Monday, June 30, 2008

tips to what to blog

okay now it's 5.15 p.m. let me count i've got around 16 hours left when it's going to be 8 a.m. tomorrow where i officially step into KBU college. i'm going to bertolak at 3 a.m will sleep in th car cause mom don't let me drive in the highway.she said tommorrow i'm going to college so cannot. if anything

okay i've noticed lots of my friends didn't update their blogs already.some update after a long while while some just keep quiet. well one of the reason i found out was that some just don't know what to post in their blogs. they spend hours in front of the monitor staring blankly ahead and wondering what to post, which i do experience sometimes. i know the frustration that it can almost make us wanna kill somebody. but i always find stuff to talk about. even though it's mostly are craps like what i'm doing now , i don't mind. just keep typing that what comes to your mind and just follow the flow. but i do filter some things that i want to say so as not to hurt somebody's feelings or stuffs that will jeopardize another's reputation.

blogging is about you. what do you think and how do you think. so just post everything and anything you like. if you really don't know what to post then maybe you should look for articles or facts for others information. it would be quite nice to read something new. maybe news around the world or tips. anything will do. besides don't blog in one topic only. that's one reason you can't talk much. as for me i will talk on many stuffs. so i got more to write about. but as you can see sometimes i write on one topic it would be quite long >.< so you just write whatever you like and let it flow. that's all i can say. good luck!


okay i just deleted a very nice post and i don't think anybody will see it again except benjamin. he saw it before i deleted them. it's accidental ok. argh!!! now i'm mad. guess ben you're the most luckiest guy on earth. i don't want to write again cause i can't write like what i did just now and i don't have the mood. i hope you remember what i wrote ben. till here then.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

special dishes for me :)

today my mom cooked some delicious dishes to celebrate my entrance to kbu college this coming tuesday. i posted some pictures :)

this is fried lala with sweet sauce. lol i just make up the name :)

this is sambal sotong with petai . look delicious?
this is steamed siakap fish. sorry for the head lol

and this is fried kuey tiow i cooked for myself for dinner. how was it for the presentation part? ok? well it has strong bbq sauce smell cause i put a lot but it's nice and delicious for me haha


well here are some pictures i took during my last day at sushi king.

well there's eunice, lan, me and anuar.

me and kak lin.

two managers, me , sze yan and the one squatting is irene.

eugene,me,kah mun and the one closing his mouth is the most funniest guy on earth. he is only works for two weeks. really a funny guy

shidi,mat, me , ipin and the funny guy again lol

this picture was taken during yong yong's birthday if you have read my previous previous post. from the front is irene, manager and eunice. behind you can spot sook yee with the peace sign (she's my service leader and i always bully her lol) , yong yong, me and lim.

another picture but without irene. ah leong is in the picture this time. irene was the one who took this picture.

me and ah leong.

i really enjoyed my time working there although it was hard work but i have very nice friends to lift the boulders from my shoulders haha

okay this is during hari raya last year where i invited some friends to my house :)


here are some random pictures i would like to share :)

me, my bro, my cousin bro, my cousin sister and my sister at one utama recently

this drawing i just draw just now haha

me posing in jj in 2006 lol



well i guess thats all the pictures for now. what did i did these few days?
i just watched Day of The Dead that i copied from cc near my house when i uploaded the friends friends song. i don't think i heard this move before but it was one nice movie. put aside all the gross scene that human turning to zombies and eating each other. there was one scene this guy was eaten by the other zombies and he got no more legs and one of his eyeballs popped out. he then suddenly roared to life ,pulled out the eyeballs and eat them and able to move around by pulling himself with his hands. if you haven't seen this i recommend you do. download it somehow. watch it during midnight haha

okay the time to go to college is ticking closer and closer. aik jun told me he is so tension because he is excited haha im excited too. currently i'm loving this song by jason mraz, im yours. haha so fast i like other songs. well actually i love all kinds of music that is nice to me. but i still like yui :)

anyway till here then :)

friends friends(original video)


