Monday, September 29, 2008

稻香 (dao xiang) - jay's new song :)

First of all I’m glad that some of my friends liked my song…but more to the lyrics lol. Anyway I hope I can write better songs soon. Thanks a lot guys for your comments ya. Appreciate it lot. Besides that it gives me motivation to write more.

Why am i feeling so lazy to express myself these days? There are lots of stuff I would like to talk about but then… am I preoccupied with other things? I don’t think so. Raya is coming soon. Only a day away. These two days I’ve been helping out my family in the kitchen and got myself injured. i cut myself while I was peeling the skins of ginger. But it’s not that deep. I’m okay.

I can’t wait to meet up my friends on raya. Hope we will have a splendid time chatting and hanging out around my house together. Honestly , I’m a bad host. I’m such a bad one that I asked my friends to help me contact my other friends where it should be me doing all this. Anyway I’m very sorry and grateful for everyone’s help ya . I’ll make it up to everyone if I can ,don’t worry.

Oh ya I want to recommend a song by jay chou. It’s his latest song. The title is稻香 , in pin yin is dao xiang, which translates to ‘fragrant rice’ . it’s amazing that jay chou is a great singer and songwriter at the same time. I’ve heard most of his songs and they never failed o entertain me. The melodies are always the thing that satisfies me since I barely understands mandarin. And the best part is that he can always convey the mood of his songs perfectly,I can’t describe it. It’s indescribable. But I just love listening to his songs. Some of them that I like are jian dan ai , ju hua tai, qian li zhi wai, cai hong, zui chang de dian ying, and argh if I continue I will basically tell you every title of his songs that he sings so let me just conclude that I love all his songs haha. I wish I could convey not only messages but also my moods in my songs. I guess I have to try writing lots and lots before I will finally succeed but hey isn’t practice makes perfect?

Are you a fan of jay chou? If you are then I’m sure you will like the new song but if you are not , it wouldn’t kill if you hear it once right? Who knows you end up having that song in your mp3 player or ipod and put it on repeat? Haha

And below are the lyrics for the song dao xiang in pin yin and also the English translation.

歌手: 周杰伦 zhou jie lun (jay chou)
歌名: 稻香 dao xiang
专辑: 魔杰座 mo jie zuo
作词: 周杰伦 zhou jie lun (jay chou)
作曲: 周杰伦 zhou jie lun (jay chou)

对这个世界 如果你有太多的抱怨
dui zhe ge shi jie, ruo guo ni you tai duo de bao yuan

跌倒了 就不敢继续往前走
die dao le, jiu bu gan ji xu wang qian zou

为什么 人要这么的脆弱 堕落
wei shen me, ren yao zhe me de cui ruo, duo luo

qing ni da kai dian shi kan kan

多少人 为生命在努力勇敢的走下去
duo shao ren, wei sheng ming zai nu li yong gan de zou xia qu

wo men shi bu shi gai zhi zu

珍惜一切 就算没有拥有
zhen xi yi qie, jiu suan mei you yong you

[chorus A]

还记得 你说家是唯一的城堡
hai ji de, ni shuo jia shi wei yi de cheng bao

随着稻香 河流继续奔跑
sui zhe dao xiang he liu ji xu ben pao

微微笑 小时候的梦我知道
wei wei xiao, xiao shi hou de meng wo zhi dao

不要哭 让萤火虫带着你逃跑
bu yao ku, rang ying huo chong dai zhe ni tao pao

乡间的 歌谣永远的依靠
xiang jian de, ge yao yong yuan de yi kao

回家吧 回到最初的美好
hui jia ba, hui dao zui chu de mei hao

[chorus A]

