Wednesday, April 30, 2008

tagged for the first time :)

i think i've been tagged by Karen.i never did this before so why not try out?lol
well below are the questions and answers..and i don't wish to tag anyone like what Daniel Lim did. hehe

1. What's your favorite anime at the present time?-

anime?so long didn't watch it already but i love bleach, full metal alchemist, law of ueki and naruto to name a few :)

2. Given the chance, what special ability/power would you like to have?-
i wish i can have super agility and strength so i can use them to win in basketball games. lol but i can use the powers to save people too,haha imagine me becoming superman.

3. How do you think about yourself?-
erm....i can't sing????

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?-
i used to dream to go to Spain or Italy. i mean well one thing their architecture is fantastic and there are lots of nice stuff to do there...etc..bull fights i think.hmmm

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?-
for now i just want to get my JPA!!!!!!! make it come true

6. Do you have a crush now?-

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now? -
lose my going to die if i do

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?-
i will invest it and make it grow

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?-
i'll think of the pros and cons first..hehe

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.-
haha karen...she is nice, helpful and friendly :)

11. Which type of person do you hate the most?-
i hate backstabbers..seriously and i will hate those who hates me..haha

12. What is your ambition?-
greatest architect on earth..

13. If you have fault, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?-
i hope they would tell so i can learn from my mistakes and it will make me a better person

14. What do you think is the most important in your life?-
to live my life hapilly and with meaning

15. Are you a shopaholic or not?-
nope, i don't shop a lot. i mean i don't know how
cause from small till now i don't shop for anything.

16. What is the thing that you really want now?-
to know whether will i be successful as i wanted to be and living my life with no regrets

17. Why does it hurt when you punch someone?-
ok i think this means why does it hurt in the heart not hand when you hit someone,maybe because im a kind person?

18. Is there anything that you have done which you regret?-

19. Are you hungry right now?-
nope just ate lunch....

20. Do you think that this survey is totally useless?-
hmmm guess not..cause i have something to post on my blog hehe

well guess where am i right now?
im in KOPITIAM haha.
ya finally made it here.
i've been downloading some videos from youtube and all is about guitars. watch from pepople and learn.but i still am not satisfied with my laptop's microphone la.haihz

well till here then.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

new laptop

i've bought a laptop on monday. it's from a HP compaq brand. okay let's see it is using 1.83 Ghz processor. i wanted to buy a laptop with 2.0 and higher but were too expensive. i upgraded my RAM to 3 Gb. hmmm then 160 Gb hard disk , webcam ,bluetooth and DVD burner. well but the webcam application when i try to record video the microphone seems to be malfunctioning, i mean the audio is not good. haihz.
when i think i'm another step closer to have my own videos...but..sadly..i bought the laptop at in yik foong. after bargained for so long the price is RM 2610. my mom forked out cash to pay for it. thanks a lot mom :) but then another thing i can't get my laptop yet sob sob..anyway it's ok. one have to be grateful right?
oh ya i should have been able to online yesterday. i wanted to go Kopitiam to have a fast internet connection but my mom don't let. well ok. then yesterday the dial up cannection was down. haihz. sad can't update my blog. now i'm using my pc not laptop. sad right? i can't do much with a slow internet connection. in this new era information have to be delivered and received fast. so what i did with my laptop?

i played can finally play it without any lag unlike when i play on my pc. i guess my pc is just too slow in everything.maybe i should bring for a check up on the microphone? should i?

nowadays everyday will rain.always in the evening without fail. i want to play basketball also cannot. it's been a while since i played basketball. i'm fat.i've got tummy , HUGE one. lol.i want to try my new basketball shoes too :P

oh ya did you all noticed? i just bought a new laptop i should be happy right? but why didn't i show that i am happy? u get what i mean? it's not that i'm not happy or ungrateful. it's just that i don't know why i'm always like that. in the sense that i am not happy when i'm supposed to be. haihz i don't know.
okay for example UPSR i get all a's but i don't remember i was happy bout it. just normal.then i get all a's in PMR. still i'm feeling normal. when my mom asked me how do i feel i answered just normal. and when i get all a's again in SPM i was again normal. no feelings. not happy not sad. don't know what's wrong with me. im sorry but im not trying to boast here. i really don't wish to boast but i just want to share my thoughts.
i don't remember the moment i'm happy, really. no memories at all.

