Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i'm in student council

i'm in student council now. haha in design team too. today we had a meeting for the first time and it was fun. it's not meeting though. more to ice-breaking and get to know each other well. but i'm not sure if i can alays go for the meeting cause its on every wednesday from 4 to 5 p.m. and i have economic class. today my physic lecturer was not in so we managed to go for lunch early :)

in english today we had presentation about ourselves and everyone was showing their own presentation and talk about themselves, everyone with their own different way. i think mine was ok. i was the first to go, i mean i'm the first in the name list so i will always be the first to do anything lol..

been very lazy lately..well its all the time i've been lazy actually , i don't know why. my table is getting more messy. stuff is all over the place and yeah that's it. i'm lazy

i'm trying to learn some photoshop skill so i can design something haha
nothing much till here then sayonara

Monday, July 28, 2008

another outing

yesterday , around 4 p.m., jonathan messaged me. he said he was going to one utama and whether i want to hang out with him or not. so i quickly change and left the hostel. i waited for taxi to come but it seemed like ages that any taxi will come. finally , i mangaed to stop a taxi. the driver was a malay. i asked him to one utama will be how much? he said ten bucks!!!!! what the heck!!! then i said no. so i waited for another taxi to come and this time a chinese driver. unfortunately, he is not going to the direction of one utama. after that i decided to walk to one utama. it was around 20 minutes journey :)
there i met jonathan and his friend, bryan. we hang out just walk here and there before we went for dinner in Kota Damansara. bryan drove. we met bryan's friends there. and we chatted till ten something before bryan fetched me back to centrepoint. just a normal hang out with my buddy :)
well i'm at library now. i've been here for few hours already. i managed to do some work before i don't have the mood to do anymore. can't concentrate liao. and have you all ever heard always be my baby by david cook? that song is nice. try and listen ya :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

ali's mother birthday party!

yesterday in the evening me, atiqah, shireen and woei song decided to go to One Utama to see Chris Daughtry live. so by 7.15 we met each other at the hostel lobby before we took a taxi to One Utama. when we reached there i saw Ali.g. he told us that day was his mother's birthday and he invited us to come over. i said i try my best cause the girls wanted to see chris daughtry badly. hence, we walked to the central park and it was packed with thousands of people. although it was night and drizzling, it was so hot mainly due to the crowds. there was a long line and so we quickly line up too. but then, i noticed that most of the pople that lined up were holding a ticket so as to confirm i asked one guy and he said that to get a ticket we need to buy a sony erricson phone or accesorries. and that information just crushed the girls day @@ they still haven't give up, we went to the second floor and third floor to find a balcony to watch. there was a balcony but a guard was standing there and he do not alow anyone to watch from there. crap.

after long discussion we decided to go to ali's house for the party. it was already 9 p.m. we walked to Pelangi Utama from One Utama. and once we reached to his house, i quickly wished his mother happy birthday. candis, sam, matt, hannah, prosha, nasir and few more people were already there. then we played a sign game. it was kind of fun :) we played till ten when shireen pointed out to me that she and atiqah need to go back. so i told ali that i they need to go back and he stopped the game. i had to ask candis a favour to fetch the two girls back and she said it's cool with her.dinner was going to be served , so the girls decided to stay for a while more. and i took some pictures of the food.

i'm not sure what this is called. i haven't taste it that day

this is bread

and we eat this potato salad with some meat together with the bread. this is definitely very very nice

this is salad

spagetthis in iranian style i think, there were good

after we ate, i followed candis sent atiqah and shireen back to the hostel before going back to ali's house again. when candis and i reached his hiuse, they were having fruits as desserts. and they were about to start dancing. iranian music as well some english songs were played and everyone having great time dancing :)
just look at the pictures

prosha danicing with the music

ali and candis were having a great time

prosha again :)

and after we danced for almost an hour, everyone was sweating and exhausted. it's then time to cut the cake. i'm not sure but i think it's their way to dance around the birthday person and she or he will give money to them. lol i got one ringgit. then ali's mother cut the cake and we ate the cake before we went home.

ali's mother sitting while everyone takes turn to dance around her for a reward

the cake


after that all of us took pictures. oh yeah as i was taking pictures , my phone dropped for the first time. ARGH!!!! but i think it's still fine. no worries. gotta be more careful next time. haihs

oh yeah the pictures....
me and nasir

me and prosha
prosha, ali, me , ali's sister and matt. can you notice sam behind?

