Tuesday, March 11, 2008


hey do you believe in ghosts and spirits? what are they actually? do they exists? i've been wondering about this for some time already. in this world many people claim to have seen ghosts but are they telling the truth? maybe what they saw is just an ilussion. or maybe not. so which is the truth? if anyone out there could share their thoughts or maybe their encounter with one please do. it's a nice topic to chat on. anyway let me update first, leave the ghosts alone for now. let's see last wednesday sushi king held a meeting at 10.45 p.m. my friend lim fetch me to workplace. our meeting end around 12.45. it was boring like any other meeting but have to pay attention nevertheless. later after meeting my manager treat the staffs at kfc. haha i ordered dinner plate and one meltz. lol i haven taken my dinner yet. i only had my lunch at kenny rogers that just opened opposite sushi king. then at 4 i went home and sleep. later at 7 p.m. i went and play basketball with lim till its ten. then went back home bath and straight to meeting. well back to kfc part. so we chat and eat until it was almost 2. lim fetch me, eunice and kah mun back. eunice stay at fair park while kah mun stay nearby hillcity there. he sent eunice home first then only kah mun. when we arrived at kah mun's house her father was already waiting for her. her father opened the door and the gate. after kah mun get down from the car i told lim to drive off as fast as he could cause i'm afraid we will be scolded by her father. so he drove further in front of the road before he u-turned. as we passed by her house again i saw her house gate was opened and then suddenly her little sister ran out from inside the gate and stare at us as we go away. i reached home around 2.30. the next day i asked kah mun did her parents scolded her. she said yes. feel sad for her. then i asked her why her little sister haven sleep yet so late. wait for you to come home and stare at us as we left. then her face expression changed. she said don't make her scared. i asked her why and she said she doesn't have a little sister!!!! omg! then i quickly asked lim whether did he saw that little girl and he said he saw it too. oh oh i don't know that what we saw is ghost or not and the whole suhi king knows about it already. i don't know whether you believe it or not but i swear i saw a little girl running from inside the gate and stare at us. now it's past midnight and im having goosebumps as i am writing this. it's raining too. if you all would give your comments i would really appreciate it. i don't mean to scare you guys lol...but it's a nice experience though....i think..don't you think. anyway tomorrow results are out and i don't know what i will get but let's hope for the best :) oh ya yesterday was my off day and since it's a holiday it's the only time i get to hang out with my faminly. i went and watch 10000 bc with my brother in the evening and then i treat my family at sushi king where i worked for dineer. haha i've used up RM 173 at sushi king. expensive right? lol and then i bought myself a jacket rm 99. wow but it's nice. red in colour. and i still can't create new songs now. i don't know why. all the tunes i tried is just the same. haihz. my driving still sucks. got scolded by my parents all the time. haha but right now im trying to learn jay chou cai hong song. it is one nice song. you all should listen. anyway ill tell you my results tommorow if i can. i'll stop here then :) oh ya i want to buy sony erricson k 850i but it is too expensive...sob sob..wait it's price drop first then only can buy i guess

Monday, March 3, 2008


hey it's time to update. well first thing first. i just want to tell that one of my friend that works in sushi king passed away in an accident. his name is ari. he drove motorcycle that night and a car hit him and ran off. he died on the spot. everyone in sushi king is sad. he is still young. i guess this is the second time that god really want to show me , to warn me to be careful on the road. well may god bless him. anyways i heard that spm results will be out on 12th march. it's next week. don't want to think bout how my results will turn out to be first lol. today is my off day. i went and eat at some kind of japanese restaurant at greentown with casssie and kah mun. the food there is nice and really worth for it's price. then we went jusco just walk around. im searching to buy what phone cause my phone is a bit spoil. the battery finish very fast. feel like throwing it away right now. but all the phones i saw was expensive. sob sob. i mean the type of phones which i like. haha then after that we went to parade again and go k box. haha it was fun. well guess till here then :)