不要这么容易就想放弃 就像我说的
bu yao zhe me rong yi jiu xiang fang qi, jiu xiang wo shuo de

追不到的梦想 换个梦不就得了
zhui bu dao de meng xiang, huan ge meng bu jiu de le

wei zi ji de ren sheng xian yan shang se

xian ba ai tu shang xi huan de yan se

xiao yi ge ba

gong cheng ming jiu bu shi mu di

让自己快乐快了 这才叫做意义
rang zi ji kuai le kuai le zhe cai jiao zuo yi yi

童年的纸飞机 现在终于飞回我手里
tong nian de zhi fei ji xian zai zhong yu fei hui wo shou li

suo wei de na kuai le

chi jiao zai tian li zhui qing ting zhui dao lei le

tou zhai shui guo bei mi feng gei ding dao pa le

shui zai tou xiao ne

wo kao zhe dao cao ren

吹着风 唱着歌 睡着了
chui zhe feng, chang zhe ge, shui zhao le

哦 哦 午后吉它在虫鸣中更清脆
o o wu hou ji ta zai chong ming zhong geng qing chui

哦 哦 阳光洒在路上就不怕心碎
o o yang guang sa zai lu shang jiu bu pa xin sui

珍惜一切 就算没有拥有
zhen xi yi qie, jiu suan mei you yong you

[repeat chorus A x2]

This is the english translated “Fragrant Rice” lyrics

Composer: Jay Chou
Lyricist: Jay Chou

If you have too many complaints towards this world
When you fall down you don’t dare to continue walking forward
Why must people be so weak, depraved
I ask you to turn on the TV and see
How many people bravely try hard to continue walking for their life
Shouldn’t we be content with what we have?
You should cherish everything even if you don’t possess it

I still remember you said your home was the only castle, you continue to run with the fragrance of the rice and the flowing river
Smiling, the dreams when you were young, I know
Don’t cry, let the fireflies lead you to escape, the eternal dependence of the folk song in the country
Just go home
Go back to the happiness at the very start

Don’t be so easy to give up, it’s just like I say
For dreams you can’t achieve, switch it for another and it’ll be fine
Put some colour into your life, firstly paint the colour you like on love
Come on and smile, merit and fame aren’t the goals
Let yourself be happy, this is what you call meaning
The paper airplane from my childhood, it’s finally flown back to my hand now
That so called happiness, running barefoot in the fields chasing crickets and getting tired
Picking fruits without permission and getting scared from being stung by bees, who’s sniggering?
I lean on the scarecrow while being blown by the wind while singing while sleeping
Oh oh, if the sunshine sprinkles on the road then I won’t be afraid of being broken-hearted
You should cherish everything even if you don’t possess it

I still remember you said your home was the only castle, you continue to run with the fragrance of the rice and the flowing river
Smiling, dreams when you were young, I know
Don’t cry, let the fireflies lead you to escape, the eternal dependence of the folk song in the country
Just go home
Go back to the happiness at the very start

well i hope you enjoyed that new song of his :)
this post is long. guess i'll stop here

Friday, September 26, 2008

leaving home - another original song of mine :)

Leaving Home by Daniel

I’ve been waiting for this moment

To make my dreams come true

This my last chance my final token

To take things out of the blue

I finally know what to do

To do something that’s true

That I don’t use to have a clue

about the event that would follow through

I’m leaving home with my small boat

I’m off to see the world to leave the place where I belong

After all these years I’m alone

I’m finally leaving home

I’m not afraid to take on the

challenges that might come along

Even in darkness I would still go on

To prove that I’m brave and strong

I know this journey has no end but I will not regret then

I have everything I need to aide in my journey when

I’m leaving home with my small boat

I’m off to see the world to leave the place where I belong

After all these years I’m alone

I’m finally leaving home

here is another song of mine. the theme is about leaving home. i think i wrote this song because i was yearning to be free, perhaps, lol i wrote this last year. oh ya i want to credit david wong for this song cause he helped me with the lyrics.if you're reading this david, be proud :) i still remember we wrote this in the state library. i somehow like the pre-chorus part where i's kinda fast and catchy. if you notice they rhyme with each other and the meaning fits together. perfect combination haha

however i don't think i sang it well lol my songs are simple and without bridge.all my songs are short lol and it follow this pattern..verse, pre-chorus, chorus , verse ,pre-chorus, chorus twice and end.

in a nutshell, please comment ya :) oh before that, Happy Holiday!!!!!!

some songs i played out of boredness..

the first song is ' Lao shu ai da mi' which transalates to 'mouse love the big rice' lol. the second song i played was 'bleeding love' by leona lewis. a litlle different though but i hope you enjoyed it. i sang because i'm bored and please watch it cause i know you're bored :P haha anyway enjoy!