Friends friends

Friends friends
What are friends for
Nothing I could ask more
You should know

Friends friends
So much we can do
There’s always something new
I know it’s all true

Together we strife forward
Together we look forward

We put our best foot forward
And struggle onwards
We traveled the world we travel the universe
Never afraid
Cause we know cause we know
Cause we know
We are friends forever

Friends friends
We shall remember
What we did together
Always ever

Friends friends
together we hold hands
till we reach the end
again and again

We put our best foot forward
And struggle onwards
We traveled the world we travel the universe
Never afraid
Cause we know cause we know
Cause we know
We are friends forever


i hope you guys love it. i took a very long time to upload this but i know it's boring. hehe

Saturday, June 28, 2008

some pictures..

this is the picture i took today when i went to tesco pizza hut to meet puventhan to return his cd's. i would like to stay but as i said my mom wouldn't let. hmm my face is a bit cacated over there, lol. okay so from your left hand side starting from the front is puventhan, benjamin, philemon, muresh and david. while on your right hand side is me, eddy, ming xian, patrick, weng sum and aik jun. this photo is taken with my N82. clear or not? do you rememeber that i have said that i bought a laptop skin. well today my mom help me to put on the laptop skin. you might thing it is easy but it is actually a hard task. you have to be patient and make sure that there are no air bubbles trapped in it so it won't look bulgy. get what i mean? anyway nice or not ?
this is a zoom in picture of my laptop skin :)

and i just realized that my video i took is big in size. that's because the video i took is in quite high resolution so just to upload it to the net is so long. haihz.

anyway i'm going to college in three days time. hehe can't wait.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

yui oh yeah

okay i found this video in youtube as i was searching for the chords. i've only found out one chords for this song which was exactly the one that benjamin gave to me. however benjamin's one got lyrics. great job ben!!! i don't see this guy play as the same as the chords i have but he played quite nice also. do you think so?

this song is still new so it is very hard to find c
hords or covers for this song yet.haihz
i can't figure out the chords well basically because i'm not good.i hope someone with music knowledge could decipher the chords *finger crossed* and send it to me :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

time files..

i got back my laptop already. the last time i reformatted i got microsoft office 2007 but this time i get microsoft office 2003. i don't have windows movie maker but now i got. hmmm...and i go skype software. why does everytime that man reformat it's different? in softwares i mean. am i being cheated?

well the time to go college is getting nearer and nearer and the amount of 'nagging', well it should be advice from my mother increased tremendously >.< are you all ready to college?me? well ya i am actually. i am so lazy now. but i always think that i must change and i can when i start college.well let's see how i will be when i'm in college then.

okay so my friends ask me out for outings.i wanted to go but i have to say no because firstly i don't have any cash with me now.secondly, i don't think my mom will let. i have thought of asking her but i know hat will she answers, so why waste time?

well i guess till here then. :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

my N82!

well since benjamin requested that i post pictures on my phone and here they are! i used my mom phone, k 750i to snap all these pictures. i don't have a good camera like benjamin does. sob sob. actually i do have a camera. well it's my phone. but how do i take pictures of my phone then? anyway sorry if the pictures are not clear. it's 2 megapixel. and benjamin, i arranged the order of those pictures as in your blog. sorry ya :)

okay this is the box :)

this is the bottom view. nothing much there actually just the microphone. can you spot it?

this is from the top view. you can also see a secondary camera there. that's for 3G.

right side view. there's the stereo speakers with 3d sound effects. the zoom/volume key, the review key and the capture key. it's from the right then to the left by the way according to the list mentioned.

the left side view. let's see. we have the micro USB connector, memory card slot and the charge connector.

the most valuable item for this phone : the 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics and xenon flash.

the phone is in my hands. wait a minute, does this photo look familiar? i remember it's just as in benjamin's blog. hehe

the phone is standby mode.


and today i went to send my laptop to be reformatted.another 35 bucks gone down the drain. i'll get the laptop back tommorow.

