Saturday, July 3, 2010


Sorry for not updating for the past few days. I've been busy. Went out with my friends around the city ,sightseeing and enjoyed each others company. It's like we were out the whole day and when I finally get home I am tired thus to the bed I go and doze off.

Been spending quite a lot lately and as I foresee it I will spend more in the coming weeks. But I'll just go with the flow and probably save more when the semester starts.

Today I'm supposed to go out with my friends again but then I don't feel like going out everyday and have less time to do my own things. Plus I am tired of walking. So I'm going to skip this day and try to accomplish few things.
1. Reformat my laptop
2. Play guitar
3. Head off to gym
4. Study some Japanese

I really have lots to do in so little time. Haha. Stress. Anyway till here then and my stomach is grumbling because I haven't fed him. Gotta go and make something to eat now!

Sore ja!

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