p.s.: the chords i use for 'bleeding love' is F, Dm, Bb, and C. just repeat the four chords and you ca play that song in no time :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

test is over! holiday herei come!!!!

finally i have finished all my test!!!!yea!!!!!guess what? today's physic's test was an " open book' test which mean we can refer to our notes :) however not all answers can be found in the notes so it was kinda useless too. still have to depend on myself. anyway the test was fine.

few more days and i'll be back in Ipoh. can't wait :) not sure if i'll be able to bring my guitar back. probably i can't cause i'll be riding along with my friend.

how come calvin can take so nice and good photos and i cant? i'm so jealous. how come nicholas can play in a band and i can't? again i'm envious. haihz.....just not my luck :(

anyway till here then

Monday, September 22, 2008

been studying physics..

i don't know why i've been so lazy to update my blog these week. there was a lot to write about but i am just lazy. nothing much happened. i studied , sleep , dota and sleep during the weekends. watched the whole volume two of heroes already haha. want to watch the third volume but don't know where to find it.

okay i just check the net and guess what heroes season 3 first episode is going to be aired today but not in malaysia. lol which means i ngam ngam finish 2nd season yesterday haha how coincidence. and it means i have to wait longer to watch it lo. or maybe i find in the net. if anyone out there who knows where i can watch it please tell me ya :)

been studying physics, trying hard to understand stuffs that are confusing. however so far i think i can manage. exam on wednesday. after this week i can finally go back Ipoh!!!!! haha can't wait to see my family and friends. Hang OUT!!!!!!!!!which means Money OUT!!!!!

anyway just a short post to tell you guys i'm still alive. my blog is so dead right? till here then.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

dark knight: worth every penny :)

i just came back from one utama with shireen. we watched dark knight. after so long it was out in the cinema now only i watched it. but it's so freaking nice. especially the joker. since he has passed away after the movie i can't help but to look closely at his acting. no doubt he was a good actor. sadly he leaves us so fast. anyway that movie is excellent.

Hotel California !!!i'm tagged!

1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player, ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5.Put this on your journal.

1. If someone says, "Is this okay?" You say?
Rolling Star- YUI

2.How would you describe yourself?
The Actor – Michael Learns to Rock ( Whoah I didn’t expect this! )

3.What do you like in a gal?
It’s My Life – Jon Bon Jovi

4.How do you feel today?
Battle – Colbie Calait

5.What is your life's purpose?
Big Yellow Taxi – Counting Crows feat Vanessa Carlton

6.What is your motto?
Because You Live – Jesse McCartney

7. What do your friends think of you?
Call Me when You’re Sober – Evanescence

8.What do your parents think of you?
Love Song – Sara Bareilles

9.What do you think about very often?
Photograpgh – Nickleback (hMMMM)

10.What is 2 + 2?
Iris – Goo Goo Dolls

11.What do you think of your best friend?
Burn - Usher

12.What do you think of the person you like?
Stolen – Dashboard Confessional

13.What is your life story?
Better Than Me – Hinder

14.What do you want to be when you grow up?
Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol ( okay this is funny haha )

15.What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Forever Love – Wang Lee Hom

16.What will you dance to at your wedding?
Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

17.What will they play at your funeral?
She Will Be Loved –maroon 5 ( haha it should be he will be loved)

18.What is your hobby/interest?
C.H.E.R.R.Y. - YUI

19.What is your biggest fear?
Welcome To MY life – Simple Plan ( my life is complicated :))

20.What is your biggest secret?
Famous Last Words – My Chemical Romance

21.What do you think of your friends
One Last Breath – Creed

22.What will you post this as?
Hotel California – Eagles ( haha nice post)

23. What song would you play during your first time having sex?
The Sweet Escape – Gwen Stefani

24.You tag?
I tag no one :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

first impression is not everything.

Well since today is a holiday and I got nothing to talk about, why don’t I just talk on is first impression really that important in every aspect of your life? I don’t know how to make this statement sound convincing but I just try my best ok? Hmmm first impression, what is first impression? First impression is the impression u get in your mind the first time you meet someone. And normally, it is based on your first impression that you judge someone already. Well no doubt, it is our human nature that we can’t resist to look at someone’s first impression during the first time meeting but is first impression all you really need to judge someone?

