Friday, September 25, 2009

cut my hair

today i went and renew my identity card. and after i've renewed my I.C., i went to tesco and cut my hair.
look at the difference before and after :P
i got nothing to blog, so basically i'm just crapping.

wah where he came from? the 60's???

definitely doesn't look like Daniel


now this is after i cut my hair :P

posing in the car

oh ya , forgot to mention, last Thursday i went out with some of my former classmates. we went infinity and played dota for few hours ,then we played a game of snooker. we were all so bad in snooker, we missed most of the times and hence the game lasted around one hour. in fact, we didn't even bother to fnish the game when we leave. it was already late and everyone need to rush back home for dinner.posing outside infinity

well i guess nothing's else then.

Unaffected : poem


I was weak, fragile and now helpless,

I was ripped, crushed and now devastated,

I was angry, mad and now irritated,

I was sad, depressed but now unaffected.

You were once gentle, but now harsh and ruthless,

You were once cheerful, but now dark and discontented,

You were once tolerable, but now difficult and unbearable,

You were once in my heart, but now gone and lost forever.

Was it meant to be this way?

Why can’t I just have my say?

You never ever acted this way,

And now you keep shouting get out of my way!

It’s always me, who needs to say sorry,

It’s always me, who begs you to forgive me,

But now, I realized that I should not be engulfed in this stupidity,

Because I know we are both of different entity.

I was weak, fragile and now helpless,

I was ripped, crushed and now devastated,

I was angry, mad and now irritated,

I was sad, depressed but now certainly unaffected.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i sprained my knee...AGAIN!

Yesterday I sprained my knee again!!! Ligament injury. Argh! Actually before this I have already injured my knee while playing basketball in college. That was sometime in June. I was supposed to play for my college in an inter college competition but I was injured way before the competition while playing a friendly match with a Singaporean team. Fortunately, we won the friendly match, but the bad side was I got injured and i can't fulfill my dreams of playing for my college team. Argh! I never went and see the doctor because I thought it was just a normal sprain, but after one week the pain was still there. Subsequently, I called up my mom and she advised me to see a doctor. Only then I found out that it was ligament injury. The doctor advised me to stay away from sports for a few months, and so there and then I thought: oh my, there goes my basketball career!

Anyway, fast forward three months later; I thought it was healed, because I was able to run the other day when I went jogging with my family. I played Frisbee too with my siblings. The next day, I wanted to continue or shall I say wanted to touch and shoot a basketball again and I went to the court. Not one minute has passed, and I was already injured, AGAIN! I was so ashamed you know because my friends said: wah, just play only not even for two minutes but got injured so fast! I don’t know where to hide my face already and since I need to rest for another six months or maybe forever, I shall never step back to that court again. Sob sob.

Imagine when you have passion in something but when you know you cannot achieve it already, it’s sad right? Well that’s what I’m feeling right now. Anyway, I just hope that my knee will fully recover if not the pain sure will haunt me for life. Till here then!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

first day of raya 2009!

When it’s Hari Raya what colours do you always see? GREEN!!!! And guess what? My whole family and I wore green for this Raya! My mom was the one who chose the colour theme for this year’s raya. So she bought three pairs of apple green baju melayu for me, my father and my brother each and another two pairs of baju kurung for my sister and herself. I wasn’t around during the process because I was stuck in Damansara studying for my exams and no time to come back. Luckily, my father and I wear almost the same size ,so she bought a pair for me which of the same size with my father’s. Well, let the pictures show you how ‘GREEN’ we were.

salam-ing my father

my sister's turn

now it's my brother

brothers for life XP

my mom and my sister

selamat hari raya mom! maaf zahir dan batin! where is my duit raya??? haha

happy nyer!!!

so green right??

model for raya advertisment XP lol

my mom

the three green musketeers

my father and I

model of the year!!!

my father and my brother

the trio again

mom sandwiched between me and my brother

the siblings

look at how tall my brother is, he is only 12!

some candid shot, we are all so happy!

my mom and my brother

smile!!! *cak!*

support green!!! go green to save Earth!!!

This year my family decided just to do a small celebration only compared to last two years where I’ve invited my friends over. If some of you were wondering why I didn’t call, I’m terribly sorry. Maybe next time we could hang out again and get together. Well, as usual, my aunt and uncles, not forgetting my grandmother will come over to celebrate with my family. The aroma of savory dishes that my mom prepared lingered the whole house. Argh!! Even by just thinking back makes me drool.

the dining table

macaroni mom's special

nasi impit

tasty kuah kacang

rendang ayam

rendang daging

and not forgetting ketupat!!!

We just have a small celebration as you can see. Didn’t manage to take photos with my aunt, uncles and grandmother because too busy eating XP wakaka. Anyway till here then. To everyone reading my blog , I would like to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

selamat hari raya!!!

from daniel and family.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Ah suddenly I have the urge to blog again after some time. How long have I not been updating? Hmmm, I think around one or two months plus already minus the last post on my birthday. Well forgive me for not updating, although there’s lot that happened but I just feel lazy to blog. Compared to last year, my tendency or shall I say then enthusiasm to blog have already decreased. I still remember I was so all excited about blogging and even started to ask all my friends to start blogging too. But look at me today, what a disgrace! Anyway let’s skip that part shall we?

I’m currently back in Ipoh after my hard, undoable mock exams for a week. At first, I have two weeks of holidays but due to my Oral exam which was rescheduled and brought forward to the week after the next I need to go back earlier to Bandar Utama. So sad right? I know.

My blog seriously need a new makeover don’t you think?? I need a new template which is nicer and definitely eye catching. If only I know how to create my own template then I would certainly know what I want.

Oh ya , I’ve watched Gamer already. I would rate it 6 out of 10. It was just okay to me because the movie didn’t turn out to be as what I had expected. I wouldn’t go to the extent of saying that the movie is awesome because it’s not. However, I still think it’s worth watching if you HAVE NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO!

Hmmm seriously, I don’t know what to blog about already. I guess I’ll stop here then. Just a short post :P

I would like to quote a famous phrase from a movie: I’M BACK!!!