but if i get JPA will i be happy?
i think i sure will.if i'm not then i really gotta see psychiatrist.
i really hope i can get JPA. will you pray for me too?
thanks :)

hmmm still remember my few last posts that i said i asked weng sum and aik jun to start blogging? well i think i've made a mistake. i shouldn't have forced them. lol not that i really forced them though. but weng sum didn't update at all!!!!! aik jun at least got update but i don't know will he maintain it or not?
speaking of updating and maintaining blogs, i'm not sure whether i will be able to maintain my blog or not too.
cause if i enter matrics i heard from Erlina that there got no internet access. secondly my mom told me not to bring my laptop cause her friends told her that everyone will ask me to help them type their assignments if i do bring. and another case is that if i start studying my life will start getting busy and as what all my friends who are studying now like Chien Young and Aik Khuan. i just chat with them on msn and they are having a hectic life in college. Aik Khuan is in Singapore. so far don't know when will we be seeing each other again.

lol my posts every time also very long geh? haha but i get the feel to blog that's why. i mean i can write more than this but guess what it will be too long until people wont stop by and read cause too long. haha

anyway till here then. hope i can go Kopitiam tommorrow.
haha fingers crossed :P

Monday, April 28, 2008

hi! so what's up with today? anything interesting in your day today? let me tell about my day to day.
okay so i was waken up by my mom around ten thirty in the morning. i was so sleepy. i slept around five yesterday night. haha puven told ya i will sleep at five :) then i help out with household chores when suddenly my grandmother came to my house around eleven thirty. she wanted to go to my auntie new house but she don't quite remember the way to go there. so from that point onwards i am a hero to save my grandmother from getting lost. >< '' (sweat) haha. but i was so hungry i haven't had my breakfast yet. i told my grandmother and she drove me to a mamak stall. buy roti canai. the all time favourite food in Malaysia.

then i point out the way to my auntie new house. when we reached there my auntie and uncle have went out leaving my cousin brother and my cousin sister at home. so we went in and eat the roti canai. i ate two pieces which is seriously not enough for me. then i teach my cousin brother to play guitar. he's in Form one and thank god he is interested in guitar. haha my cousin sister used to play it but she don't like i think. although i'm not a good guitarist but i'll try my best to teach him how to play :) hope he will be better than me someday and teach me in return lol

we stayed at my auntie's new house until two something then my grandmother fetched me home i ate my lunch and then go to sleep. lazy as a pig. but i'm so freaking tired you know. i thought to go and play basketball after i wake up in the evening but when i wake up it was raining so the plan is canceled. then went down for dinner and then i online for a while. around seven o'clock. but the internet connection was so slow that i get fed up after trying for one hour. then i decided to go and play basketball. somewhere near my house. i messaged erlina and asked her whether she wants to follow or not but she replied that she haven't ate her dinner so i got to go myself. i thought want to call lim but nah it's too late already. and when i went to the basketball court so disappointingly that no one is playing. so i thought that Taman Cempaka might have people playing basketball at night so i rushed there.i forgot that today got pasar malam at there. oh ya there was a roadblock by police too but nothing happened haha. in fact i'm a safe driver why should i be afraid?

and what you know, there are no one playing basketball there either. sad so i decide go search for aaron chew who lives near there and go pasar malam with me. i call him twice but no one answer the phone. it's not the first time. i was so frustrated that i left back and drove back to home. then while i was driving aaron messaged me and said ya? he said he was with his parents for dinner. haihz ok. and he said he is busy nowadays. then i messaged erlina again to ask whether she can come out but she replied she was having dinner. argh i end up go to Imax Gunung Rapat. played for one hour or so then i went back home just in time to catch Heroes on tv at ten thirty. watched Heroes until it end and here i am blogging :) puven asked me to start a facebook account but i dont't even know what is that all about i decided to give it a try and i have an account already but i don't know what to do with it. lol i find it a little bit boring. well i think that ends my day right?anything else to say?hmmm..

