Thursday, July 23, 2009

three poems

below are three poems that i did for my english class a month ago.


How I wish to remain here,
Smiling ever after,
Replaying the sound of laughter,
Never ever worrying about the future,
But, just to remain here,
Captured in this moment forever,
In a perfectly framed picture,

To be seemingly happily ever after.


You are unpredictable,
You can be beautiful but you are ugly,
You can be as gentle as a rabbit but you are as harsh as a monster,
You can say something outside but you mean differently inside,
Perhaps you are possessed by the father of all devil,

Perhaps you are born with it,
I just hope that you would tear off that mask,
And just be yourself.


I remember,

When i first got you,
I hold you in my hands,
You shone brightly,
Like the sun when it beams on you,
And everywhere i would go,

All eyes would be on you,
That's what makes you, YOU,
One day, unfortunately, you shattered,
Piercing my heart with uncountable pieces of glasses,
Sad as it seems,
Fear not my dear,
I shall always remember you, my watch.

so how was the poems?
amateur right?
anyway till here then .

Friday, July 17, 2009

Langakawi trip

Wow. I can’t believe it. I have promised that I will update on my langkawi trip but I took more than a month to update. OMG! Well, sorry guys. But let me repent by updating NOW :P

Okay so after the penang trip, my family and I embarked on a 6 hour journey to perlis. We started our journey driving on the road at 2 a.m. we reached the jetty around 7. Okay let’s skip that boring part and move on to the exciting things we did in langkawi.

The first place we visited once we stepped our foot on Langkawi was the Underwater World. We looked at thousand kinds of fishes and they were beautiful. On the first day, we did nothing much, but I would like to emphasize on where we went on the second day of our trip. We sat the langkawi most famous cable car. Honestly, I truly enjoyed the cable car ride and the scenic view on top of the mountain. The view was simply breath taking. Once I was up there, I realized that there is a different side of langkawi that I haven’t seen before. There are still seas in langkawi that are blue in colour which completely override my mindset that all seawater in langkawi is as brown as Nescafe. However I took a lot of pictures and I love them. Oh ya, did I tell you that the breeze up there was cooling and refreshing. Ah… how frequent can we feel that kind of wind in our busy and hectic city? Anyway let the picture do the talking.

On the third day, which was our last day, we practically just toured around the island with our rented car. Langkawi is a small island and we round the whole island in less than hour. During the three days there, we, well it was me especially, bought a bulk of chocolates back home. It was freaking cheap there and I could get imported chocolates as well. we also ate a lot of sea foods there. yummy!!!

Overall, I did enjoy my time there with my family. Perhaps next time we would go to Redang Island? I’m literally forcing myself to update after so long to break the chain of laziness to update my blog. Let’s hope I’ll be back soon with more updates ya? :P till here then tata