Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tropfest festival

Last Sunday, me and Ginger were lucky to be able to watch Tropfest Festival at Federation Square. It is a short film festival where each film must be less than 7 minutes. There are altogether 16 awesome and beautifully done short film that were displayed. I truly enjoyed myself there despite the fact that I was almost freeze to death as the weather was cold plus strong cold gush of wind. Me and Ginger did not brought along our jackets as we thought i would be very hot and we also though that the event starts at 5.30 p.m. but it only starts at 7.30 p.m.

however, when we arrived there were already a lot of people sitting and "baking" themselves under the sun and I would assume that the reason they did that was to get a good seat. It's an open air/ outdoor thingy you know? But we managed to stay alive until 10 p.m.

Below are some pictures that were taken that day. Be warned that there are not many pictures though.

Antic tram

As we walked towards Federation Square we passed by this huge building. not sure whether it's a cathedral or something but it's beautiful.


Notice the variation of architecture style in this street? There are old and new ones.

A building on Federation Square

And this was the big television that we watched the short films with.

As I mentioned earlier, we were there early so we went for a stroll around the area. Before the short film festival started, there was a sustainability and environmental fair at Federation Square. All stalls and booths were closing up when we arrived.

I saw this lovely and beautiful scarecrows on display

Thsi is the famous Yarra River

Taking a stroll along the river bank

A unique tree

A building over the river and which I don't know the name but it looks like the Eiffel Tower ain't it?

A picture showing how crowded it was that day.

Oh ya! Have you ever see the sun eats a building before?
If you haven't today is your lucky day as i have some pictures to illustrate that. :D

Tada!!! HAHA!

The building was blocking the sun and the glaring effect was as if the sun corrodes some part of the building as it goes down.

Scenic picture.

Oh no the building is almost gone now.

Another beautiful picture of a sunset.

During the commercial or toilet break I like to call it.

Full of lights (life).



I have joined the Malaysians of Melbourne University(MoMU), Apple club( for architecture students), Japanese club and Flare ( a dance club). I was considering to join a choir as well but I'm afraid I will be very busy hence I did not. Maybe next year.

It is autumn now and it will be very very cold too. BRrrrrrrr!

Going to start my first lecture and can't wait.

Till here then!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My new home

Hi guys, I'm back with another update and this time I'm going to show you the house I'm currently living in. Remember on the last post that my house is behind the house with the three windows as the picture shown below? Well if you notice, there is a pathway right next to that house and if you walk straight onto that pathway, you will be able to see my house.

There, this is my house. Quite small right?

A close up of my house. Notice how simple it is? I am living in the last room with two windows.

Ya this is my room from outside.

Okay, so let's the journey to my house begin. This is the front door and the only door. There is no back door in this house.

Once you enter the door what you can see .

As you walk ahead further you will notice there is a room on your right. This is room number 8. I am not sure who lives in this room though as well as some other rooms. Haha

And to your left there will be another 2 rooms. Rooms number 1 and 2 respectively.

When you move a few steps to the left away from the wall that blocks the way after you came in through that door, you can see room 3 .

As you walk on, two refridgerator will be on your right but they will be gone soon anyway. I heard from one of my housemates that they will be transported elsewhere.

Moving on, room 4 will be on your left while room 7 will be on your right. Jae von and Siew Wuen stay in room 4 while Ainin and Hui Ying sleeps in room 7. They are just opposite from each other.

Beside room 7 is room 6 which is occupied by a couple.

The kitchen is just straight ahead as you can see form the above picture. It's quite cram but all the utilities are here.

If you walk further up into the kitchen, you can see tha my room is on the right hand side. Room number 5. :d Tada! Finally you have reached my room. So easy right?

This is how the kitchen looks like. Complete facilities to cook.

Another two fridges. Currently I am keeping my foods in the smaller one that has a television on top of it.

The washing machine and the dryer.

Beside the washing machine there is an opening which leads to the washroom . The boy's toilet and the boy's shower is separated.

The sink and the girl's toilet and shower room.

Well, basically that is all I can show you in my house. What do you think? Nice? Small?

Anyway, on another note, Poh Hui's mom brought us, the boys and girls for dinner after My Academic Advice Day in university last Thursday,18th Feb. We went and eat at a Thai restaurant named Ying Thai.

The restaurant in bright green colour.

The boys sat at one table while the girls and Poh Hui's mom sat behind us.

We happily looking through the menu.

This is what I had ordered, I forgot what it's called but it's a seafood curry. Yummy!

Below are just some random photos I took with my phone. I have yet to take lots of pictures but it's ok since I have three years here :D

The arches in th eOld Arts building. Like those in Harry Potter's movies right?

The street nearby my house.

A park somewhere. I forget where I took this.

The blue sky of Melbourne.

Flowers that is found just along the pathway to my house.

Can you spot the flowers that i took in the picture earlier? By the way this is the back road after you passed my house and walk straight ahead. If you get what I mean.

This is the largest cemetery that we stumbled upon when we have our tour.

Well I guess till here then. Hope you all had a nice time venturing to my new home. Haha. To blog about this post took me hours plus the editing of pictures, uploading the pictures to Blogger and writing the post itself.
Oh ya I'll be taking Japanese as my breadth subject now. And it's confirmed now! ^^