Saturday, November 3, 2007

growing up

hmmmm everyone is growing up already. they turn to leng chais and leng luis already. seventeen this year and next year all the form fives will be working, learning to drive and some might even get married. lol suddenly i miss my good pal, my best friend since form one, jonathan lim. he is kl now since he left ipoh two years ago. sad case. i dun have any other friends other than him during that days. wait i dun mean i dun have any friends but he is the closest to me. we do everything together, go anywhere in school together. we were so close untill others gall us gays. lolx we dont mind ,it just make our friendship stronger :) we play basketball. we love basketball and we play guitar too. he is better than me in those two things. still envy him for that. i learned guitar earlier than him but whoa look at him now! he plays for his church and to get into the band is tough and he made through. this really shows that he is someone. i just realize that we haven been contacting each other for so long. the reasons why we did not contact each other is we both using different line, he is using hotlink while im using digi. it is expensive to msg each other and so we end up contacting each other less and less by each day.haihz wondering how is he doing now. i know he is leading a wonderful life there with new friends. happy for him :) i think all my good memories in school with him is gone the same day he shifted to kl. i really cant remember much whether i had a good time and enjoyed my school days now. its so sad. i want to remember something when i am older and when i want to look back on my teenage years in the future. everyone have their own problems and this is my problem. well another thing i REALLY REALLY need a singing lesson. oh my god. when will i be able to sing nicely. i mean not until becoming a singer but just want to make my singing a little pleasant to hear. dunno why kinda moody these days. i think its because spm is coming. sad case.well here is the lyrics for one of my song which i created.

Friends Friends by me


friends friends

what are friends for

nothing i could ask more

you should know


friends friends

so much we can do

there's always something new

i know it's all true


together we strive forward

together we look forward


we put our best foot forward

and struggle onwards

we traveled the world

traveled the universe

never afraid

cause we know

cause we know

cause we know

we are friends forever


friends friends

we shall remember

what we did together

always ever


friends friends

together we hold hands

till we reach the end

again and again

then straight to chorus and repeat three times before end :)

this is dedicated to all my friends out there and for those who have lots of friends. appreciate them more. thats all till now.

Friday, November 2, 2007


life is nothing but a journey. haihz. spm is coming.......i just cant concentrate i dont know why. im still far behind. oh my god! everyone also is having the same problem. my friends all are stressed up. some are too stress till they break down and cry while some feel like they have been cheated in their life and would not want to put hope in anything already. so sad. me? i know i am so far behind, i've thought about being more hardworking but i just cant make my thoughts come true. i've tried studying but i will always end up sleeping. ARGH!!!! all of us are struggling to get good results for our own reasons. for example to obtain scholarship or to make our parents proud. there are so many reasons and will we be able to achieve it in this few days? nothing is impossible i know but .... after spm everyone will change and we might not be able to see our friends again. everyone will go with their our way. but i know i wont forget my friends wan. :) another thing im sad about is that in these few years im studying in school i cant recall any good memories. i dun remember a thing! well i really really hoping that all my friends will be studying hard now and they will get what they always wanted. and ill be among them too. good luck and all the best. just remember ill be here for you always.