Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Accommodation found!

These few days i was busy finding accommodation in Melbourne.Thank God i got a help from my senior, Choon Seong. It makes my job a little easier. I'll be staying with Ah Beng as it's a twin sharing room.

The room is not that big from the picture i saw but well as long as i have a place to stay temporarily then it would be fine. I need to rent the room for at least 2 months. After that i can go and find other accommodation if I want.

Besides my senior's offer, i did find other room to rent just in case. there are some good offer out there but i guess the time is not right yet. My mom's advice was that in the early stage it is better to live together with bunch of friends. Safer that way.

I am now packing my stuff little by little. Bought few necessary things such as adapter.
I don't think i'm going to bring my guitar over. Speaking of guitar, it's been so long since I make songs and do a cover.( hey i just realized that this paragraph rhymes! Haha read again and see whether you notice it. lol looks like i still am in the song making industry!)

Anyway, I need to use my brain soon to study and everything. Hopefully my brain can function again.*Squeezing my brain juice!* LOL.
Till here then!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm going to Melbourne!

I am so proud to say i got Uni of Melbourne!!!
finally the days of long wait has gone!
Melbourne here i come!

well i was hoping for sydney actually but i didn't pass their ter cut off point so i got my second choice.
but i;m still equally happy and excited!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Medical Checkup 2

Well, last Thursday i went to the hospital again to ask whether my medical report can be ready earlier and sadly, what i got was " i'm sorry , sir. We can't help u.".

haihz. Looks like i have to wait until the 18th.
I should have went to a private hospital instead.
my bad.
It's partly my fault as well.

anyway, recent news that i read was about the attacks on 4 churches by the muslims.
it's sad you know to have this kind of thing happening in Malaysia.
I get what the muslims are trying to prove and what they are fighting for but i still believe that what they did or what some particular group of people did was wrong.
Come on!

what will happen to our unity? economy? safety? and the list goes on.
where is the portrayal of peace that Islam teaches?
Is burning down churches going to bring peace and put off the fire on this issue?
NO! it is just like putting oil on fire!

click on the link to read the news.

anyway, just a point of my view.
take care!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Did my medical check up

I did my medical checkup for JPA last Monday. Woke up early to send my father towork since i needed the car.
I reached the hospital around 8 and to my dismay, the medical check up section only opens at 10. *sigh*
So i went back home, ate and rested awhile before going to the hospital again.

when i reached there, I had to filled some forms and paid a fee. RM 165. I remembered the last time I did it, it costs me RM 100 only.
So i had to do eye , urine, blood, drug, and , mantoux ( for detecting TB) test as well as X ray. well i have to admit I'm a little afraid with needles. The thought of a needle poking through my skin is just scary =.=
anyway, it was not that bad when i did the blood test. I don't really feel any pain when the needle was poked into my arm. i only feel a little pain when my blood was being sucked out. It must be the pressure I guess.There was this chinese uncle who was in front of me and when the doctor did the whole procedure on him his whole body was shivering. real shivering! woah. But it was a little funny I would say.

Actually I had always wanted to donate my blood before but as I said i was afraid. if I had the chance to donate in the future, I would.

I would need to wait for my medical check up results and it would only be available on the 18th or so they said. At first, the hospital gave me 25th as the date to collect my results and i was like WHAT! so late. i negotiated and finally they managed to give me an earlier date (18th of Jan) which i don't think is early. I'm not going chronologically with my story here. i;m sorry. The hospital told me the date to collect my results already after i filled my forms earlier as i have mentioned.

So after that, as i was doing my medical check up i had this idea came to me. So i rushed to the guy at the counter and told him that JPA just called and i need to be in KL on the 13th and is it possible for me to get my results at an earlier date and guess what? He insisted that it would not be possible, he was afraid that the blood test would not be ready by then. Fine.

When i came home, I found out from my friend that he did his medical check up in public hospital too and that his results would be ready within a week. I was shocked . This Thursday i'll be going to the hospital again and i will check and see whether it is ready or not. Or At least i could get it at an earlier date.


Anyway, after my medical check up i went and fetch my father from work and i went to Jucso with Lau kong, David and his girlfriend. we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. That movie was nice and funny as well.

went home for dinner after that before going out again with them for some game of dota. reached home at 1 and slept till the next morning. :P

till here then!