Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6th AUGUST 2009

do you know what happened on 6th of August of 1945? well it is the day that Hiroshima and Nagasaki was bombed. but do you know what day is it on the 6th of August every year? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!

okay so let me describe my birthday celebration. my friends in the hostel celebrated by treating me dinner at MCD. i had candles lit up on my hamburger and they sang song for me. oh how sewwt but wait that was not the end of the celebration. it was just the beginning. in fact they have a hidden agenda by bringing me to MCD.

so after my dinner, i went back to my room and online. after that , few hours before midnight shun jing invited me to play dota. so i gladly accepted his offer. after midnight, song and nicholas came back from student house after working on their assignment with my birthday cake, they said they wanted to celebrate in the park and i obeyed. i knew i was going to be thrown at, probably flour i gueesed.

so we went down to the park and the two biggest boys , namely song and nicholas pinned me down. chang win then poured a cold, freezing liquid on me. BRRRR it was freaking cold, guess what is that liquid??? it's coca cola from MCD!!!! they kept refilling and kept in two big bottles!!!! talk about wastage. anyway, after that the second dose i've got was flour, curry powder and also KUNYIT!!!! OMG!!!! argh!!!
it was a unique and different kind of birthday celebration or more specifically i would say my birthday gift; to be showered with cold coca cola. haha. anyway i thanked them for such a surprise ( the coca cola, surry powder and kunyit part only) .

after all the dirty part, i went back and shower before we sat down and eat the cake. we chatted until quite late before we said goodnight.

when i went back to my hometown on my birthday, my family did a surprise party for me. i was overwhelmed and happy. really really happy. appreciate their efforts. the party was done at my grandmother's house.

well that's basically how was my birthday celebration this year!!! let's see what happened next year! till here then