Wednesday, October 31, 2007

mask 2

hmmm jo commented bout wearing mask thingy in her blog. perhaps what she say might be true. by not wearing mask we might get conned and people will take advantage of us. haihz. but i dont know how to put on a mask ma...sob sob..well dun care la...maybe one day i will pick up this skill lol haha in library wanna study but cannot. cant concentrate and always end up chatting with my good fren jocelyn hehe:). oih ya yesterday i learned from kah nyan that in scrabble there is this word JO which means loved ones in some other language. forget what language liao. hehe. i also found out that this good fren of mine like one of her good fren. that guy is always single and available. haha happy for my good fren. :) well till here then. tata

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

wearing mask

i always believe that we human live life through many phases. in fact i can also say we humans live life through many faces. this is the truth. in reality we always try to be someone different when we meet different kind of people in our daily life. we tend to put on masks that hides the true self or our true character. this is what i just learned recently. all my friends told me that to be in pace with the real world we need to put on masks. well i nvr put on masks before and i dont think i will know how in future. maybe im just being myself. thats me i dont need masks. im happy when im happy and im sad when im sad. people around me have problems and they tend to hide it by wearing masks. i just cant. i mean even if i want to hide it i cant. ppl will know i got problem and i will say no i dun have any problem. but there is this word 'PROBLEM' that stuck on my forehead. i cant hide it. perhaps its a skill that i will have to acquire. but does wearing masks at all time is beneficial? what can it do to us, to me i mean? i've seen some of my friends who had to go through hardship in school and at their very own home. they cant tell no one for they afraid what might happen next if they tell. they feel like committing suicide at times. so they keep their problems to their own self and wear a mask everywhere they go. you might see them happy and jovial on the outside but deep down in their heart and soul they long for some place or some one to share and pour out their problems with.
so end of the day i keep asking myself and think is mask a neccessary when what it does is only to accumulate our problems to ourselves and finally we break down and emotionally abused? besides if i want to wear a mask what kind of mask should i wear ? should i put on the hollow mask that is worn by the famous bleach anime character? that mask will turn me into a bad guy but i have great powers. or should i wear the mask that is worn by THE MASK himself? you know when you wear that mask you will turn green? if i wear that ,it surely will turn me into a lame and bad joker just like THE MASK. its surely a no-no. perhaps i should wear a mask like what the phantom of opera wears. when i wear that mask i made myself unlikable and freak others out. haihz i really dont know how u guys out there can put up such a mask that will destroy you slowly inside.
i live with my own principle which is i dont care about everything. im the one who says dont care whenever something bad or good happens to me. its my way to make me not to worry about stuffs and guess what itreally does make my life more cheerful. im not saying i wont or never will get sad but with my dont care attitude im able to get over my sadness, frustration or anger very fast. im pretty sure that people who takes things seriously in their life will experience a great burden on their shoulders. this is because they care just about everything. even small stuff that is minor are able to make them sad or affect their lives.
what im saying is we all live life through many phases and along these phases we have to put on many faces. thats all. welll im in the library now where im supposed to study but im right here blogging bout what i feels right now. spm is in few weks time but i just cant help it i cant keep what i feel or think to myself , and that is because i dont wear a MASK! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hari Raya!

On Hari Raya i had a small party. David, Lau Kong, Aik Khuan, Aik jun , Jocelyn and Kah Nyan was invited. well it was fun . Everyone was enjoying myself especially me. this is the first time i invited friends over to my house.After dinner we played some card games and even chess. LOL! Then the next day we went to jusco and watched resident evil 3: extiction. It was a nice movie but i was freezing cold in the cinema. I can't stand cold. I was shaking so hard that my friend had to give up his shirt to cover me :) thanks lau kong and jo!

Life around me is totally unpredictable, friends around me are getting insane cause of SPM. Some are happy with their life cause they have gotten what they wanted. and others just sad cause of personal problems. No matter what i will still be by their side and go through this journey of life together :) promise. to hard and get good results ya! Jia yo! to lau kong Cheer up and enjoy life! well to sue..hehe these are for you..

garfield and bear bear
another garfield and bear bear

oh my god! another garfield with bear bear hehe...

hmmmm as normal i never study and still playing so i wonder how will my SPM be? hmmm i wonder i wonder...oh ya my singing sucks to the max ..someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!! i need a tutor! Haihz.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


yer my trials results very bad! but wat to do i din study ma. hehe. congrats to those who passed with flying colours. im sure they studied like mad .hmmm school is getting boring as ever and spm is one more month to go. OMG! am i ready? certainly not! Arghhhh dunno y cant get any ideas to create nice melody pop up in my head its all just the same melody. haihz. now i und why songwriters get frustrated easily haha. perhaps i should wait for something nice to pass by and bam! the 'greatest song ever created' haha joking. well till then. bye