Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new year!

in a few hours time it will be 2010.
2009 has been a very pleasant year and a memorable one for me.
life in college, i will definitely miss it.
may 2010 will be better .
i hope to learn more and gain more knowledge and skills in the future.
i hope to be a better person as well.
well i think that's all.

happy new year everyone!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


i am lost in words.
i am totally excited and happy.
this is because my TER score is 93.7!!!!
although it's quite low i admit but i'm grateful because i can already fly!!!
so so so so excited!!!
first time in my life i feel so excited like this!
till here then
just wanna share the good news!

Mom's and Caryn's birthday

On the 28th of December, both my mom and younger sister celebrates their birthday.
this year my family and I celebrated by going to Sushi King for lunch.

it's been awhile since we ate at Sushi King so my mom said why not?
we enjoyed ourselves pretty much today.
took lots of pictures there as well.

what did i gave to my mom and sister you ask?
well i did a photo or a card whatever you want to call it by using photoshop for my mom.
and i bought a 4gb KIngston pendrive for my sis.
that pendrive i bought it some time ago during PC Fair in KL.

below is the picture i made for my mom.
i combined an empty polaroid picture, red rose, my mom's picture , some words and tadaa!!!

click the image if you want a larger view.

till here then.
Happy Birthday MOM!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas! ( i know i'm a little bit late ==)

this photo was not that nice. i'm sorry.
it was a rushing job. anyway merry christmas and happy new year!
bye 2009!

Christmas is over!

Well let's see what have i done for this few days ; played Dota, played Dota, read my book, eat, played Dota, sleep, and played Dota.

Nothing much going on really. Did some photo manipulation in Photoshop. Let me show you some of them :D

from this to....


from this to...


from this great picture to..

this spectacular one!

oh yeah i have finished the book i was reading. yay!
the book title is "The Art of Conversation" by Catherine Blyth.
The book is not bad.
however, it is filled with many vocabularies that are so new to me, so many that i stopped searching the meaning in a dictionary. instead i would just guess the meaning that would make the words i don't know to make sense in a particular sentence.
i gotta read more books to improve my language as mine is not good enough.

Celebrated Christmas with my schoolmates in Clement house. We certainly enjoyed ourselves since we have not seen each other for a very long time especially Chien Young and Jia Xian who just came back from Aussie for the summer holidays. i'll try to get the pictures from Clement and will upload it sometime.

oh ya my sister is going to National Service this jan.
And my brother is going to enter form 1.
till here then!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Awesome AVATAR!

today i went and watched avatar with my siblings and little cousin brother.
this movie is awesome!
three hour long with awesome cgi effect as well as breathtaking scenery throughout the movie.
this is one hell of a movie.

just awesome..
till here then!

Monday, December 21, 2009

pasar malam

i just came eback form pasar malam(night market) nearby my house. this reminds me of how long i have not been to a night market for one and a half years already.

it is still full of people. full of fluorescence light illuminating the stalls as well as the dark path for people to walk on.
Pasar malam is something you can never find especially in western countries.
it can be found.
maybe in any Asian nation,
but certainly in Malaysia,
be proud!

till here then.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


i just came back from karaoke-ing with jia xian, lau kong , david and his girlfriend. we sang three hour straight.

nothing much. till here then.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


hey i have a nice poem to share with you guys. thanks to sarah ch'ng for sharing with me.


-- written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s --

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even to the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
they are vexatious to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs,
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love,
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life,
keep peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It’s been a few weeks of my holidays and I haven’t actually done something quite useful. I mean at first I had this urge and desire to learn photoshop and web design, but then after a while I’d stopped for no good reason.

Is it me who loves procrastinating? Is it who I am that always left things done halfway?

Heck I even wanted to start learning photography but it’s all just talk and nothing has been done!

Don’t even mention the slightest craving I had in video making, drawing , baking cheese cakes , improving my guitar skills and all other small small stuffs that fascinates me but had yet to be crystalized out tangibly.

I’m pretty sure you would be wondering what am I doing right now?

Well just to let you know I’m reading a book and I don’t care whether what obstacles might arise, I am determined to finish this book . no matter how long it takes!

Well I guess till here then!

*I’m sorry I sounded like I’m scolding whoever that are reading this but in fact i’m just scolding myself. Sorry I mean no harm.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sprained knee again!

I’ve sprained my knee again yesterday. I’m feeling darn sad right now and it hurts still. I can’t walk properly because it’s already swollen. This is the third time after the first incident early june this year.

I guess it takes three falls to make me realize that I really can’t play anymore. When I sprained my knee for the second time, I’ve been doubting whether I would be able to continue playing this favourite sports of mine or not. Then being only human, I do not want to stop playing. Not now. Not this fast. So after I thought my knee had healed which clearly has been deceiving me all the time, I played again. But I’m kinda proud because this time I lasted longer on the court. I played a game and just injured myself on the second game compared to the second injury.

