Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm the BEST!

This picture was taken during the Night Market last month where there is a booth that take free pictures of you and I just received mine two days ago. I would say it's a very good picture. I like it! There were blackboards available to write things down and I don't really know what to write so my hands just scribbled : " I'm the BEST!". Haha lame right but yeah that's what I did.

Photography is so amazing.
I'm impressed how beautiful this picture came out.

Last Tuesday I had a Japanese speaking test where I have to introduce myself to the examiner for about 1 minute. My introduction lasts less than 1 minute I think! Anyway below are my script that I prepared earlier and memorized it.

Konnichiwa, sensei.
Good afternoon, teacher.

Jikoshookai sasete itadakimasu.
Allow me to introduce myself.

Watashi no namae wa danieru desu.
My name is Daniel.

Mareeshia-jin desu.
I'm Malaysian.

Shussin wa ipo desu.
My hometown is in Ipoh.

Hatachi desu.
I'm 20 years old.

Hachi gatsu ni umare deshita.
I was born in August.

Gakusei desu.
I'm a student.

Meruborun daigaku no ichi nen sei desu.
I'm a first year in Melbourne university.

Senkou wa kenchikugaku desu.
My course is architecture.

Ima, nihongo to kenchikugaku no kurasu o totte imasu.
Currently, I am taking Japanese language and architecture classes.

Soshite, eigo to sukoshi nihongo o hanashimasu.
And then, I can speak English and a little bit of japanese.

Doozo yoroshiku.
Pleased to meet you.

Well that's basically about it. Just a short update. Currently is being bombarded with lots of assignments, but I'll manage.

Last weekend I helped out to be a volunteer for a sports event. I became a linesman for tennis and the score keeper for basketball. Woke up at 4 am because have to reach there by 7 and the journey to that port complex is like 1 hour away from my place. I've witnessed a basketball player broke his arm on the court and some others injured as well. It's gross to look at the broken arm but that's the fact when you are playing sports. Injury happens when you want to win.

Well till here then.
Ja ne!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Japanese Club Dinner 2

Well, here are some pictures i grabbed in Facebook from my friend's profile. Her pictures quality is definitely better than my Iphone. Enjoy!

This is the entree :D

Yakitori..haha finally i can post it up

Vegetables tenpura

Main course : salmon steak

Dessert : chocolate cake

Me, Jordyn and Mei

Great people at my table, Jordyn's face was blocked by Mei's

A group photo in POLAROID! haha courtesy of Mei Ling, the girl in green shirt.
She kept it , scanned it and posted it on Facebook.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Japanese Club dinner!

So I went to the dinner today and it was awesome! Again, I did not take a lot of photos mainly for one reason : I was busy chatting with my newly made friends and I totally almost forgot to take pictures. But I did took some.

This is how the interior looks like. Small but cosy.

This is the entree .

This is the main course, salmon steak. Before the main course, I had Yakitori and vegetable tenpura but I totally forgot to take pictures. Well....

This is the dessert. Chocolate cake. Yummy!

My new made friends, Jordyn a local and Mei from Japan.

Well honestly, After eating all that I am still hungry. Haha.
But then what makes this dinner an awesome one is I get to met new people and socialize. I realized tonight that I really love talking and meeting new people. To talk with someone and meeting new people just brightens up my day and my life actually.
So, I am looking forward to make as many friends as I can when I'm here.
Wish me luck!!!

I guess till here now. Sorry lack of photos.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter

Hey guys!! I’m back for another update. I know I know it’s been like a month and a half or so I’m in Melbourne but I was so busy with assignments and uni stuffs. I didn’t even have the time go sight seeing and taking pictures.

Well, since I have a week off due to Easter probably I might take some pictures :D I planned to catch up with my studies as well. For the past few weeks, I have concentrated more on some and neglected the rest so yeah gotta catch up!!!

Anyway my life here is basically OK. I mean everyday is almost the same routine : wake up, breakfast, go uni , lunch, lectures end in the evening, go home, basketball, dinner, online, study a bit, assignment, sleep and the cycles go on. Not so interesting huh?

Well last 2 weeks there was a Night Market in my Uni. Basically it’s where most of the clubs opened stalls and sell foods just like pasar malam. There were performances as well. I just took a few pictures only but yeah you can get the idea.

Oh ya! Did I mention before that Melbourne is full of ASIANS people? LOL

Recently, which was last Wednesday, I sprained my precious knee again playing basketball. I am so pissed. I have been playing for a few weeks already and was in a team to play in a basketball competition which will begin next 2 weeks and everything was fine. Seriously, my knee were stronger than the last time I sprained my knee and I thought by continuing playing I could strengthen it more. However, I get surprises all the time when I least expects it, especially when I am going to play in a competition. The last time I sprained was also before an inter-college competition that I was supposed to play. Argh!!!!

Fine! Anyway I went to seek medical help and I got a reservation on Thursday to see the doctor. In Australia, you have to book your time even when you want to see a doctor and I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or not.

Today, I went to Nioka Bush Camp in South Morang which is around 25km away from the city up north. I went there with my group mates from my Natural Environments subjects to do a detailed site visit which was to take soil samples, observe vegetation that grows, water sample and stuffs like that. It was fun plus the scenery was beautiful because it’s a park and is in the suburb. Mandy prepared a light lunch for the group and we had a small picnic there before we went home. I am happy to be able to have a picnic under the trees.

This coming Thursday night I will have dinner at a Japanese restaurant that is organized by the Japanese Club. Well the dinner basically encompasses a starter, entrée, main course and dessert all cost $40. It’s kinda expensive but why not once in a while and I get the chance to hang out a little bit. Probably going to take some pictures and upload it here :D

Well I guess till here then. Take care!