benjamin told me to play some songs by yui in my comments but apparently i don't have that songs. so i never actually hear them before. i try to find out later okay?
and i just cut my hair real short.

and something just happened that didn't make my day any happier. my sister deleted my contacts at my old phone. i haven't transfered them to my new phone and i got pissed off like mad. so to my friends out there who read my blog please send me a message and tell me who you are ok?

hmmm i still have one more week before i'm going to college. by then i'll be in different world already.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

i bought N82!

yea i bought new phone already! Now im online using my phone. But the speed is quite slow i must say. Hehe anyway just wanna tell you guys. Im gonna update more on it though :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

life is boring right now... i don't know why but i just feel that way..currently i'm practicing a lot to play yui's song ' i remember you'. other than 'rolling star' i find that song the easiest. songs like how crazy ..whoah i can't follow the lyrics..too fast. hehe i hope i can improve more. im searching videos on how others play and hopefully i can improve..i'm a little bit lost with the strumming and intro though. hope i can play that song perfectly :)

let's talk about handphones though i don't really know much. i've told you that i wanted sony erricson k850i right? however i found out that phone totally sucks to the max. okay it got 5 mega pixel camera but apart from that there's nothing much. the touch screen? the phone get screwed up often. and this are some of the reviews i got from my uncle which i assumed are very true. in fact the newspaper did a comparison between k850i and another nokia phone which also has the 5 mega pixel camera and guess what? ya you guessed it right.that nokia phone beat k850i flat. so now i'm still clueless to buy what phone...but my mom suggested the nokia phone with the 3.2 mega pixel camera. she said that model is quite good. okay i'm sorry cause i don't even know the model but i tell you what. i research about them later and i tell you the model phone at the end of my posts...i'm multi tasking you see. i don't write at one go. i stop and when i got something to write i continue again. hehe

and ya for those of you who want to find japanese songs chords i found a website which some guy in his blog claim to be very good but here's the hard part: it's all in japanese. i'm still not satisfied with the chords i have for i remember you. it seems that there is only one in the whole et which are the same everywhere. haihz. in youtube i don't find anything useful yet. plus i have to wait so long for it to load and then most of the guitarist that plays doesn't show the chords nicely so i had a hard time figure it out. argh!!!
anyway here's the link: xxx sound link

ok i've done researching. just a quick one by the way. and to my horror i found out that there are many models out there with 3.2 megapixel camera. i thought it was only one. how naive am i? well some of the models are N93, N73,N80,nokia 6550 slide and N78. my mom wouldn't recommend the slide phone or something that can flip flip so N93 and nokia 6550 slide are out from the list. however i didn't compare those phones yet so i don.t know which one are better. sad case. anyway what do you think? which one are better? or can you suggest some phone models to me . basically i need a good camera for picture and also video. ya don't be fooled. camera and video don't use the same megapixels. only for pictures but when it's for video normally i think it's vga only. that's why i wonder how come some phone the camera megapixels are high but when you take video it is not that clear. it's basically to record my music that's all and to snap some nice pictures to upload. hehe

oh ya today is the band competition. mom wouldn't let me go and watch it. i wonder who won this year. weng sum and aik jun went so i hope they could really do a cover story on what happened tonight.

okay my eyes are starting to feel like it's going to blow up any gotta stop for now. sorry for a short post although i spent hours and hours on the internet. >.<

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

okay this is for today...

whew i've been away from the internet world for quite some time already which is a sad case and i guess you know what it's like to be away from the world wide web. but somehow i've written blogs using microsoft word and collect them and finally posts them which is today. im using my house desktop computer by the way. and i have wasted few hours just to post them up and go online. the internet line keep disconnected and my computer keep hanging too. hahiz

i really miss to read all of your blogs and i'm sorry to all my friends especially benjamin who anxiously waiting for my next post ... sorry once again. anyway did you heard jonathan lim had his own blog? he is in australia now. why don't you try and look around his blog and say hi if you're his long lost friend?it's so boring you know. there's lots of stuff i wanns do online but i can't. now as you have read my previous posts, my laptop now causing problems. haihz. can't connect to the internet anymore.