You can learn a lot from first impression some sources say, however how reliable is your first impression towards someone you don’t know? Is it a hundred per cent guaranteed accurate? For example, you are walking on the road and then suddenly a man who dress smartly appears, stop you and ask for direction. In your first impression of him, I’m sure most of you wouldn’t mind stopping and talk to him since he is not a threat in your first impression. But somehow your first impression or your brain has betrayed you because the next thing you know your wallet is gone. Does it somehow make any sense? I’m trying to prove that first impression is not that important when it comes to judge someone. Another example but still in the same situation is when an old woman try to ask for your help. Your first impression would be “ oh poor thing, she is carrying all the heavy loads by herself, let me help her”. Just because she look helpless and old doesn’t mean she can’t take your wallet away from you. However I want to stress that not all cases are like this and I didn’t say that you shouldn’t trust anyone, it’s just that first impression is not reliable to judge someone.

Okay let’s look in the point of view of some supermarkets salesman and saleswoman in some part of this world. Well you are a salesman, then a chinese man came in and he dress sloppily, let me describe him, he wears a singlet and shorts only. And guess what he enters a branded shop where you worked. Your first impression would be that this man didn’t have the look of having lots of money to buy stuff in here and you just ignore him. Is that the right way? Should you judge him just because he wears singlet and shorts? Who knows if he is the tauke of some big company? For your information most Chinese tauke’s that are rich still wears singlet and shorts only here in Malaysia. It doesn’t mean he got no money. He can give you RM 10,000 and still didn’t feel a pinch. I don’t know if you get what I’m trying to say but just bear with me. Maybe you will get to understand as I go on talking.

Many people say that first impression is everything. Once someone gets an idea of you it is hard for them to leave that idea. If someone feels that you are something you really aren't because of your first impression then that is obviously not a good thing. Yet, so many people still rely on first impressions. For example when we go to job interviews we dress nice for one reason. To make a good first impression, at interviews people tend to act fake and extremely polite because we all know that if we make a great first impression we will have a better chance getting the job. Hence, let me ask you again, is first impression that important? Just for the sake of first impression, people faked and lied about themselves. Because of that thinking, many bosses out there soon realized that they had hired wrong employers all the time. During interviews, they were so energetic and passionate about the job but in the end what they got were a bunch of lazy workers. But in reality, there is nothing we can do about it because there is nothing we can judge upon except for first impression during interviews.

How do we judge someone if first impression is not important? We judge someone when we know them a little bit more. Now let’s put ourselves in someone shoes who is finding a lover. Let’s say you’re a girl and your first impression on this guy the first time you meet convinces you to make him your boyfriend. But how sure of you that he is that very same person after you had made him your boyfriend? Will he treat you badly or the same? Even if you’re a guy, what makes you think someone so pretty is pretty in the heart( attitude and character)? Will she cheat on your money and stuff like that? Another example is I’m sure most of you will encounter this situation where you walk in a mall and suddenly you see a couple walking together lovingly. And the guy is not handsome, fat and sloppy. However his girlfriend is very pretty and you wonder how come that ugly fat guy can have someone to love him? So I guess that first impression is not what matters the most in our life. Perhaps that ugly fat guy really have a kind and loving heart that’s why he can find someone to love him because of who he is not because of what he is ( his physical appearance).

Do you believe that even kids nowadays rely on first impression so much? I know you don’t understand what I’m trying to say but let me slowly get to my point. When we shop for something, we rely on first impression to aide us. Maybe not all, but for some of us we shop for something that is branded and look expensive. We hypothesize that the more expensive and branded items are better and last longer. An example, let’s say you are searching for handbags. You were given two choices of handbags , one is not branded while the other one is but their qualities are the same. 8 out of 10 women tend to buy the branded one. Isn’t this surprising? Even children think that brand is important. It’s because their first impression on something is already in their head. A survey was done and a group of children were given two burgers to eat. Both of them were home made burgers but one was wrapped with Mcd plastic. When they were asked which burger tasted better. All of them answered the one with Mcd wrappings. See? Do u get my point? Their first impression is that Mcd burgers are better but the fact is both of the burgers taste exactly the same. See how first impression make them to lie about their judgments in taste.