me and ali's mother :)

prosha, me and woei song

ali, me, hannah and woei song

a group photo before we went back


i definitely had a great time there. ali's mother is going back to Iran in two weeks time. sad.
and that's all. hope you guys like the pictures :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

getting wet

yesterday was fun. nicholas, woei song, ginger and me went to the connexxion. we played water balloon games and get ourselves wet. haha we played at a field somewhere near to the was fun. however, nicholas couldn't join in the fun because his leg was painful and he was unable to lift up his leg. sad for him. but he will get his chance to play water balloon too, i'm sure.

we got back to hostel at 12 something, then all of us went to franky's room. ah beng was there using frank's laptop. we chatted fo a while before we decided to watch Just Follow Law. a Singaporean comedy movie featuring Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong. it was funny indeed but i can't get most of the jokes cuz they were in mandarin or hokkien. futhermore the subtitles are in mandarin. well i must learn more and more of mandarin now if i want to understand it. haha and all of us went back at 3 a.m. :)

PC fair is next week. remember i've said that i want to buy an 8 gig thumbdrive?after thinking and listening to my friends, i decided not to. firstly, for what do i need so big thumbdrive? well i guess i'm not going to buy after all :)

that's all for now

Thursday, July 24, 2008

blanket of protection

today nothing much happened. i was pretty tired in class today. keep yawning and hugging my bag cause it's cold. and my english teacher keep commenting why i kep hugging my bag as if it's my blanket of protection. lol i said it is my blanket of protection. i'm cold as in freezing to death????

and today the HP people come and promote their laptop model which is really nice and beautiful. it's the HP Pavilion tx2032AU, a touch screen laptop that u can draw with a special pencil. that is so cool man. i tried it and yea it is just amazing . wish i could have one. well i already have a laptop so my dreams won't come true. i didn't put a picture of the laptop and if you all want to see how it looks like, kindly search in the net ya sorry :) it's just beautiful. oh yeah i heard that a PC fair is coming to KL and i want to go to buy some stuff. preferably an 8 gig thumbdrive and some other nice things that are offered. .

until today i haven't actually hang out to any shopping malls around pj and damansara or explore kl yet. one thing is i'm lazy and .....hmmm okay i'm just lazy. maybe when i have the mood. i don't like walking around a big mall, it's tiring and i can't do anything or buy anything too lol.

tomorrow i'm going to the connexxion. there's this balloon tag game i don't know. i think it's going to be fun and my weekend i plan to catch up with my studies. if i can do that la...ZZZZ

till here then

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

what is my focus??

basically today i had the physics quiz. well it's only 6 questions but it's tricky. firstly, the questions were not based on the notes we got from the teacher but somehow more to spm questions on topics light and waves. i remember some and answered all but i don't know if they were correct. don't care.

and i forgot to tell you all that i'm actually the class rep for my class. and i just got selected for the students council second interview. i passed the first interview last friday and i'm going to have an interview this friday :)well students council basically deals with managing and organizing events and parties in college. that means that this council has the privelege to know what events are coming up first. however i heard some sadi that students council are not fun at all and there are lots of stuff to do. well maybe it's too late now but i don't mind joining. my main intention is to be in the design team. there are three teams namely the marketing, technical and finally the design team. the design team are supposed to create and produce flyers and posters about each event and i want to learn more about graphics and design, so i guess i could learn something like photoshop and stuff like that. well wish me luck for my 2nd interview.

i know that i should study ,study and study but i don't know why i just can't. okay i'll wake up in the morning thn i try to study but then once i don't know something i will lose my interest and leave the books alone. and then after class it will already be in the evening. eventually i will go and play basketball till 7 something, have my dinner till 8 and afterwards, reach my room , take my bath and i wil feel tired and will sleep till the next morning or i go somewhere and come back late. i don't know how some manage to study till 2 to 3 a.m. in the morning and then wake up early and you will be seeing them in the library again studying. it's good for them you know that they can actually do it but to me it souds impossible. not to say i never tried it but somehow the outcome just is not like what it supposed to be. well it's beem three weeks i'm here and i noticed that each week time just pass swiftly just like that and i haven't been studying. then i'll sleep late sometimes. argh i just don't know.

i just came back from a senior's house. there were few of us, me, nicholas, tony, leong, sarah, jaevon and siew wen( i'm sure i get her name wrong, sorry). we ta pau some food to his house, ate at there and we chatted till 11. i brought my guitar and played some songs and i wanted to learn and improve my singing from those who are better than me but nothing much is gained @@ there was a keyboard at jason's house and suddenlly there is an urge to learn how to play piano lol it looks like fun but i'm not even good at the guitar and i want to learn piano??????