my mom always scold me she said it's because i played games too much and then got virus. but how come i'm the only one? my friends also have computer games what???? they also play everyday but then ...i think i'm really not good with computers...i joined IT but i find it boring...and i didn't study much well here i am , the computer destroyer.

father's day...let's talk bout father's day. well it was like any other normal day. besides starwalk was also on that day. my mom cokked nasi dagang which are kelantan's famous food. i haven't eat nasi dagang for so long time already cause my family rarely go to kelantan. i just wished my father happy father's day. that's all. basically that's almost the same every year. sad right? after mother's day then i'll be broke and have no more money left to but something for my father.

oh ya i've finished watching honey and clover. what a nice anime. it's a love story and it revolves the lkife of arts and architecture students in an university. i know i'm outdated and most of my friends have already watched it. i heard there are honey and clover season 2, is it? currently i'm watching ouran high school host club which honestly i also enjoy. it's funny and it revolves the rich people. lots and lots of rich students. hehe i wanted to watch more anime but i got no source. my number one source is gone: the internet.

and i'm loving yui songs right now. oh my ...some of her songs which are how crazy, i remember you and it's all right are my favourites. i wanna learn how to draw and paint. it's kinda too late here but argh...i just realized...wait a minute ive realized a long time ago that i sucks in drawing and painting. sob

anyway it's been an hour or so i've been writing and now i seems to have lost my interest and i guess till here then. i try update more often. i want to post more videos too. hehe

my long long outdated posts!!!

Friday, 30th May 2008

Okay so today I went to the hospital to resume one of the unfinished business during the last medical check up. I went early , around 8 o’clock. Weng sum and Aik jun went later. Then they said they were going to school to pass the letter to the Hari anugerah. So sad I didn’t get any letter from the school. I was at home around 9 something when my mom wanted to take something from my principal so my father and I went to school. Meet with Weng sum and Aik Jun ten went to jusco. Went ta kei for two hours then lunch around 1 o’ clock. After that we bought tickets to watch Superheroes movie. The movie starts at 1.30. Then when I was inside the cinema and the movie was about to start my mom called me go back immediately. That’s all I can say.sad sad

Saturday, 31st May 2008

Well what did I did today? Hmmm oh ya my grandmother is moving to her new house officially today. Last few days when I helped her out was just to transfer small small stuffs only. So it was tiring. The whole day moving things up and down. My uncle who lives with my grandmother bought a new LCD tv, Surround Hi Fi. Very cool. I went and play basketball during the evening although I was so tired already but I had a good game. I overnight at my grandmother houseJ

Sunday, 1st June 2008

Okay today Puventhan held a party. Most of my classmates turn up at Infinity and ta kei till evening. Then we went to his house for the party at night. Had a great time there. He asked me to bring my guitar and I did. I asked eddy and aik jun to bring thiers too. But it was too noisy there until we can’t play the guitars much.i hope I didn’t disappoint Benjamin. Sorry. Wasn’t able to teach you all something. Oh ya and three of them agreed that my guitar are way much nicer than theirs. They said that my strings are easier to play with. Actually my guitar was just like theirs last time but I got changed my guitars strings lots of time caue the strings broke and from then on and maybe that’s why my guitar is nice to play with. Then around ten something , most of the five science one that turned up went to cc and play condition zero. We really had a great time there. There was 18 of us cause we broke up into two teams each consists of 9 people. After that, some of us went back home. The one who left played a game of dota before we went to leroy’s house to overnight. Me, weng sum, Benjamin, muresh, puventhan and xinh kiat were at leroys house. We played cards and mahjong. We played till morning then went to mamak for breakfast.

Monday, 2nd June 2008

My father pick me and weng sum around 7.3o because we have to go to the hospital again. Went back to my house first, took a bath then went to the hospital. After that weng sum went back with his father.i guess that’s it. and I sleep the whole day because I didn’t sleep the other night. In fact I really enjoyed it. there will be no next time like his anymore. Haihz all of us will be separated already.