I’ve been talking for some time trying to prove that first impressions is not what really matters in our life. It is not the only tool to judge someone just by their appearance. There are a lot more factors to be considered. As I said, first impression is not a one hundred per cent accurate so until it is, first impression is not what matters to judge someone or something. I hope you enjoyed it. I can’t debate that well and my points are not strong enough to support my theory but I guess I did tried my best. Maybe this is a good practice later when I need to do my essay. Just want to conclude again that first impression is not important in every aspect of life.

Lastly, just want to tell you guys out there if you have any first impressions of me I don’t care whether it is good or bad. I am who I am and what you think won’t affect me to be myself. And you should be like that too. :)

Till here then. Any comment about this is welcomed.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

is first impression important?

okay last friday we, the student council organized a lantern festival at KBU's field. however the number of people came was so devastating. in the end majority of us the sc members played with the lantern and ate mooncakes ^^ around nine i went back with louise and woei song. later that night i was thinking to sleep early cause i got exam the next day bu i can't. so i online lor. then recieve a call from an old buddy , talked till two something only sleep.

the next day i had my Ielts test. everything were fairly easy except for listening. can't hear some of the words that they talked. anyway after that i went to sunway pyramid with edward and ivan. we met up with philemon and jon silendra there. we went and wactched money not enough 2. certainly a great movi for laughther and also deep in moral values. i almost got onto the state of crying. but i just can't cry. don't know why. then after the movie we hang out for a whle before we berbuka at Carl's Junior. gosh expensive haha but it's worth the price. my burger was rm 25 ##. and the water is refillable. i kept on refilling like mad only. abd then went back hostel online for a while and slept.
and i found out ther's a cafe named friendster. haha funny

on sunday woke up around 11 headed for ah beng house and then go to one u with chia venn for their lunch. they ate at kfc. after that we bought tickets to go to the reptiles house. snce we had nothing to do so we bought the tickets :) and we saw a lot of snakes and reptiles there.

well there's lots of pictures and i lazy to elaborate on them. just enjoy haha.oh and today in malaysian studies i got 8.5 for my speaking. everyone have to speak and i'm glad i got 8.5. phew, relieved. we were told to watch a video clip and talk bout it.i talked about is first impression imporant? anyway that'sll for now

Thursday, September 11, 2008


yesterday i had my economic test and guess what i finished it i think not even ten minutes. 18 questions consists of mcq and yes/no questions. i should say it was easy but i'm sure i did pretty badly. well i'm not going to fret about something that have passed.

after my dinner, i went to ah beng's house only with my laptop. played dota with him and then chia venn want to join us so we cycled and get her. then we stopped by calvin's house and played with the hamsters...OMG!!!!!there were so so so so CUTE!!!argh!!!i want to buy one too. envy them.i had lots of fun playing with the hamsters. one was named Cal and another was Kilo. both of them were males. I don't know if i'm using the correct tense.both of them WERE males, should it be both them ARE males? :) after that went to ah beng's house again and stayed there till almost 3 a.m.

so cute laaa!!!!!!!ish i want one!

today i got back my maths test results. sadly, i got 55 out of 80. i know i know. very bad right. but that's already the best i can do so i won't fret on it either :) life have to be happy.if i keep worrying every little stuff then my life will be stressed. i know my statement has a lot of flaws but there is only one thing i can do :which is i promise to do better. that is what i can do for now. so please don't bother me :)

hmmm tomorrow night there will be a lantern festival in college and i'm part of it. hope it will go well. saturday i will be having english test and then probably in the afternoon meet up with edward :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

where is the will(latest song that i wrote)

okay now here is the latest song that i wrote. the title of this song is where is the will. let's talk about the history of this song. well i mean how i actually came up with this theme. hmmm for the first month i didn't have the will to study and i haven't been writing songs for ages so i create one. i hope you guys like it.please please do comment on it ok. i know i'm a bit out of tune here and there but overall how and you can point out some mistakes as well as suggestion ya :)

here is the lyrics..the bridge part was kind of mumbling diction not good while i'm singing. anyway the chords for this song is G, Daad/F#,Em and Caad. the pre-chorus is Em and Daad/F# twice. the chorus is the same four chords but the first three chords are played faster just like how i played for the chorus in friends friends song. i think ben will und :)