well currently one of my best friend is depressed and i hope she will be okay. sue don't worry ya you still have lots of friends that care for you. be strong and only you know the way to be your true self. it's still not late and never will be. hope you will have a happy day day by day. you can do it :) and to Kah Nyan i know you are studying very hard and keep up the good job. but don't stress yourself too much ya :)

how do you make money online? i wonder......

do matriculation provide full internet access? i wonder will i have the time too to blog then...hmmm
wonder wonder..

anyway life is full of mystery..till here then :P

Saturday, April 26, 2008

hang out in jj

yesterday, which is friday i went out with some of my school buddies in jj. they are Weng Sum, Aik Jun, MIng Xian, Eddy, Leroy, Ee King and Puventhan. we went ta kei. haha it was fun but Weng Sum is too good in Dota. wish i can play as good as him. then we went watched movie. at first we wanted to watch Forbidden Kingdom but Puventhan and Ming Xian have already watched it so we end up watching Run Papa Run it's a cantonese movie about the story of a gangster. overall it the movie was quite funny and sad at some parts but i tell you that this movie will entertain you guys so better watch it before you cannot . then after movie we ta kei again. haha well what can you expect us to do? there is nothing else to do in Ipoh. ta kei and watch movie. that's all for boys. i think shopping is addded to the list for girls except ta kei. i wish i can go KL or Penang. There are more things to do there but i know when i go there i sure will miss IPOH. don't know why life's like that i mean when all of us say we want to go far far but when we actually far far away from home that time we will miss home and want to come back. can we survive once we're out there?

well today i slept till two again. it's becoming a routine. sleep late wake up late. i just can't sleep during the night. i will online and blog like what i'm doing now. anyway after i wake up my family just came back from school. everyone have curriculum today. then around four we went parade to buy my shoes. walked around and finally bought an Adidas shoe. it's for walking and light jog. i have no shoes currently. that's why gotta get one. its RM 225 if i'm not mistaken. then we went food court and eat. i ate vegetarian food. my sister got tuition at 7.30 and when we finished eating it was only 6 o' clock. my mom wanted to do the foot treatment and asked me to go with her. the foot treatment stall was just opposite Blay and Hush Puppies shop. the treatment costs RM 39. they will remove all the dead skin and hard skin at your feet. it's my first time doing this. although it's not like going to spa but it's kind of exciting. i always heard the phrases that it is not wrong to pamper yourself. lol but my feet was indeed nice after the treatment. i suggest that you all go and try too. it only takes you half and hour. and there is also a treatment where you soak your legs in a water full of small fishes and they will bite your dead skin away. i didn't try that though. that one cost only RM 33. well here is a brochure about the foot treatment. hmmm sorry but i just can't upload the picture argh! Geram betul. you know what i mean. but if you want go and try it ya :)

then after the treatment, fetched my sister to tuition then we went jj. haha this time went and bought my basketball shoe at the shoe shop beside popular forget it's name lol. i bought it for RM 69. used lots of money today. yesterday i checked sony erricson's K 850 is RM 1500++ at Maxis shop. then after jj , after fetched my sister from tuition me and my mom went to a phone shop near our house and asked for the price for K 850. it's RM1499. my mother said maybe she will think about it. hmmm today already used a lot of money feel sorry for my mother. she has to pour out money for my laptop and handphone some more. haihz. but i need them both too, so how? my internet is also slow. i asked my mom to upgrade to Streamyx but she said it's way too expensive. but when the bill comes she scolded me say i used internet so much and the bill was high. then why not change to Streamyx? haihz i don't know what to do. maybe because i'm leaving the house already and it would be a waste to upgarde it. but she can use it also right? i mean nowadays we depends on internet a lot. look at e-filling and everything. she will have the benefit too. connection is fast and everything. i don't care already. hmmph.

