Friday, October 31, 2008

waterfall trip: what a wonderful one!

im sorry for the long wait of updates. i had problems with my internet connection. i reformatted my laptop from Windows XP to Vista Ultimate thanks to Tony! :) my laptop is fresh and look brand new now.

anyway i'm here to tell you my experiences in a waterfall visit last monday which was also Deepavali.
some of the connexxion people went there together for a picnic and fun.there are actually three waterfalls and the first one was where we slide down whle the second one we jumped down from the waterfall scary.

That's the name of the place that we went.

beautiful scenery

woei song with the waterfall in the background

now it's my turn

this is the first waterfall

this is the second waterfall

and this is the third

the first waterfall = a giant water slide

a close up photo

me on the rock

me laying like a frog..croak!!!

fast currents

me and woei song

now this picture really looks like that im out of the picture and so unreal if you get what i mean

i love this picture the most by a korean friend of mine, Tony . this is not the Tony i mentioned above earlier

a group photo before leaving

well here is the video that we took and look how i conquered my fear. i slided and jumped three times. the first time i was trying to jump and slide, i hesitated because through logic my brain won't just allow me to jump but i force myself too. you think that stunt was easy? try standing on top the waterfall and feel for yourself. you will then know what i meant. the first time was scary, the second was okay but the third was addictive haha. i can't wait to go there again. i'm now pronouncing myself as a man for i have conquered my fears and do something out of what the brain can accept lol no la i'm still who i am :) just with more experiences only.

anyway it was really a fruitful journey. it's been a while since i went to a waterfall. i really enjoyed the trip. too bad to those whom we called like ah beng who refuse to go.

stay tuned for the next post : Halloween Party ! coming up. i'm sure you all wanna know what do i dress up as for Halloween right? don't worry i will feed your curiosity with many many pictures. right now i need to gather all the pictures we took and until then stay tuned!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

ice skating

on friday, i went to the connection and we had fun during the "Arts Night". everyone was drawing their masterpiece to show the rest. i painted a masterpiece which i would like to share with you all. though i'm really not good in painting. sadly.

so childish huh?

then on saturday my family came up to see me and we went sunway pyramid. i spent the whole evening from 1 to 5 ice skating. truthfully, it's sucks. i had a hard time at first but then after fallinf down for dozen of times i finally was able to pick it up a little. need more practice i guess. my hips ache now because of the falling. imagine falling on an ice below 0 degress. bRRRRR!
but i had fun. new experience. next time when i go again with my friends i should be more better than them :) haha

my family wanted to spent the night one but then the cost for a hotel was way too expensive andthey decided to go back ipoh.anyway that's all.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

official student council member!!!hurray!!

i'm finally an official student council member!!!!!!!
haha yeah!!!

well nothing interesting happened lately. holidays starting and my parents will come up to kl to spend the holidays with me.

i guess that's pretty much about it :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Talent , Fashion , Outbreak and basketball competition

last friday, modeling club organized an event called Talent , Fashion, and Outbreak in the college hall. 7 colleges participate during this event. participants need to show off their skills in the Talent, Fashion And Outbreak category. overall it was okay. the number of people who came not up to what we hoped for but apart from that everything went smoothly.

i skipped class and helped out in the hall since 8.30 a.m., building the runway and set up the hall. i went back to hostel for a bath around 4.30p.m. and got my hair done by the professionals from monsoon id. they were there to make the hair for the models. and since it's free i've made them do my hair too, from this...


this :) haha

nice or not?


then i went and took pictures...

Louis and me.her hair was also touched up by the professionals

doesn't look like me huh?

there was also a free tattoo stall up. so i made one for myself. the tattoo was made using watercolour only.


below are some pictures of the lighting in the hall....

nice hor?


during the event students from KBU and other colleges modeling on the runway and suddenly louis and i wanted to be a model too. so we went to a place with a spotlight and started modeling.

pheewit :)


how? can ah?



even the bottle of drinks became a model...haha
the brand is ' KAMPAI' , sparkling fruit juice.


now it's ah beng and chia venn's turn to be models.

ah beng is modeling, looks great huh?

Chia venn... scary face....

me outside the hall..

and we call it a day by having the three pictures of us together :)


yesterday i wnt and play basketball in Metropolitan college. it's a 3 on 3 tournament. out of three games my team won one and lost two. haihz.. we lost to Help college and a team named Binary. they were foreigners , talk and big body. really no match. haihz. disappointed la, i've never won all the way through finals. zzzz

anyway that was it. and i webcam-ed with my grandmother in the evening today haha. she went to my cousin's house and online. although line was bad but still can see my popo :)
till here then

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

pinky day... a memorable one

so today we had oink shirt day and it was successful:0
i guess i should let the pictures do the talking :)

pink pink day !

six hand human!!!!

atiqah modeling :)

me and jaevon

all the guys in a row...

from short to tall.all pink

during speaking, we doing forum :)

even mrs. lee my english lecturer wore pink today :) haha

cheers ma'am!

studious classmates

during lecture

concentrate concentrate ..what am i doing?

i wonder how this pic got here??? haha ah beng is wanted!!!!

im flying :)



nostalgic 2

ready 1, 2 ,..


argh tak jadi haha


another zzzz..

posing ..

nice or not?

jump again.


the girls

twins ah?

the three musketeers

ah beng, me and leong

me , me and ME!

mud and fadli

rahimi and leong

ah beng, leong, chia venn and me

dark pink + light pink = pink!!!

my class!

the girls side!

ruby and eliza

syafiqah, liyana and hanis :)


looks like we do have a lot of fun taking photos haha. next week we are going to wear black tee with jeans, stay tuned for all black day ya!!! till here then !

P.S. : before that i wanna thank to all of you who have made this event possible. sorry if this small event made you buy t shirts during the weekends. anyway thanks a lot for your cooperation ya!!! please do leave a comment if you're my classmates. cheers!