Where Is The Will

Staring at the window

Sitting at my table

Looking out the stars

Lonely and wondering why

Can you tell me

can you guide me

can you help me

can you show me the way

where is the will to make things happen

where is the will to make me better

where is the will where is the will to achieve greater

where is the will where is the will

show me the will

I wake up in the morning

Looking out the window

Always watching out

For the rainbow

where is the will to make things happen

where is the will to make me better

where is the will where is the will to achieve greater

where is the will where is the will

show me the will

don’t quit anything can happen

bend,but don’t break

challenge your potential

effort creates opportunities

follow your intuition

anyway so sorry
you can only see my face lol
does the lyrics somehow relates to you in any way?
oh ya the bridge of the song i took the words from a poster that my mom gave me...

lol haha i ran out of ideas so i just took those words and sing along...sounds nice to me though :)

it's 5.30 a.m. now was supposed to study my economics. i tried to upload it to youtube but i can't .too slow. it took very long and my laptop will break down before it finishes uploading. haihz. maybe i try to upload it in the library later :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

very paiseh

very paiseh la yesterday.after my dinner i went ah beng's house and study together with him, woei song and chia venn. we studied and chatted at the same time. and i waited for midnight to come. when it came, i quickly picked up the phone and dialled a number.

and the first thing i said was...


and the reply i got was,


to my dismay i have somehow misplaced sue's birthday. her birthday is on 9 november but don't know why i save her birthday as 9 september. argh!!!! so paiseh. but she was so outgoing that she actually laughed bout it. i'm sorry sue :) anyway we had a small chat . it was an opprtunity to update ourselves though. but very pai seh la. ish

okay after that phone call we studied till around 3 a.m. wow so tiring and i woke up at 11 today. exhausted.

anyway i got back my speaking results today hehe..i got borderline very good speaker. which means i'm in between good and very good speaker. in other words, good speakers actually stands for band 7 and very good is band 8, so i'm in band 7.8 something i guess la..cause it's the borderline. and the comments that i got from my lecturer was:

1.presented answers clearly and to the point but did seize the opprtunity to expand one or two answers(could do more to maintain his part of the interaction)
2.used a reasonably good range of structures and vocabulary
3.was accurate in pronunciation( very slight residual accent)

well only two people in my class scored very good speakers. but i'm satisfied with my scores. i just need to cut down on my accent which mainly deals with intonation , mty lecturer said. oh ya today we did two listening test and i scored 35 out of 40 for both. argh!!!my lecturer promised us that if we can get 40 out 40 she will buy a pizza. haha...but surprisingly today i got 35 ..first time ..just hope i will do the same during my test this saturday :)

that's all for now. i can hear the azan already. gonna break my fast now tata

Monday, September 8, 2008

buka puasa, zoo negara and siow fern's birthday

On last Friday , OUR club organized a buka puasa event which started at 7.15 pm. However I went there earlier at 6 to help out and everything. It’s an event for us and the seniors, not forgetting the a-levels but they did not turn up. I mean the a- level students did not turn up. Anyway once the azan is heard, everyone break their fast with some kuih-muih(I can’t find a term for it in English) before the muslims did their prayers led by my lecturer MR. Al at the back of the hall. After our prayers, then let the feast begin! Haha everyone were lining up to get their food. Nasi tomato, ayam masak merah and also acar. Satay were also provided. I didn’t quite enjoy the satay that night, the flesh are hard and tasteless.Not tender at all.oh ya forgot to tell that the food wasn’t enough for everyone. But I don’t know what happened in the end.

After we ate, we help to clean up and then I followed the shuttle van back to Hazman’s house to borrow his bicycle. I cycled to the connexxion after that. When I reached connexxion, they were cutting cake. It was laura’s birthday. I wished her and ate a slice of cake. Now the number of people at the connexxion are less because most of them went back to the states. Summer is over already so back to studies. After that we watched a movie named At The End Of Spear. It was a nice movie. About some indigenous people that spear each other and how the white men wanted to help them so that they will not be extinct from spearing themselves. We supposed to play capture the flag that night, but it rained so we watched that movie instead. I went back to the hostel about eleven and slept around 12 I think because the next day I had to wake up early.