and i got to know jocelyn got accepted to sunway college to do her nursing. happy for her.congrats ya Jocelyn! i hope i can be like her to be given a chance to pursue our dreams. from her blog she stated that she was happy to be in National Service and somehow it makes her grow mature.good la. so long didn't chat with her already. it's been ages.after SPM we seem to be like strangers to each other. maybe both of us are busy working and no time to see each other but i hope our friendship will last. im the one who really appreciate friendship and hope we can keep in touch. i think she never visit my blog. but it's ok. i can know how she is doing trough her blog. and ya she is somehow a different person yet she is still the Jocelyn Chai i know. she is changing to wards to be a better person which is a great thing. anyway i hope she will do all the best and good luck in your future undertakings :)

oh ya by the way did you all noticed that i've changed my background template? i must credit ERLINA SOO for helping me to change it. she kind of scolded me why i did not credit her. haha well here i've made a credit and thanks a lot. it's so beautiful :)
cheer up and live life to the fullest ya.

today's blog is kind of long right? haha but i hope all of you who reads it enjoy it. and just now while i was msn-ing i have persuaded Weng Sum to start a blog. me and Puventhan forced him somehow haha. i hope i get all my classmates to start one and we will have make a blogging community! lol if that will happen. Puventhan's other blog the bitcomet one is active i mean people keep coming to his blogs and give comments. ya u can say i'm jealous. it should be envy. people around the world stop by giving comments but my blog? ..... Speechless. i will try to make my blog interesting don't worry. once i get my phone i can upload pictures and videos. it would be interesting then.

oh ya i tried the speed test for alot of times you know why cause i keep getting 31 to 33 words per minute. i just tried and this is my best. yer you can see how bad am i in typing right? hope to improve. how do you type using the keyboard the correct way?

37 words

Speed test

anyway i think i should stop here. tune in for more next time ya.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

how do i start recording my songs on youtube? i've went to one of karen's friend blog and found out that she plays guitar and have her own youtube account with songs that she covers.
i have a youtube account too but it's empty. sob. i've tried recording myself singing with the guitar with my mom's phone which is Sony Erricson K 750. however the outcome is not that what i had expected.
the sound quality was bad and i can't hear myself , i mean the words that i sang.

lol it's my problem actually..all these while many of my friends have already stated that no 1: the guitar is louder than my voice and no 2: they can't hear what i'm singing about. argh so frustrating. i know my voice is not that nice but that doesn't stop me from singing.
i do love singing. and one thing i regret is that i'm not good with music. my music knowledge is VERY VERY LOW!

let's say you have this dream and you really want to realize it will you just stop reaching your dream just because there is just a small obstacle? i don't think so. will you?
i will go all out to reach for my dreams and yes it's just a matter of time when i will reach my dreams.
we just have to wait.
as people say patience is everything.

can we actually change the key of a song that suits the key of my voice better? i know sure can but how?
i don't know how! sometimes i do wonder why i can't sing you know and yet there are others who can. sad when you think about it.

anyway i guess till here then. best of luck to me :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


hmmm i was sleeping until two yesterday then after that i went down and saw a letter on the table. and guess what it's for me. it's from matriculation. lol i'm going to go matrics soon. i hope i get JPA please please...cause somehow i don't feel like studying there. i mean it's like going to school.can't do this and that. can't even keep long hair. i mean i want to have a college life where at this point i should have more freedom. you know what i mean? did you know since after SPM until now i can't even keep long hair. i've been cutting it for work. then JPA interview. sad i mean not so long like girls la but just longer then normal . anyway i think i can't post my videos yet. oh ya my mom said maybe next week she will get me a laptop and new phone. hehe can't wait for it. i think when i get my laptop i'll be sitting at Kopitiam till it close haha. use their internet ma. my house is using TM net so slow. hmmm thinking bout friends. can i keep in touch with all my friends after this? and ya can i study after these few months i've been so lazy? somehow i envy some of my friends blogs, i mean many people read their blogs but mine... lol..not much..anyway i hope i can get my school friends to start blogging so i can keep in touch with them in a way. good idea right? lol but i know myself my blog is VERY BORING. but that's me. haha anyway till here then.

