Sunday, March 14, 2010

Playing with wooden blocks! So fun!

Last friday I get to play with wooden blocks. Just like Lego. We were required to build a shelter for an elephant which is a balloon. I had so much fun during that tutorial session. But the sad thing is we need to make a poster about the structure that we made. I roughly did the poster but it looks very plain. Below are some pictures of the shelter my group made.

click on the poster for larger view

Life is so busy now with heaps of assignments to do. A lot to read as well.
Argh!!!! but I think i can manage.
Anyway just a little update. Gotta continue my work.

Ja, mata!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today I went to my first dancing class and it was good. The studio was quite far from my place and I need to took a tram there. It's a half an hour ride or so. The studio was enormous and a lot of people turned up as well. However, they were mostly girls. The ratio of guys to girls I would say is 10 to 1??? LOL.

Anyway, after my class ended I waited for the tram to go back home and the weather was cloudy and windy. It was going to rain soon. Ten minutes later, I hopped on the tram and sat down. Few minutes later I heard a thundering sound hitting the tram. And I saw small white balls gushing down from the sky. It took me a few seconds later to realize that it was raining but not any kind of rain, IT WAS FREAKING ICE! The ice falls slowly at first but getting heavier and heavier. Ices were hitting against the tram windows that I was afraid it might just break any minute.

I was in awe. It was my first time experiencing this. The rain was so heavy that flood occurs in the city. I attempted to take pictures but as I was in the tram, the pictures I took turn out not so nice and blur due to the fog. Oh ya, I forgot to mention that the visibility rate was totally zero. It was so heavy that you can't see anything ahead.

This is what I took from the tram. The nicest among all. Can you see the small white ices on the road?

And here a picture i grabbed from facebook. Someone posted it up and hell yeah, from this picture alone you can understand what I meant right? It's like 2012.

Oh by the way, the correct term I should use is hail storm. I am so amazed!!!!!!
Anyway till here then!
Ice age is coming folks! Be ready!