Finally, I think I might not want to continue this gamble anymore. I know my limits now. My knee is not strong to withstand my weight when I land after jumping.

You know it’s kinda sad because I can’t do anything extreme anymore. I can’t be a sporty person anymore.

I was thinking of taking up dancing maybe in Aussie but then with my knee injury I can’t as well.

Well, things already happened and life gotta move on right? Maybe it is not my path or destiny to play basketball any longer. Till here then.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Biro Tata Negara (BTN)

We are all the same. We are all humans and that’s the fact. We all have a pair of eyes, a nose, a mouth, a pair of hands as well as a pair of legs. In fact, we do not differ a lot in any way. Why can’t we be united? Why are there still wars and conflicts going on?

Well that are some of the questions that I wonder after I had attended the Biro Tata Negara(BTN) camp during the last whole week from 7th to the 10th of December in Kem Bina Negara, Ulu Sepri Negeri Sembilan. Let me make a summary of the four days when my friends and I were there.

On the first day, all of us embarked at 8 and we reached the destination one and a half hour later. The moment we stepped down, we registered and a leader was chosen. We had two lectures on Malaysian history that morning. During that night we basically just relaxed and played some get-to-know-each-other game. One of those was looking straight into the eyes of your partner of the same sex and afterwards telling them that their eyes are beautiful. It was such an embarrassing moment for all of us. We also need to massage our partner as well.

The second day, most of us woke up early for morning prayers and then did a physical test in the hall. After breakfast we were divided into groups. There were 8 groups altogether. The rest of the day was spent by getting to know each and everyone as well as the facilitators of each group. In the evening the guys went abseiling while the girls played “poison ball”. I love abseiling that I tried twice!!! IT WAS SO FUN! After dinner we palyed anoher game called ‘ Angkasa Lepas’ . this game was based on the movie 2012. There were only 8 people left on earth while the rest have already been transferred to Marikh. Hence, a decision has to be made since the only spaceship left for some reason can only accomodates 5 persons. We spent that night figuring out who is the one that are able to fly or not. This game taught us a lot especially on the issue that all humans have the right to live.

The next morning, which is Wednesady, we woke up early again for prayers. And then we had a 2 km run required for the physical was one hell of a run! I started running with big steps eventually trying my best to catch my breath and not stopped. My steps were getting smaller and I finished the run in 13 min 40 sec. oh ya, you wouldn’t believe who was the first in that run! It’s a girl from penang. Bubbly and fast. She finished in 8 min and 17 sec. so guys, you better be careful with this one. She bites! I was just joking, she was in fact very friendly.

By the way there are around 6 people who were not from our college that joined us during the camp. And she was one of them, Sarah Sulaiman Ch’ng who will study biomedicine in melbourne uni next feb. I’ve made another new friend as well and he was in the same dorm with me : Marcus Ma. A nice guy from BU4 and will further his studies in engineering at the Australian National Unversity(ANU).

Anyway back to the topic, after the run, we, in our own groups were literally running aorund between 5 stations where we were exposed more to Malaysia for example, the judiciary system, the Majlis Raja-raja as well as those regarding with citizenship. That lasted until evening. That evening, it’s the girls turn to try abseiling while us, the guys stayed in the hall and learnt how to dance a tradisional malay dance which I have forgotten the name. I’m sorry,but what I know is that we really enjoyed that one hour of dancing. We were divided into two big groups and we competed to see which groups is the best. My group won !!! everyone dancing in the same tempo, same steps and with the same enthusiasm. It was really a nice experience. And that night we did quizzes which lead to a very memorable moment of where everyone built the Malaysian flag together and sang Jalur Gemilang. I would say that was the peak of camp. We went back to our dorms tired but happy.

The final day, after morning prayers we had brakfast and got ready for our test. The test tested us on our understanding about Malaysia, it wasn’t hard at all. After the test, certs were given and we went back home after lunch!!!!

Overall, it was a nice experience joining this camp. Eventhough, me myself as well the rest have heard lots of statements that claims BTN is a harsh place and all their mission was to brainwash the citizens. Well, luckily, my camp wasn’t like that and as a person who had experienced it, I suggest that you should not judge something based on what you heard until you actually experienced it.

I guess till here then!! If you guys wanna know more about the camp just drop a comment will ya!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


I’m back again in ipoh, I attended my graduation ceremony as well as Gala Night in college. So fast it’s been a year already and now I have finished my AUSMAT. Hopefully, next year I’m going to fly to aussie.

I really enjoyed my college life . Surrounded by awesome friends doing crazy stuffs. Ya! all those moments are memorable. Not forgetting my lecturers too!! They did their best to teach us and they were a fun lot to play around with too.

Anyway below are the pictures I took during gala night.

all the pictures a bit blur and the resolution not that good.anyway till here then!