Tuesday, 3rd June 2008

Nothing much happened today. I barely remember what I did today. J

Wednesday, 4th June 2008

Today my family and my auntie’s family went to Damansara to check out the way to my college and go to one utama shopping mall at the same time. It was a one day trip. I’ve bought myself a laptop skin. Really a nice one. RM 31. then we walked around one utama. It was huge. Really huge. Bought two guitar picks to add in my collection. I only have six though currently. walked till 7 something then went home. Reached home around nine at night. Oh ya fuel prices will increase tomorrow. And guess what. on the way back home we passed by so many petrol station and they were full of cars. Things get so expensive nowadays. Everything is increasing in price. How can we survive? Well I guess that’s all I can update for now. And as you can see I hardly update my blog nowadays so I’ve been writing and keep them at my laptop before I posts them. Lol

Friday,6th June 2008

Today I went to my school band concert. I haven’t been to any of my school functions for so long already. Half a year maybe. Well Karen did performed tonight. The concert was boring in the beginning but towards the end it was interesting. Oh ya sometimes do you have goosebumps when some singers are singing and during a concert? Well I do feel goosebumps when I hear some songs, I wonder whether it means that songs are nice or is it not? What do you think. I’m so bored to death. Can’ t wait to start studying again. Well that’s all for today and to Karen : Good job!

P.S.: to Eunice I’m sorry I missed your performance last Saturday in jj. I thought it was on Sunday. I’m so sorry.

Tuesday, 10th June 2008

I’ve been keeping myself away from the internet world for almost around two weeks already. One reason was that I am lazy. Haihz. Tomorrow I’ll be going to the hospital to get my medical checkup report. Anyway what do you think of your brain? I am currently reading Improve Your Memory by Ron Fry. In his book I find some of his words a little amusing yet they are also somehow true. Ok let’s see what does he thinks of brain.

Think of your brain as that computer you typed your last paper on- an organic computer, wired with nerves, hooked u to various INPUT devices( your five senses), and possessed of both ROM (read-only memory and RAM ( random-access memory).

The ROM is the data you can’t touch-the disk operating system, the information that tells your heart to pump and your lungs to breathe.

On the other hand, RAM is much more accessible. Like most PCs nowadays, your brain stores RAM in two places: short- term memory ( that old single-sided, low density floppy disk you’ve been meaning to get rid of) and long- term memory ( that 50-gigabyte baby on the hard drive).

Well what do you think of those few paragraphs? Does it ring a bell? It will if you’re an IT students . lol all those stuffs on ROM and RAM sure does bring back memories. I spent most of my days eating and sleeping . I do play computer games in a while but all these has made me grow fatter. My tummy is HUGE! Help me.i want to pay basketball but it rains every evening.sad right? Well I guess till here then

Haihz. I just tried to connect my laptop to the internet using dial-up but I just can’t connect to the internet. Actually I’m connected but when I open my internet browsers, here is nothing. I can’t open any web pages. It’s as if I’m not connected. Actually I realize this problem few weeks back already but I thought maybe it was just on that day. Hahiz. Is my computer has gone down again? So I used my computer , but because of the internet so slow plus the computer also is slow I can’t get my work done.

And I just found out that documents I typed in Microsoft word 2007 is not readable with the old version. Oh great. Just great. Why it has to be me? My laptop? Why? Argh!

Friday, 13th June 2008

Today I went out with y friends. Lau kong came back from penang and aik khuan came back from Singapore. Weng sum, muresh, puventhan and philemon also went out. Firstly we went infinity ta kei. As usual. Then by noon we went jj for lunch but I didn’t eat anyway. Save money lol.saw jiang may by the way :) Then Benjamin came and join us for movie. We watched the incredible hulk. After movie Benjamin and lau kong gotta go so the rest of us went ta kei again. I think that’s about it.