Sunday, May 17, 2009

Euthanasia Should/ Shouldn’t Be Legalized In Australia

Pain has always been the main reason that terminally ill even think about an early death. A lot of people perceived that assisted suicide or mercy killing is beneficial and helpful to those who are suffering for a long period of time but how far is this true? How do we know that the doctors’ decisions are right? Can we decide who to live and who to die or when to live and when to die? All these doubts will prove that euthanasia should not be legalized in Australia because it violates basic human rights and there is a far better alternative to euthanasia.

Most of us would travel great lengths to obtain our rights and the protection of humans’ lives is one of the most vital rights that we, humans fought for many centuries. Murder and suicides are strictly prohibited not only by religions but also in many countries. No one could take away their own life and other’s as they like. In that case, euthanasia should be seen as a form of murder because it involves the doctors and physicians assistance in ending someone’s life. Under normal condition, anyone who assists in a murder is as equally guilty as to those who did the killing. It definitely violates the basic human rights to live and no one would want their right to live or die to be decided by the hands of others. Don’t you agree? Some might argue that patients choose euthanasia at their own will but that is considered as suicide which also violates the human rights. Proponents of euthanasia claimed that it is for the sufferers benefit and helps to reduce the pain. Then again, can we say that abortion is for the unborn benefits? Why do laws prohibit abortion? To protect unborn babies lives, that’s why. Thus, is there a reason why should euthanasia be legal when all it does defies the humans’ right to live?

Some terminally ill patients said that if they were an animal, it would be cruel and against the law to continue their life. It should be stressed that we, humans, are not like animals at all. If whatever that is done to animals can be done to humans then why we can’t we clone humans like how we clone animals? This is because there is an obvious boundary that separates us from animals and we should be treated better. No doubt, to the terminally ill, euthanasia would be the apparent choice at the peak of their sufferings because they couldn’t endure any longer. Some chose it because they feel that they are a burden to their families while some might just be because they are depressed due to loneliness and no visits from families. However, there is an alternative to euthanasia which is called palliative care where it is a form of medical care which concentrates on reducing the severity of symptoms which aim to prevent and relieve sufferings and improve quality of life. Palliative care ensures that patients will have full support psychologically, physically and spiritually without them considering killing themselves to get away from all the pains. Palliative care services are available in most countries and should be fully utilized. These supports are essential to make sure that these terminally ill patients do not recklessly try to choose euthanasia due to pain, outside pressures or because they feel that they have no choice but to do so. Palliative care gives them the right to enjoy every minute of their life compared to euthanasia and this is certainly a better option.

All in all, I hope I have convinced you that euthanasia should not be legalized in Australia because it violates the basic human rights and there is a better alternative to mercy killing. Do not be fooled that euthanasia helps. Remember: life is precious, everyone should cherish it to the very last breath and so do you. Let’s make this world a better place by saying no to euthanasia.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day!

To my MOM:


i love you mom,

thanks for everything.

your son

Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer camp in dusun eco resort, pahang


We started our journey a little bit later than expected. It was 3 p.m. Everyone rushed to put their luggage into the bus and then off we went. The one hour journey on the bus was spent on watching a bloody movie – Cabin Fever. And poof, the next thing I knew, we have already reached.

But we haven’t reached to the top yet. The place is on a hill and the bus was too large and heavy to ascend so a pickup truck was needed. It was a refreshing ride, with the winds blowing onto my face. After a 5 minutes ride up the hill, we finally reached.

A long and big cafeteria where those who went up earlier waited for us caught my attention. I joined in with the rest and tea was served. While we waited for those who were still down the hill, some of us played cards to kill time. Others were busy taking photographs.

When everyone at last reached to the top we were briefed on what to do and what not to do. After every meal we were required to wash our own plates. Some find this rule ridiculous but then again, who would want to wash almost 100 over plates? Hence, division of labor will help the cafeteria people out. We took our bed sheets and then divided into groups in the hall before moving into our designated rooms. We have free time till dinner.

After dinner, we played Blind Night. Everyone was blindfolded. Then, lining up in their groups, a committee member will lead each group around the area. It was drizzling but I assumed everyone had fun. But then, some got sick playing in the rain.

After Blind night we were free to do whatever we want. It was 10 p.m. so I hang out with woei song in a stall. We played card games till midnight. The laughter and shouting made the stall lively in the midst of the jungle.

The next day, everyone woke up early and got ready for morning exercise. Raj and Azreen were leading the whole group of 100 people in aerobics accompanied with music.

After warming up, we went for jungle trekking. The instructor said that it is not appropriate to call names in the jungle and so we were all given a number each. I was 44. What a nice number. Anyway, the 2 hour trekking was okay. It was energy draining and muddy I would say. Almost everyone’s shoes were wet and dirty. Some even got leeches on them. Surprisingly, there was no leech on my body.

After lunch, we had a session with a former jpa scholar who works for petronas as an engineer. After the session we were anticipating for flying fox but were told that it was postponed to the next day. So we just walked on the hanging bridge. At first, it was not that bloodcurdling. I thought I can do it easily but as I walked towards the center my heart beats faster and I don’t know why I felt that I would fall anytime. Maybe the reason was because I was tall and my centre of gravity was not balanced. The rope that I hold was getting shorter and shorter towards the end. I need to bend a little to balance myself or else I might fall. But I love getting my heart beat faster. I love the adrenaline.

Then, after the bloodcurdling experience, all of us jumped into the pool. I ended up playing water rugby. It was so fun trying to get the ball across. It’s similar to water polo basically but we have body contacts like rugby. Pulling each other away from the ball.

So fun. At night, we had barbecued food for dinner. I thought it will be a real barbecue with campfire around but I was disappointed. The foods were barbecued earlier and were served to us. However, the performances were a life saver. I performed first with woei song, ming chai and gary. we sang a mandarin song that were written by woei song, eve and jenny. I’m the melody maker. The song was supposed to be a duet but then we couldn’t find any girls to sing with us so it kind of sounds a bit gay if you can understand the lyrics. After all groups have performed, it was bed time. I was tired after all the energy draining activities in the morning. I dozed off straight after I got onto my bed.

The next morning, all the committee members set up the explorace booth before all of us went for flying fox. How I wished I could do it again for the second time but time would not permit so. 100 people equals to 4 hours.

After everyone has tasted the feeling of flying, explorace soon started. Everything was over around 2 something. We had lunch then everyone prepared to go home. Took the five minute journey down the hill, boarded the bus and reached college around 5.30 p.m. that concludes our summer camp. Although I have omitted a lot of the small small stuff that happened during the camp, I just want to stress that I did have fun.

I didn’t took any pictures. I didn’t bring my phone to everywhere i went. I kinda regret for not doing so now. Some pictures of me I grabbed from Imran, our camp photographer. And this is the picture I liked most. I edited it a little bit.

goodbye summer camp!