nothing much to say but i just feel that i'm being left out. i don't know. just the feelings and i can't explain further. that's all

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

missing all of you :)

i miss my family, my grandmother's cooking, my room and my friends. ^^
but i'm not homesick ok?

well so far life is great and as i told you i met lots of new friends here :)
but i haven't had the chance to hang out with my secondary school classmates like weng sum and philemon. although they say it's near but it is actually far la >.<

nothing much to say though.... i forget how to do logarithm already argh!!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

ping pong tournament ^^

last friday i went to the connexxion and there was a ping pong tournament.quite a number of people turned up. this time i went alone. chang win went back to his hometown in Kedah while Nicholas wanted to finish his homework. i've never played ping pong before, well i have once i think but that's a long time ago, so i lost haha.

i've took some pictures too. enjoy ^^

the hall. they moved the ping pong table from the third floor downstairs. as you can see it;s is very happening in connexxion.

the first match between sam(the far end) and ryan. ryan won :P

the guy who is holding the ping pong racket is from sudan. his name is pain i think. well he is a good ping pong player. he managed to win all matches and get second.

and the prize giving ceremony. the first winner is the guy on the sudan guy's right hand side, if you can notice him. both the winners gets a free connexxion t-shirt and also a ticket for the Passion. but the grand prize for the first winner is only a toy car haha.. that part was funny.

and this is uncle rodney that i always talked about :P he is a funny and nice guy

me and matt :O look how tall he!!!!

me and sam

me and candis ( and behind us is the winner for ping pong tournament)

okay that's ali.g, the iranian guy who invited me to his house to have iranian food and on my left side is steven. he is from smi too.. only me and him are the only michaelian in KBU. ali.g is famous for his card tricks :P

ali.g, me and wilson( i think so) @@

steven and ali.g camwhoring haha


as you might notice there were lots of international students as well as local students who studies at KBU and other nearby college. i'm so having fun there :) oh ya next tuesday ali.g invited me again over for dinner but i don't know if i can make it cause i have a physics quiz on wednesday. @@ see how la.maybe i'm going. this time there will be more people going :) and to think of the iranian food hehe

well it's kinda sad that most of my friends doesn't update their blogs anymore or maybe rarely. sob sob but i understand that they are busy. i am busy too with homeworks and stuff , just that i'm a little bit lazy that i have time to blog. hehe

and below is my timetable :

3.30 - 5.30 Malaysian Studies

2.00 - 4.00 Chemistry
4.00 - 6.00 English

11.00 - 1.00 Physics
2.00 - 4.00 English
4.00 -6.00 Economics

9.00 - 11.00 English
11.00- 1.00 Applicable Maths
2.30 - 4.30 Islamic Studies

9.00 - 11.00 English

and that's about it, i'm free during the weekend :P

Friday, July 18, 2008

more memorable pictures^^

did you look through my last posts? then i'm sure that you had already read about the post where i told you i went to Mcd after connexxion and then edwin, chang win and nicholas fridge opening ceremony? here are some pictures :P

edwin, nicholas, chang win and me on the slide at Mcd. childish?

okay here is a picture we took with the Mcd clown haha..can you notice that this clown has some accessories on him? the bag, the cup with straw, the handphone and also the spectacles ^^ the spectacles is actually on top of the small burgers eyes.


and below are pictures from the fridge opening ceremony. that's the day where two strangers talk to me.

and what do we have here...our emcee for the day, nicholas is giving a small speech before the opening ceremony...look how smart he is :P

and finally the opening ceremony started when edwin opened the fridge. and that's me taking video hehe..

and what do we have after the ceremony? ice- cream!!!! yay!!!!

everyone take a spoon and put it on top of the ice-cream.

everyone was having fun

that is what i call unity :P all for one , one for all

the spoons standing tall..though there's few fell down

some of the people in the's a grand event you know? haha

me and tony

me and sarah sim

me and wei xin, my roommate


there are certainly nice and fun people to be around with :)
hope there's more of funny funny ceremonies to come.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


yesterday night i had a fever and my stomach doesn't feel so well. i struggled most of the time to sleep. however i took two panadols and managed to sleep through the night waking up feeling better. i'm okay now though my stomach is a bit you know not well. there's nothing much happened today. woke up at 7.30 and i have class at nine till evening.

