.m. there 4 more girls was already waiting. then the lady who owns the shop drove us in her small kancil. i sat in front of course but 4 girls have to sit behind. when we reach there the lady said when finish she will drive us back home. there is 3 hall for us to hear the undang. i was in hall A while the 4 girls who came with me went to hall B. the lecture was ok not that i enjoyed it but it was ok. i learned something anyway. hehe.. well the lecture finish at 2.45 p.m. then i went out and wait lor. i thought everyone also finish at the same time. i looked around to find for the four girls but i cant find them i waited more then twenty minutes then i thought maybe they went back without me. sob sob. so i called my father. then when my father was about to reach the hall B students just came out. oh my. so i had to tell them that i'm going home with my father. sad right if i just wait any longer. am i impatient or am i feeling afraid and left out so that's why i called my father? i don't know oh ya the sushi king manager still haven't give me a call. i'm afraid i don't get that job. so sad. never mind i wait till monday. well i guarantee that this is one nice song....OVER YOU by CHRIS's really nice. try it on guitar :) by the way it's very boring nowadays i don't know why? i thought that after spm i would have lots of things to do and be happy but looks like i'm not. i think we humans get bored very fast don't you think? i mean when students sre told to study they say boring, when ask to do work they say boring, then when got nothing to do also say boring???? lol

Friday, December 7, 2007

careless or irresponsible?

i just woke up from my sleep. it's 6.42 p.m. i went to school to play basketball in the morning and then play badminton in the evening. i was freaking tired so i slept. i played basketball in the rain haha. so long didn't play in the rain. i don't know whether i'm careless or what but i keep forgetting things. i mean yesterday in jusco my mom bought a magazine and i was supposed to hold it. when i entered the car then i forgot whether i still had the magazine with me. but it was there in the car. lucky me. my mom said i was irresponsible. then today i left my racket at the badminton court. when i get into the car only i realize then my father had to turn back to get my racket. haihz. whats wrong with me? if i'm really that careless or irresponsible imagine when i'm already working? what would happen. sob sob. is there a way not to be that careless? i it maybe because i'm tired or i'm thinking too much? but i also dont know what i'm thinking :) well i must be more responsible and i hope so i can. tomorrow i'll be listening to undang. very excited. hehe. these few days i haven't have the mood to create new songs yet. maybe later. oh ya i want to learn mandarin badly. cause it will help me dealing with chinese speaking people when i face the society. although i can converse well in cantonese but i think i need to learn mandarin to be more efficient. and ya another nice song to try out on guitar...unwell by matchbox20.... well till here then :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


yea!!!finally i finish my last exam today. oh gosh i tried so hard to connect to the net to blog. and now only i can blog haha. oh ya today after exam i went home bath then went to register for my undang. haha i'll be listening undang this Saturday. 5 solid hours. imagine then i went for a haircut.... then i went jj watch the golden compass with my classmates. and guess what they didn't even bought the ticket for me. they say they don't know i'm coming while in the morning i CLEARLY said to Weng Sum i'm GOING.... oh what the heck. last ten minutes before the show starts only they tell me. luckily i got a ticket. the first fourth row some more cause it's full. but i get over it soon. i enjoyed the show. i would rate it 6 out of 10 haha. after the movie ends we went infi. haha ta kei until 7 p.m. then i went jj again to wait 4 my mom. had my dinner there and guess what i applied for a job at SUSHI KING... don't know will get or not. the manager said she will call within two days. part time job. one hour 4 bucks. 4 BUCKS!!!!! that is high. even in jusco department they offer 3.80 bucks only per hour. oh ya glad to know that Muresh is fine. Saw him in school today. our exam hall was supposed to be at the third floor but since he is injured he sits for the exam at the main hall downstairs.i think i'm gonna be very busy during these holidays. tomorrow morning i'll be going to play basketball and then in the evening going for badminton. gonna be damn ya for guitarist out there two nice songs for you all to try out....I Live My Life For You by Firehouse and First Love by Utada Hikaru :) besides that i wanna thank you all who visited to my blog. hope you enjoy wasting some time here haha. i hope your holidays are going to be a nice one ya :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

life and death

we live today and maybe the next day we are are's and death is in God's hands. yesterday two of my friends got involved in an accident. they were both riding their motorbike when a car appeared in front of them suddenly. they crashed. Nagulan was dead at the scene. the doctor said that his spinal cord was damaged during the impact while Muresh suffers quite badly. it's sad u know that this thing happen. i mean i know Nagulan.we were classmates for three years since form 1 to form 3. then we are different class when in form 4. i don't have the chance to know him more and that's the thing i regretted now. everything happened so fast. I hope muresh will get better soon. but i can't get over it yet, i mean Nagulan is still so young. the last time i saw him was the last day during exam. he was still smiling and happy's all over now. perhaps it is his time to go now. we should pray for him. i now realise that safety is important. so for you out there who are driving on the road please be careful. accident can occur at anytime and anywhere. as i said it's unexpected. life is just like an ice-cream u should enjoy it before it melts. maybe some of us should really think what should we do with our lives. i mean the way we lead our future. i hope this incident will give an impact to some of you who are reading this. appreciate what you have now cause in the very next second you might lost it just like that. and lastly one minute silence to pray for Nagulan. god bless.

Monday, December 3, 2007


today is another day where i think its boring. woke up at nine took my breakfast then i went to my room to read my IT notes for my upcoming exam.i read until it's lunch time then i continue again after lunch. around three i went online again. youtube. haha. it takes me hours just to load one clip AGRH my internet connection is darn slow. then in the evening erlina came to my house and we chat for a while bout then i went play football at the field in front of my house. i wanted to go play basketball but my mother said no. well no means no. lolx. then after dinner i went to pasar malam. walk one round then came back. immediately i went and read my it notes again before im blogging here. right now. hehe. boring ain't it? my life today i mean haha. anyway i think im giving up on singing. cause it's totally unbearable. but then sometimes i just can't i mean i like to sing. i don't know why but i like to sing :) well till here then and when am i gonna drive?

Saturday, December 1, 2007


YES!!! finally after all these "years" i did not have the chance blog i finally get to online. lolx.ya exams over but it's not practically over cause i still have another paper to go. Information Technology paper. Darn. well i don't know what to do in the holidays. I wanna learn driving, learn more guitar, basketball and also mandarin language. i also want to work. maybe in jusco i think. oh ya and i definitely wanna hang out with my friends. hmmm life? my life? i guess it's kinda ok now. i mean everyone will have their ups and down right? ya im fine. i just can't wait to finish my last paper and im not studying haha. oh ya i went to sue ean's blog and from there i click on the link to her sister's blog. her blog is nice. and she mention bout a girl who wrote a book at the age 15 and her novels are a great hit. how i wish i could write a book too. i've tried a few times i mean try to write a book but i will stop halfway. i got all the ideas but sadly my english sucks and i can express my ideas. im weak in grammar. my vocab is not that big too :( it's time to grow up now. im 17 and im out of school. i need to plan for my future. well that's what everybody said. you ought to plan for your future or your life will be doomed. lol. oh ya to any guitarist out there i just learned a nice song. everything you want by vertical horizon. very nice. click on the link and you will get to the tabs in no time. i certainly ran out of ideas now. i can't think what to write anymore. sad. well till here then.