Monday, April 21, 2008

boring day..

hmmm currently im at a cyber cafe...playing dota for hours today i woke up late as i slept at 4 am yesterday. these few days i've been sleeping late. i've got panda eyes liao.anyway today is yong yong's birthday, a friend of mine in sushi king.Lim , Eunice , Kah Mun and some of the sushi king members including me decided to pull a surprise party for her. So as i have stopped working and i'm so free i am the one who are supposed to get the cake at Deli's Garden somewhere opposite Excelsior i don't think i spelled the hotel name right.anyway i went to take the cake at 3 something. the cake cost RM24. Banana cake with chocolate toppings, something like that. Then in the evening around 6 i went Kopitiam with Erlina to check out her new laptop. nice laptop indeeed.been there for an hour or something then i went home for dinner. after dinner i ate my cough medicine and i feel sleepy so i slept until nine. watch tv for a while before getting ready to go back to sushi king. Lim came at 10.15 and we went and eat first since he was hungry.then around eleven we reached parade. we asked ah leong to open the back door and when we entered we quickly lit up the candles. actually yong yong supposed to work until ten but sook yee our service leader told her to stay back because got service training. that's how we managed to asked her to stay back. then, after everything is ready me ,lim and leong came out from the kitchen singing happy birthday song out loud. everyone joined us singing few moments later. haha you should see yong yong's face, she was startled and suprised. she even cried. oh my god. i know she is extremely happy. she even have an exam tommorow. pity her but i know she will do well. then we took some pictures. later lim, eunice and me went hang kai and end up going nowhere, i mean we went Kopitam in front of smi but it's going to close. so we stayed in the car chatted for a while. then Lim fetched eunice back and we chatted in the car for a more while. then lim dropped me here in cyber cafe and that ends my day. haha. oh ya thanks ya eunice and Lim for organizing the surprise party for yong yong :) maybe in the next few days im able to post my videos haha. hope it will be a success. and ya i just read jiang may's blog and found out that on the saturday where im not with lau kong and jia xian they all, david actually came back ipoh and he didn't tell me? they could call me to go jj with them but...sigh it's ok. and Bryan haha i just know him and he go and disturb jiang may? lol anyway to jiang may don't be so mad ok? i think he can't help asking a pretty girl's number right? oh ya to karen i forgotten where did i take my IQ test but i did it again and i couldn't finish the 30 questions in time. sad this time my IQ score was 115..and my weakness is in maths....sob...anyway you can try it at
below is my report on my IQ.

Full analytical report for daniel

General statistics

Total number of questions: 30
Questions answered: 27
Questions not answered: 3
Questions answered correctly: 21
Questions answered incorrectly: 9

Percentage correct answers: 70 %

Your age adjusted IQ score is 115 and the average score for all test takers is 100.

Your Grade ** Above Average **

Well done! Your performance on the test was well above the population average which means that you have the ability to achieve success in life. Typically, people with scores in this range can see logic in their surroundings and perform very well academically. You like to conceptualize ideas and gather your own information which means that you have the brains to go far. You should be able to handle all academic challenges and if you think of intelligence as an ability to adapt adequately to new situations then you are heading in the right direction.

intelligence score analysis

Mental abilities have the highest correlation with general intelligence of all objectively measurable abilities and they are the primary focus of this test. Furthermore the mental abilities targeted for measurement were specifically chosen because they have been shown to correlate highly with many other abilities. The graphs below show how you scored in various abilities such as pattern recognition and logical reasoning - skills which are all reliable predictors of academic achievement.

Graphical representation of intelligence scores.