studies starting to get more and more serious now as there are more homeworks and assignments. need to catch up. there's this girl in my class so hardworking that she studied before the teacher teach. wow i can't be like her and i know that.

just a short post. till here then

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Iranian food..have you tried them?

okay so yesterday i had the opportunity to taste Iranian food. YES, i repeat IRANIAN FOOD. it as just awesome. delicious. speechless. just speechless. to have that opportunity is rare and i am so grateful. well the stry goes like this, nicholas and i were invited to ali.g 's house for dinner along with three americans, jesse, matt and sam.actually we are invited to talk about Islam and Christianity, to learn about each others religion. that's all. but it turn out well haha with Iranian food * grin grin* just to make a little jealous :P

and i went back home almost past midnight and gosh how tired i am today. i mean i sleep late these few days and it really affect me a lot. i guess the phrase that we should sleep 8 hours a day is really true lol i'm just very tired that i almost can't concentrate in class. haihz gotta sleep earlier now but it's easier said than done :P

oh ya today i went to the police station to make a police report. hmmm suspense? well i've actually missed out some details when i posted my last post. i leave out the fact that on monday when me, wei xin and shun jing were coming out from our hostel and were walking towards a coffee shop when we were stopped by two strangers. he asked me whether i lived there but i didn't answer him and push myself away from him. however he was able to stopped wei xin and shun jing because their body size are smaller than mine. wei xin told them that he lived here but i managed to pull him away from the two strangers. shun jing told then he wasn't from these area and they let him go.

after that we entered the coffeshop and we found some seniors . we told tem the incident and some of us went out and searched for those two guys, and they really were there. after that we went back inside to call more people but after we went out again they already disappeared. and those two guys were the exact guys that robbed my friends few weeks ago. scary right?

one of the seniors alerted the college and the principal wanted me to do a police report and that's exactly what i told the police officer. i have to skip class and missed a half an hour of economics, which leaves me blank when the lecturer was my tiredness also results in my blankness. economics is sure one hard subject to understand.

i was planning to join ultimate frisbee today. i went to the field at 6 after class( ya 6 o'clock, so tiring >.<) and chatted with ali.g. the temptation was there, calling me to play but i was way too tired and i managed to push that temptation away so i can go back to the hostel and sleep. and yes i slept till just now. and now i'm blogging.well that's concludes my day. till here then :P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

line problem.....

well after all these years living under one roof with a slow internet connection namely the TMnet, i thought that after i started college life i will deserved or propbably will get better internet connection. well i'm supposed to.i 'm living in kl my friend. everything should be fast here especially the internet connection.
my hostel does provide wi-fi for kbu students but i tell you what it's freaking slow. the maximun i can get is 11.0Mb and most of the time i managed to get, well why don't you guess it first.........,guessed already? then let me continue, it's 0.1MB!!!!!and the connection keep disconnecting. argh!!!!WHY MUST I LIVE IN MISERY????god help me please!
i've got to know lots of nice and friendly friends here. everything is fun now. last sunday i went to the connexxion students house that was funded by a church. it is a place where most international students and also not forgetting the local students to improve their english language. i am looking forward to go there again because it's a nice place. everyone is so nice and they welcomed me and my friends with joy :) and sad to say i forgot to take pictures again.
after the small gathering at connexxion, me, edwin, chang win and nicholas went to Mcd for supper. i ate chicken foldover while chang win and nicolas ate chicken. edwin just shared some of our fries. then we took pictures at Mcd. i can't upload it right now because i'm using the college library's computer. the connection here is fast but what's the use? i can't have my privacy, i can't take my own sweet time and i don't have resources like my pictures and stuffs in the library's computer. might suggest to me that to put my stuffs in a pendrive and just use the library's computer but i still don't like the feeling to come to the library whne i need to blog and use the internet. if i need to blog at night do i still have to break into the library? i don't think so. argh i'm so frustrated. well back to the topic, the next morning chang win and nicholas had some stomach problems. i think it's because of the chicken. so it should be warned that Mcd chickens are not clean! just a guess.
and yesterday edwin, chang win and nicholas did an opening ceremony for the fridge they just bought. they invited some of our friends and seniors over to their room and we had a great time. ther's also ice-cream for dessert. after the opening ceremony, everyone hang around my room. we played guitar and chit chat. it was fun. then it's time to go. after they left i tried to connect to the internet again but to my despair it IS FREAKING SLOW!!!!! maybe you don't know the feeeling but trust me you will feel like jumping out the window from a third floor if you were in my shoes.
homework and assignments. srgh lots to do. finished some and left out others but i'll try to stay focus and finished them all. well i guess till here now. got to go already and that's what i don't like about using public computers, i can't take my own sweet time and write more. and i added calvin to my blog list :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

pictures of my new life.

