Monday, June 14, 2010

Mei Ling's Birthday!

Last Saturday I went out with a bunch of people to celebrate Mei Ling's birthday. There were all together 5 of us; me, Michael, Chang Yuan, Mei Ling and Mei. All of us are the members of the Melbourne University Japanese Club. All of us met up around 7 and we went to a place where a bar is on the rooftop. It was a really nice place, good use of rooftop space.

The atmosphere on the rooftop

We ate pizzas...lots of pizzas haha

After dinner photoshoot! From left: Mei Ling, me and Chang Yuan.

Another photoshoot. From left : Mei, Chang Yuan, Michael and Mei Ling.

Some random photo.

So after dinner it was like 15 minutes to 9 p.m. and we were wondering what to do. Suddenly some one shouted " KARAOKE!!!" and everyone agreed. So we went to the famous K-Box in the city and was disappointed to find out that the price was $250 for a room, which means $50 per person. So freaking expensive. Disappointed but still have the desire to sing we went to China town to search for cheap karaoke place and we found one : $15 per person.

The China Town big sign.

In the karaoke room, Mei Ling and Mei.

Mei and me.

But then we were again disappointed when we found out that only old songs were available after we paid. But then we still sang anyway. Michael and Chang Yuan sang old Japanese songs and me who don't know anything sang English classics haha. But we had fun anyway. The next time I am going to karaoke I will go to K box but only on days that are cheap. :D

Came back home around midnight because Chang Yuan wanted to watch the World Cup. I don't watch football sorry.

Anyway till here then.

Should I go to the gym?

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