Tuesday, June 9, 2009

penang trip

Finally I’m back after my long absence in this virtual world. Been busy lately. ya that’s what everyone said when they didn’t update their blogs. So fake right? Well whatever. I’m now back in ipoh already. One week sem break. Last week was my midyear exams and hopefully I would get decent marks : p I’m crossing my fingers. I came back straight from kl on Friday evening. The very next morning, I took bus to Penang, the so called “food paradise” which is from my experience is true. The whole two days in penang was spent by EAT, EAT and MORE EAT. haha

Okay, so I started my journey at 8.30 a.m. slept along the way to penang and reached to Sg. Nibong bus station around 12 p.m. the journey was delayed. There was a heavy jam on the penang bridge. One thing I’ve noticed when the bus was crossing over the bridge was that the sea was not as blue as how I used to remember the last time I came. It’s been ages since I came to penang and the sea is brownish now. Time has changed a lot of things, don’t you agree? Song and his mum picked me up and we went to lunch together. After that we went to botanical garden and met up with eve and jenny there. Song’s cousins and aunt was there too. Did I tell you that song’s family is BIG? It was nice living with them for two days. I had a blast! Erm.. let me continue with the story, as I said we were all at Botanical garden because there is a floral festivals going on but it was extremely HOT!!!! I was sweating as if I was taking my bath. His aunt bought some flowers there. After that HOT experience, we went back to his house and rest for a while before going to kayaking. Ginger joined us too. Oh my, this was my first time going for kayak and it was FUN, FUN, and what I can say more, FUN. I want to go kayak again next time for sure. Then at night, I had dinner with song’s family. A lot of people ate together, and I love the feeling of eating with many people. The feeling was indescribable. After dinner we went to Gurney Mall and watched I Love You Man. Before the movie start we went to Gurney Hotel and took pictures. After the movie we went back home and sleep.

The next morning went for breakfast again with his cousins and aunties. His aunt paid for my meal and I was like very paiseh. Then we went to the beach to build sand castles. We were divided into two groups and my group do not built a castle, instead, we made a mermaid!. It was fun nevertheless. We were at the beach till noon. Had lunch at his house and then went to eat durians!!!! Haha Eve don’t like durians!!! We keep asking her to eat XP after that we went to his house again to rest. Everyone was tired. Haha his sister asked me to sing together with her. Looks like I got myself a fan already hehe. * in my dreams* then at night we went and eat chicken chop before song dropped me off at Sg. Nibong bus station. I boarded the bus at 9 p.m.

Thanks to woei song and his family, I had lots of fun there in penang. His family is funny and funny. Haha. And his twin brother really look, act and talk like him. So fun to watch them both :P anyway till her then. Will post up pictures later. On Wednesday I’ll be going to Langkawi with my family. Wait for my return ya!!!!!!