Intelligence score chart

Pattern Recognition
General Knowledge
Short Term Memory

Percentiles chart

Pattern Recognition
General Knowledge
Short Term Memory

Strengths and weaknesses

Your highest score was in Spatial

Exceptional intelligence does not guarantee results -- to achieve excellence you must fully understand your strengths and learn to maximize your efforts. Knowing your greatest intellectual strength may give you insight into how you can improve your learning process, work better with others, or become more self aware of your abilities. According to this test your spatial skills are the most developed of all your intellectual capabilities - your capability to manipulate 3-D objects in space is your biggest strength.

Your lowest score was in Mathematics

Weaknesses are the roadblocks we face when trying to achieve our goals. Awareness of your weaknesses allows you to predict problems and find solutions ahead of time, thereby alleviating future headaches. According to this test your mathematical skills are the most underdeveloped of all your intellectual capabilities - your capability to use numbers effectively and to reason well is your biggest weakness. strength is something related to architecture that's good but maths also has something to do with architecture..argh!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

These Hard Times by Matchbox Twenty

well here is the song These Hard Times that i mentioned earlier..nice song. here is the lyrics, sit back, listen and enjoy the song. somehow i think the lyrics have something to do with my life and the song soothe me somehow :)

These Hard Times

Morning falls like rain into the city life
There goes another night
Losing my breath in waves
Knowing that ever crash is bleeding the hourglass
And taking the strife from all our lives

Everyone keeps talking
They promise you everything
But they don't mean anything

We may loose our focus
There's just too many words
We're never meant to learn
And we don't feel so alive

So goodbye, these days are gone
And we can't keep holding on
When all we need is some relief
Through these hard times
Through these hard times

Move your hands in circles
Keeping me hypnotized
The power behind your eyes
[ These Hard Times lyrics found on ]
Move around your bedroom cursing the naked sky
You should be here tonight
But you stay alone and cry

Say goodbye, these days are gone
And we can't keep holding on
When all we need is some relief
Through these hard times
(whoa) There's something missing
(Oh whoa) You'll never feel it but you
(Oh whoa) You're gonna feel it when it's gone
When it's gone

Say goodbye, these days are gone
And we can't keep holding on
When all we need is some relief
Through these hard times
(hey) these Hard times
(oh no now) Hard times
Hard times

Say goodbye, these days are gone
Say goodbye, these days are gone
These days are gone

Saturday, April 19, 2008

overnight at lau kong house

on wednesday night lau kong,jia xian and two of their friends from penang came back ipoh. i went out with them on thursday.we went assam house for lunch. then we went parade and walk around. lau kong was searching for psp. he wanted to compare the prices here and the one in penang. then later in the evening we went to the basketball court near my house there and played basketball. then at night we went for dinner at wooley. after dinner we went back lau kong's house. they thought want to study because they have exam on monday but in the end they did not. lol. we sit down and chat and played pranks on boon kent. then after that we decided to go ta kei. haha we went to Imax gunung rapat around 11 pm and we played the RM 10 package for ten hours. we layed until nine am. damn tired. we went back lau kong house and sleep until one something. at two we are going to kbox with one of my sushi king friend, Kah Mun. we ate chicken rice for lunch and then we had a great time karaoke-ing. really enjoyed myself. jia xian also said that he did not know karaoke-ing would be so fun. haha i influenced them already. anyway i should have overnight until today which is saturday but my mother asked me to come back early cause my grandmother is sick. so after karaoke its already six o clock. they planned to go pasar malam later at first garden but i asked lau kong to fetch me home cause they wont go back home so early. haha anyway really enjoyed my time with them. so long didnt hang out with them.oh ya one of my friend leroy asked me whether i want to join then to Genting Highland next week. of course i want but my mom dont let. i asked her why she said no reason. you tell me will you get annoyed by that answer. haihz. hmmm that day i was so boring i decided to do an IQ test and my IQ is 132. lol dont know good or not. anyway till here then. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008


