Wednesday, December 24, 2008

IELTS results

i got my IELTS results today.
listening: band 9
reading: band 8.5
writing: band 6.5
speaking: band 7
my overall band score is : BAND 8!
finally i get my results already and it was certainly a relief :)
anyway i had to delete the previous post because i realize that my outburtst was a mistake.
it won't happen again.
till here then.
p.s. : where are my christmas gifts?

Friday, December 19, 2008

favourite food...

On Monday, I’ve finished reading The Boy in two hours or so. It was interesting to me. It’s an autobiography, well not really, but a life story of roald dahl when he was small till he was 18. Why I said the novel was not an autobiography is because of two reasons: 1. He claimed it himself at the first few pages of the novel and 2. The whole novel consisted of his interesting experiences when he was small, and mind you, this novel was supposed to be targeting small children: which means he left out a lot of details about himself.
Well as this book was supposed to be targeting readers from age 8 to 13( i assume) , the language used was also very basic and not that tough which was probably one of the reasons that I was able to finish it within a few hours. On the other hand, Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah, the autobiography of the writer story was also interesting as it deals with her experiences with her stepmother who always seems to pick on her without fail. However, compared to The Boy, Adeline uses a lot of hard and complex vocabulary as well as word structures so I took a few days to finish it.

On Tuesday, I went out with some of my classmates and we went dota-ing in cyber for a few hours. Around 2 something , we spent time chatting till somewhere around five and I went back home. There was nothing special that happened on Wednesday. Just as usual with the sleeping and eating. Today my whole family went to KFC for dinner. then, we went to tesco.

Speaking of food, I don’t even know what is my favourite food. Until now, whenever someone ask me or I stumbled upon a question asking what is my favourite food, I will hesitate before answering and I recalled each time my answers would be different. Once, I put chicken rice, then there was noodles as my favourite and it the list keeps going. Somehow it puzzled me for not able to think what is my favourite food. Perhaps is it because I don’t understand myself comprehensively? Or is it because I really don’t have a favourite food? well, as far as I’m concern I’m not much of a picky eater where I select what to and what not to eat. I eat whatever I felt is scrumptious and of my liking while if it’s not that I will not eat it. The foods that I don’t like to eat are not as much as they used to be last time. I used not to like,…hmmm I can’t even think of what I used not to like to eat anymore. It’s because as a child although I dislike some food I was somehow forced to eat them and with frequent intake my taste buds were familiar with the taste and slowly those food were not one of my disliked food list. Ah, it came back to me now; I used to dislike bitter gourd. How bitter it was I still remember. But as I grew, I’m okay with bitter gourd taste and I still eat it from time to time. Another example was that I hate bean sprout (taugeh) a lot. I don’t like them in my food especially in noodles. They taste awful. However, there was one day at school I don’t know how or why but I ate beansprouts during recess and it turned out to be not so bad at all. I don’t know why but I assume that maybe the bean sprouts that my mom bought was not fresh when i ate it or maybe the different way of cooking it makes it taste different. My mom love durians and red beans that is what I noticed. When I asked my dad what is his favourite food, he too hesitated for a while and replied that he likes any food that’s edible. Maybe I inherited his gene of liking every food that is tasty and hence made both of us unable to have a particular liking on a single food. I can tell you what I like to eat: chocolate, rice, all kinds of noodles, and more but I can’t tell you which food I like the most. What’s your favourite food? Have you give it a thought?

above is a lucky cover by me. sorry for the noises ya. they were my sisters. i shall upload a nice one soon but before that please comment ya :) so i can improve thanks

Sunday, December 14, 2008

mundane holiday :(

a week has passed and everything was mundane : sleep, eat , sleep, eat and sleep again. lol.
my holidays are normal up to now.

just finished reading Falling leaves by adeline yen mah. got another novel " boy" to read. i don't have the "desert flower" yet. can't find it in bookstores in Ipoh. for your information, these three novels are my homework for literature next year. i'm to pass up the book review and also a summary of plot not forgetting the characters.

since i'm always at home, i've been trying to create another song but i failed. i can't create lyrics anymore like how i used to. sad. though i think i created a lot of melodies i still can't complete a song because of no lyrics. i shall try to create one during this holidays. :)

well nothing to blog about yet. so stay tuned ya!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

IELTS over!!!!

Finally after a long absence from blogging I’m back again. Phew. It’s been a long time. I’ve been busy with exams and everything. Now I’m on a three weeks holiday . the exams I had I would say I could do better and I my IELTS exam, I think I did quite okay in my reading and listening, average on writing but worst on speaking. Well hopefully I will get band 7. That’s the minimum band requirement for architecture students.

These past six months have been a wonderful journey for me but I’ve been lacking in study wise. I know I’m capable enough but somehow laziness engulfs me and resulted in my bad performance.

Well on the last day of my exam which is last Saturday , 6 of December, woei song and I went Sunway Pyramid. We wanted to go for karaoke and ice skating. At first i was told that ah beng, chia venn, siew wen, shun ling and the other girls will be joining us but then in the end only me , woei song and hazman went. When we reached there, we decided to go and ice skate since hazman do not prefer to karaoke. And guess what as we walked we bumped into ah beng and chia venn walking and they said earlier that they were not coming. Ahem. I’m sure if we had not bumped into them, they won’t tell they were there. Anyway all of us went ice skating and I still can’t skate the right way. I can’t stop yet too. Keep falling down. There was something wrong with my skating shoes that refrain me from skating blissfully. Hazman went back early. Me and woei song played till around 8 and we decided to go back to one utama for dinner and perhaps karaoke. So we waited for the ‘ever efficient bus’ for almost one and a half hour and reached to one utama around ten. Lucky we decided to go back earlier if not I’m not sure how we were going to get back. If you haven’t know, taxi fare is way more expensive compared during the day. Did I mention before that there was once I took a taxi from asia café( in front of taylors college) straight back to my hostel and it cost me RM25 where as it would only cost around RM 12 during the day. Well that is KL my friend. Hmmm not exactly KL but then it’s the city.

Oh ya let’s continue with the story. So when we reached one utama, tired and hungry ( we haven’t ate our dinner yet and tired from ice skating earlier) we straight went up to the 5th floor to Neway Karaoke to ask for the price. We found out that it was RM 46 ++ and buffet is provided till 11pm. So we just pay and started digging for food. We were supposed to sing for three hours only which was till 1 a.m. but interestingly we sang till 4 a.m.! haha I don’t know why but we definitely enjoyed ourselves that night J

Then we walked back to hostel and I slept till the next morning and my parents came and pick me up and here I am back to ipoh.

I guess till here then, till next time.

P.S.: to calvin, sarah, and Nicholas sorry for not attending your concert. I am certain that it was a blast. I was unable to make it because of the public transport. Sorry.