Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy day and my new guitar!

Yesterday was one of the happiest day in my life. I met up with 2 of my friends ; Jia Xian and Boon Kent. Jia Xian came all the way from Tasmania with his friends and Boon Kent lives in Melbourne but he studies in Monash Uni which is kinda far away from the city. But we met up and had a great time together plus i did a random thing yesterday.

So I met up with Jia Xian around 10 and then we walked around the city a bit , stopped a while and have hot chocolate while waiting for Boon Kent to come. When he arrived, the three of us went to Lygon Street for lunch. We ate in a Thai restaurant and I really love the green curry. I think I have a thing for green curry now. Next stop we went to the famous Freddo's which sells gelato ( Italian ice cream). And after our lunch, we headed back to the city and wandered around.

Then i mentioned that I will be buying a guitar soon and Boon Kent suggested to me why don't we go to a guitar shop and just look through the guitars. And so we went. I looked around and it was quite a big store , lots of guitars in it. But I was a little shocked because it was quite pricey. The good ones I mean. So i went to the counter and asked for a little assistance on which guitar should I choose . The salesperson asked me wats my budget i said around A$500 and he showed me a Yamaha one. I personally don't like it that much and I asked him what if i increase my budget to say around A$700 ? And he brought this beautiful baby Maton acoustic guitar. I love it. It sounded better than the Yamaha one and it is an Australian timber handmade. I love the feel of the timber. It just feel good. and the next thing I know I'm at the counter paying for this guitar. So random right? They had a sale anyway yesterday and it was the last day so I told myself why not? The guitar price was originally A$799 but after the discount I got it for A$740 plus the capo. Apparently the one I bought was the last one because a lot of people bought this brand. And they ran out of guitar bags as well. Well I just need to buy one next week then. But I am so happy that I bought it.

Anyway after I bought the guitar we went to have something light to eat. After that I decided to put my guitar at home while my friends stayed in the city. When I reached home I was pretty tired and so reluctantly I called my friends and told them that I can't join them for dinner. I felt bad but I was really tired. Weak.

Anyhow I did enjoy my day yesterday and I have accomplished one of my desires for this holiday which is to buy a guitar. But that leaves me penniless to accomplish my other desires T.T well let's see how it goes. I probably not be going to gym after all.

Maton brand Acoustic guitar

She is so fine.

Ain't she pretty?Awww

My capo

Anyway till here then. I'll try to make this a productive day as well :D See ya!