well i've stopped work last sunday and these few days i've been lazy-ing around at home doing nothing except online, play dota, watch tv, sleep , eat and stuff like that. wait a minute i've just listed what i've been doing but i said i didn't do anything. ok one word : BORING! enough said. well i'm trying to learn more bout the internet and ways to make my blog nicer but with tm net dial-up internet connection which is SLOW and always disconnect i can't learn or do pretty much. TT.TT and i've been coughing for one week already. so cham..keep coughing all the time and my throat hurts. i can't sing along while i'm playing guitar anymore..sad case...iwant to post some videos on my self-create-boring songs to share but lacked of hardware and software. haihz...guess have to wait longer. today the results for matriculation is out and i am selected to study in matriculation in Gopeng,Perak. some of my friends get Kedah and Negeri Sembilan. they were upset by the way and i don't know why. maybe hey don't want to go somewhere so far away from home? i've realized that i'm actually lack of general knowlegde and everything that is happening around the world and that is a fact. the other day..few weeks ago i think i was at jj and i went to mph bookstore looking for books when suddenly a lady, chinese but she is wearing tudung so she is a muslim just like me. we communicate in cantonese and she asked me whether i know english i said yes. then she handed over to me a book with pictures of G.W. Bush and asked me to transalate them to her... i was like okay i translated to her but i know im wrong lol..then we chatted about Bush, Osama and stuff which i really don't know..i just listened to her and agreed in everything she said. i will also reply i'm not sure sometimes when she asked questions that i REALLY DON'T KNOW....and after chat for around ten minutes i said i got to go...if i stayed another second i sure will be caught red handed that i basically don't understeand what she is talking. maybe a little bit. i am amazed at this lady..she is quite old though around 30 to 40 years old and she doesn't know how to read english but, BUT she is interested in what is happening outside Malaysia and around the world. from her stories that she told me i know that she have been keeping up with updates from around the world. i'm quite ashamed. who wouldn't i mean you would too if you're in my shoe. guess i gonna read up more. oh ya another thing im not very sure whether i can study back not when i start studying later....i mean what i have learned last year i can guarantee it is not in my brain anymore. completely lost and gone. can i cope? i have to work hard from day one then. argh why it is so hard to create a new song. i mean the chords c, am, f and g are a common chord progressions and many songs use that but why i cant create a nice melody. it always turn out the same like the song that i have already created using the same chord progressions. i need help desperately!!!!!anyone who share interest with me please do leave a currently addicted to These Hard Times by Matchbox Twenty...a great song you all should try to listen. soothes my mind.just nice. i try to find the chords but i only found one in ultimate guitar and its incomplete. i want to find a full version but no results. haihz. so sien la..... miss my working days suddenly and my friends"it's just TWO days mate" telling myself haha. anyways till here then.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

sushi bonanza is over!!!!

my jpa interview was ok. they ask a lot of questions which i cannot answer...sobs...sad la..dunno can get not....well for the last four days were really very tiring. people were lining up for so long just to eat. the queue was really long.. you would be shocked if you saw that day...and ill be working until this sunday only..finally got time to rest but then i will have so much time do wat? i'll be bored again..maybe i should try create more songs and concentrate on my guitar. so long didnt create songs and must by crook or by hook get some fresh ideas. lol. help me will you? :) and i could also find my old friends and hang out...hmmmm when im gonna get my new phone and laptop? sad sad...k la till here then.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

jpa scholarship!!!!

hey hey...first of all wanna wish u alll happy april fools day!!!lol although im late by one day..oh ya currently im busy preparing for jpa interview. honestly im a bit nervous. ive got 11 straight a's by the way. 8 a1 and 3 a2. im applying for architecture. it's been my passion since i was young. can i get the scholarship? i wish i can. :) will you pray for me too thanks.. the interview is on this friday...2.45 pm. wah really nervous la...hmmm im going to resign on the 13th of week going to be a busy week cause sushi king will be having bonanza where every rice based sushi plate on the belt is only at rm2 and is for member card holder only. going to be very busy where people will be lining up until the escalator . haha...maybe when i stop work i will heve ample time to blog. i want to buy new phone, laptop and am also considering psp. but all so expensive sob sob....i would also like to find time hanging out with friends although many of them start studying already. anyway teardrops on my guitar by taylor swift is a nice song to play with guitar. bleeding love by leona lewis too. till here then. wish me luck ya :)