okay here are some pictures when i'm in kbu.

that's me standing waiting in the line to give some files to the jpa officers.

me waiting for ages.......

that's me and my dad in front of kbu sign

okay this picture was taken after a few days i'm in kbu. there's a hellboy costume guy so i just take picture with him. lol

me in my room. oh not my room actually. my friend's room. i lepak in their room.

my bed.

my table. messy ain't it?


yesterday a group of americans from us came to my college to have a friendly basketball game with kbu students and i was invited to play for kbu. i met a lot of nice guys and girls there. in fact two girls were playing in their teams and guess what we lost badly. sad but it was a great experience. and i get to know uncle rodney, he used to live in US but he has been living in malaysia for 11 years now. his job is to bring students from us to malaysia to explore and learn our culture. and one thing i regretted is that i forget to take pictures with them. i've got no chance to take some,though. they already leave this morning. sad

during the game i got hit in the face and my lips are swollen. did you know that a white man head is hard as a diamond? lol after the game we went to banana leaf to eat dinner and chat with the us groups. thanks to uncle rodney because he belanja us, me and my friend. he is a nice and wonderful guy. he knows more about malysia than any malysians do. he had traveled to most continent in the world. he also has traveled to all 13 states in malaysia. then after that he brought us to a student house which actually also doubles as a place where students hang out on wednesdays, saturdays and sundays. the house was huge. and many foreigners as well as local students from kbu were there. i met lots of new people, nice people and i was there till almost midnight. haha it was fun meeting new people and have activities to do. they also invited me to come over tomorrow. there will be some games held. i'm sure going to participate. i finally found some activities that doesn't make college life so boring :)

and this time i'll try to take some pictures k? oh i just got my laptop today. my family came today to visit me. went to one utama and i was tired walking. really. gosh. nothing much today. and i think i will be updating more often now.

till here then.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

okay im blogging using my phone which a little bit frustrating cuz a lot of the option are unavailable using mobile. So can't edit much. Its been more than one week and things start to get more and more hectic. I have an english journal to do, a powerpoint presentation when i don't have a laptop, im certainly not having an understanding in economics, and my english standard too low. I mean i don't understand some me the words in an article given by my english teacher. Well gotta brush up my skills somehow. I see that most of my friends starting college already, its a good thing. Lol k la till here then :) i hope my friends do msg me sometimes.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

college life?

hmmm well it's been , erm five days in in damansara.i stay in the hostel with my roommate, wei xin fron banting. life is ok just a little boring. maybe because classes haven't really started yet. so that means no homework and revisions to do. i washed my clothes everyday. watched tv till late at night yesterday and woke up damn early today and watch tv again. then, i sleep back. lol
in this five days i made quite a few friends where i forget some of their names but i've been to the cinema with sheng chau who live opposite me and watched Hancock. at nine p.m. on last thursday with some of his friends which are seniors. then yesterday i went cc with two of my newly made friends from playing basketball which are also seniors. the cc was quite far. it's somewhere near kdu college. we went at ten and ended at one something. well you might think woah he goes college and he still go takei and watch movies? well i also don't know why i go but.. i don't
i'm learning english and i think i like that class. i'm able to improve my english. learned new vocabs and grammars. lol and i injured myself playing basketball yesterday. i think i sprained my hand. but i'm still fine. no problem. it's normal when you play basketball. accidents do happen. i slide over the place which are quite sandy and i just fell.
my nokia N82 now cannot connect using wi fi. it can detect any wireless available, but i won't connect. i think my phone must have received some virus from my laptop when i sending stuffs to and fro using bluetooth. argh!!! how frustrating! it always happens to me.
i hope others will start blogging bout their college life too cause with that i can update myself :)
i hope those who stays nearby can plan a hang out sometimes haha
till here then.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

im in KBU!!!

im in kbu!!!haha i got to stay at the hostel near centrepoint and is walking distance to my college. today was just briefing, tommorrow going to start class. haha i played basketballl at college just now. can't write much but i'm enjoying my stay. i hope to post more videos ya. wait ok!!!!!