On Saturday morning, I woke up at 5 a.m.,ate my breakfast and getting ready to go to the zoo. I applied to be a zoo volunteer the other day. It was organized by the a-level club. I went to college with Nicholas and met up with sarah, siao fern, jonathan, Gabriel, calvin, chan and leong. There were also some a-level students with us. The we ride the college shuttle van and started our journey to the Zoo Negara. Once we reached there, we were briefed by the person in charge and were put into groups. Me,chan, jonathan and an a-level guy formed a group and we were told to help out at the zoo’s kitchen. The place where they prepared all the food for the animals.

In the kitchen, I helped to stir a big pot of rice mixed with brown sugar for the elephants. Then I cut a huge amount of tapioca with the a-level guy while chan and jonathan were cutting the carrots,in huge amount too.we need to fill the whole big bucket with tapioca and carrots.after we finished our jobs, we had our break and we went to the aquarium. After we got back to the kitchen it’s time to clean up. So we washed the kitchen.we mopped and sweeped the floor. Then, we brushed the mosses on the pavement outside the kitchen ,it was a tough job no doubt .suddenly, the man who works in the kitchen asked for two person to help him and I went. The a-level guy also volunteered. Little that we know that we were going to have the best ride on earth. Haha. We sat behind the lorry with all the foods that were prepared and went the around the zoo delivering those foods. It was fun haha. How often you sit behind a lorry go around the zoo and deliver foods to the animals. We just deliver we didn’t feed the animals. Sadly that’s not what the kitchen do. They just prepare and deliver that’s all. After that we have already finished our job. We went around the zoo for a walk. It was raining then. But it didn’t stopped us from going around the zoo haha. Took some pictures and have fun. And we went back at one after a group photo. I was exhausted. I went back to hostel took my bath and jumped into my bed and slept till evening.

Sunday I woke up at 9 something and I took my bath and everything. I did my laundry too.I tried to study but I can’t. I got headache so I went to sleep again. Slept till 3 something and then I received a call from liyana asking me to buy for nadia some puff at secret recipe. I wanted to go cc to post up my blog one but to my disappointment the cc was closed. So I went to secret recipe, bought the puff and went straight to ah beng’s house to borrow his bike. I cycled to liyana’s house gave her the puff and then I went to each and every student house to visit lol. In the end I went to ah beng’s house again. It was around 6 .30 already so I decided to eat dinner at his house. The malys cooked their dinner and asked me to join so I joined but ah beng didn’t want to. He was afraid that their cooking were not clean , later he lau sai. So I ate sardine and egg with plain rice. Quite full also. Ah beng cooked egg himself in the kitchen while we were eating. After I ate already I helped ah beng a little. Then I ate together with him his egg. Suddenly while we were eating, chia venn called . she asked ah beng to accompany her to one utama to but present for siow fern’s birthday. So we quickly eat and cycled to her house and then to one utama.

In one utama we searched for the toy section in jusco. Chia venn said that siow fern said she liked a model car before so she wanted to buy it for her but we can’t find the one she liked , so we ended up buying a race car for her. After that we went and walk around one utama. And guess what, ah beng said he was having stomach ache. See he ownself lau sai because of his own cooked food lol. So ironic. Anyway later he went toilet then chia venn haven’t ate her dinner so we went to Mcd. Later we went pizza hut and bought three regular pizzas before we headed to the field near chia venn’s house.

When we reached the field, everyone were already waiting for us there. Siow fern was also there. Everyone gave her presents and wished her. I wished her too. Then chia venn lit uo the candles that she bought for her. Afther we sang birthday song in few languages, she blew out the candles and everyone have a slice of pizza. Later we chat and took pictures. Had fun that night. And when it past midnight, we sang birthday song to siow fern again. The next thing we did was talk ghost stories. Everyone sat around and hear stories told by each of us. It was scary and fun at the same time. You should see how ming chai kept scaring chia venn haha we talked till one something before we went back to our own home. That’s all

below are some pictures i took...mostly in the aquarium. there are many more but i can't upload them all.