Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grasp your English well, mate!

Suddenly I have the urge to blog and it's like 3.30 a.m. in the morning. I've been reading ; not only my lectures but on other articles and blogs as well. Most of them dwells on Photoshop and photography. I still have a keen interest for them and will pursue it further given the time and materials. Besides, I have been reading some of my friend's blog and I particularly liked posts that are posted by Nadira Jeannot. Her grasp on the English language never fail to amaze and inspire me. I have to admit that my English level is not that high, really. In fact it has been deteriorating like how business sales that are plummeting towards the zero sales is illustrated in a graph. See, I can't even provide a more accurate and understandable analogy. Pathetic.

But, I'm not going to kill myself because of this. I mean, there are always rooms for improvements right? So, might as well take this as an inspiration to write and converse better in English. Heck, I'm in an English speaking country and I should be on par with the natives.

Grasping English.

My photo manipulation skills sucks. This picture is definitely amateurish even to a person who does not know what photography or photoshop is about.

Anyway, I'm sleepy now. Till here then!!!


.::annemishi::. said...

hey. aku sekeh kot hang nih..
ur english is well enough. for me laa.


Daniel Hazmy said...

haha but still, nadira is better than me XD

Nadira Jeannot said...

Danny : Oh, thnku Danny for thinking so. Definitely there are thousands more, that are MUCH better than me.

But i appreciate it though!

PS- .. & yeah, what' wrong with your enlgish? Ok je la. haih.