Saturday, January 17, 2009

Invincible 2006

A movie that i would recommend to watch is ‘Invincible’ directed by Ericson Core. The movie is about Vince Papale, who is huge a Phidalphia Eagles fan and at the end of the story he got the chance to play with the team he is passionate of. The plot is interesting as the movie start off with how Vince got no permanent job but work as a bartender at night. His wife left him and filed a divorce. When things get so messed up, Phidalphia Eagles new coach announces that he will open tryouts for the team and Vince reluctantly try his luck. Soon after, he manages to get in the team and lead them to victory.

A normal typical sport movie you might say where every main character will win in the end no matter what sport they played. But i always love soprts genre movies. This is because as i watch i feel like i’m a part of them,like i’m the one who is in the story. Perhaps it’s because i’m a sportsman too. Whenever there are games or matches,strangely enough, my heart will beat furiously as if i’m playing on that very moment. Besides,I really enjoyed the moment when victory is achieved. Until now, i’ve never won any competition in any games and that’s sad. How i envy the movie characters, how they failed at first but emerged as champions later. When will i taste the moment of glory i’ll never know. But this movie is certainly a good one. Below is the link for the download and you can watch it for yourself :)

i’ve changed my blog layout if you notice. It’s about time now that my blog need a new face( well my face that is haha) .oh by the way i’ve posted something interesting in my academic blog. Do visit ya. till here then.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Australia the movie

Now that I opened a new blog, it’s kind of hard to manage two blogs at one time. I don’t even know what to write anymore. Anyways last Sunday I went and watch Australia. It was a nice movie with Australian scenery everywhere in throughout the movie. I can also hear more Australian accent since I’m going there in the future, it helps you know. At first , I heard a lot of speculation about Australia as a boring movie so I dare not to watch it, afraid of wasting my money. However, I was somehow obliged to watch it because I was told that for the next semester, I must write a movie review based on Australia for English assignment. However, what I heard yesterday was a different story. My lecturer told me that he will choose another movie to review on. How sad. Felt like I wasted ten bucks for nothing. However, looking on the bright side of it, I think the movie was worth every penny. Firstly, for ten bucks I get to watch a three hour movie. That’s long right? Haha. Secondly, I get to know more about Australian culture and I guess it’s also a good thing. Overall, I would rate the movie 7 out of 10 and this rating would only apply to those who would don’t mind watching long movies and also those who love nature( believe me you will see lots of nature, desert most of the time haha ) .

Australia poster

Nicole Kidman in action

Oh ya, my class were instructed to do a documentary and I still can’t figure out what should I do. Any suggestions mate? What topic would be nice to document about. I’m enthusiastic about this whole thing because I have a passion for making movies or something related to that. Just that I have no idea yet. Imagine, I fly to Iraq doing a documentary of a soldier life. Woah! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well yeah it would, if I come back alive.

And another thing do you know any nice and new songs that I ought to hear? Would you mind recommend because it’s been ages since I listen to the radio and I’m like so not updated! Thanks ya!

I guess that would be all for now. Till here then.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Crush by david archuleta Acoustic cover by SYVERLAND

here is a video that is very nice and.. different. believe me. a cover for the song 'crush' sang by David Archuleta.

Announcing my new academic blog!

College had just started and as I had mentioned before my timetable are packed with assignments. One of them is to do another blog for my EAL/D subject. In case you don’t know it’s English as Additional Language/ Dialect. There now you know what the acronym stands for. The purpose of this new blog is to improve the students’ command of English especially in writing. However, it would also improve our speaking indirectly because we will sit for an oral exam middle of this year. Hopefully, I would gain a lot from not only managing one but TWO blogs!

Anyway, I would try to post up some useful information what I learned in class or anything related to improving your English in my new academic blog. In this way, anyone can learn too. Moreover, do comment and suggest in any way on how I or anyone could improve their command of English. I would certainly appreciate that.

I was also told that it is a must to watch ‘Australia’ because in the next semester my class will be doing a movie review on this particular movie. Besides this movie there are a lot more to watch and review. For some, we need to write essays.

Anyway do drop by my new blog ya. It’s still new so it’s kind of empty but I will pour in contents soon. Here is the link: that’s all for now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

care too much!

phew!What a day for me today. today we the student council concucted an orientation for the january intake and hell it was darn tiring. tomorrow i will have an english test to know what is the level of our english usage.

anyway i used ot take things lightly and don't care most of the things hence i feel more relaxed and stress-free but now this year i'm starting to feel stress because i started to care. i got my exams this year. my work with the student council, class rep, assignments and a lot more. suddenly, all this things rushed nto my brain and i find it hard to manage but i'm sure i can afer a while. just need to get orientated.

anyway till here then!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

happy new year!!!it's 2009!!!!

It’s 2009 folks! Happy new year! Phew one year had gone by just like a lick on the ice-cream. I still remember that during this time last year I was working in Sushi King. Imagine how time flies. Let’s look back at what happened in 2008.

1. Worked in sushi King till early April.

2. Got back my SPM results : 8 a1’s 2 a2’s around mid of april.

3. Started applying for scholarships.

4. Went for JPA interview.

5. Selected for JPA scholarship.

6. Was sent to KBU International College in july.

7. Studying started.

8. Play a fool a lot.

9. Tests

10. Play a fool

11. Tests

12. Test results not so good.

13. IELTS exam on 6th december

14. Holidays

15. IELTS results came out : band 8

16. Rot in Ipoh.

Well looks like that’s all for year 2008. Now what do I expect for year 2009? Hey, aren’t everyone supposed to make a new year resolution? Well I guess many of them did but were unable to keep their pledges after a while. I mean, who doesn’t? However, I would like to make my own resolutions which are to study harder which means less fooling around and obtain better results. Hopefully I am able to keep my vow if not then I’m doomed. Anyway what are your new year resolutions?

Speculations claimed that 2009 will be a very tough year, be it economically or politically around the globe. The pinch of Retrenchment and recession will certainly be felt mostly by students like me in terms of money value. The value of money will drop as prices for everything go sky-high and hence will results in more famished students. In this case, I have to save every penny for future usage.

Anyway till here then and have a great year ahead!